Statistics and Gazetteer of New-Hampshire, 1875 page 266
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The Statistics and Gazetteer of New-Hampshire, Seventh
Edition, Compiled by Alonzo J. Fogg. Concord, N.H.:    D.L.

65 men; pay-roll, $ 36,000; annual
sales, $96,000.

Melendy & Co., planing and
mouldings, capital, $
20,000; em-
ploy 12 men, annual pay-roll, $ 7,
200; business $ 65,000 annually;
lumber $ 60,000, and flour and
meal ground, $ 13,400. (See tables.)

There are, also, annually pro-
duced, monuments, grave stones,
and granite cutting, $
100,000; con-
fectionery and baker’s bread, $
000; matresses, $ 50,000; gas, $ 40,
000; newspaper and job printing,
$ 45,000; bedsteads, $ 10,000; be-
sides soap-stone work, Underhill’s
edge tools, wooden boxes, paper
boxes, suspenders, and various
other mechanical shops and trades,
such as tailors, milliners, shoe
workmen, blacksmiths, carpenters,
painters, &c., &c. The total cap-
ital invested in manufacturing, of
every description, is $3,436,300;
number of males employed, 1690;
females, 1380. Annual amount
paid for labor, $1,374,000; annual
value of productions, $ 7,393,500.

Resources. Productions of the
soil, $ 88,550; mechanical labor,
$ 1,374,000; engaged in profess-
ional and personal business, trade
and transportation, 1080 persons;
annual amount received for their
labor, $ 648,000; stocks and bonds,
$ 188,040, money at interest, $ 53,
098; deposits in savings banks, $ 1,
410,231; stock in trade, $ 994,000.

Churches and Pastors. First
Congregational, Rev. F. Alvord;
Oliver St. Congregational, Rev.
J. S. Blake; Pearl Street Con-
gregational, Rev. C. Wetherby;
First Roman Catholic, Rev. J. O’
Donnell, priest; French Roman
Catholic, Rev. J. Millette, priest;
Main Street Methodist, Rev. V. A.
Cooper; Chestnut Street Metho-
dist, Rev. H. L. Kelsey; Unitari-
an, Rev. T. L. Gorman; Univer-
salist, Rev. L. A. Philbrook; Bap-
tist, Rev. G. W. Nicholson; Epis-
copal, Rev. J. B. Goodrich, rector.

Many of these Churches have
very fine edifices. The French
Catholic church is new and a
handsome and expensive struc-

Schools. There are twenty-eight
graded schools. Average length
of schools, for the year, thirty-nine
weeks. Number of scholars,
2,325. Amount of money annu-
ally appropriated for school pur-
poses, $ 26,400.65, or $ 11.36 to each
scholar in the city. A high school
building is to be erected on the
grounds of the old cemetery, on
Spring Street, at an expense of
$ 65,000, also one at the Harbor-
borough, costing $
10,000. When
these two school buildings are
completed, the value of school
houses, including lots, will be
$ 170,000. But one other city in the
State appropriates as much money
for school purposes. The high
school is under the charge of
T. W. H. Hussey. The Nashua
Literary Institution was estab-
lished in 1835. David Crosby is
the principal. (See Literary In-

Libraries. Nashua City Libra-
6,000 volumes. Persons own-
ing private libraries, of 600 vol-
umes or over, are A. II. Saunders,
Dr. E. Spaulding, William Bai>
rett, H. B. Atherton, Judge G. Y.
Sawyer, Hon. John H. Goodale,
W. Bailey, and Rev. J. O’

Newspapers.    New - Hampshire

Telegraph, weekly; Daily Tele-
graph; New-Hampshire Gazette,
and Hillsborough County Adver-


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