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The principal village in South Kingston is im-
properly called “ Little Host Hill,'' for it is quite
a snug and comfortable place. 28 miles from
Providence by railroad.

Southport, Ct., town of Fairfield, Fairfield co.
60 miles S. W. from Hartford, at the entrance of
Mill River into a small bay of Long Island
Sound. It has a good harbor for vessels of 100
tons, to improve which the United States govern-
ment has erected an extensive breakwater.

Southport, N. Y., Chemung co. The Chemung
River waters this town, forming a part of the N.
boundary. Surface somewhat hilly, with broad
fertile flats on the border of the river. 4 miles
S. from Elmira, and 203 S. W. from Albany.

South Reading, Ms., Middlesex co. This town
was formerly the south parish in Reading, and
was first settled in 1639. South Reading" has a
varied, pleasant surface, with a good soil. The
town is well watered by Saugus River and two
delightful ponds. The village, near the centre of
the town, is compact, neat, and flourishing. The
Boston and Maine Railroad passes through the
town. 10 miles N. from Boston, and 10 W.
from Salem.

South Scituate, Ms., Plymouth co. A new
town taken from Scituate. The Old Colony
Railroad passes near it. A flourishing agricul-
tural place.

South Thomaston, Me., Lincoln co., a new town;
taken from Thomaston in 1848, lies on the E.
side of George's River, and is largely engaged in
ship building and the coasting trade. In the
midst of a handsome, fertile, and well-improved
country. 38 miles S. E. from Augusta.

Southwick, Ms., Hampden co. This town was
formerly the south part of Westfield. It is
elevated, but not mountainous; it comprises a va-
ried surface, with much good land. It is wa-
tered by Little River and some small streams.
There is a pleasant village in this town, which
lies 6 miles S. of the Westfield depot, on the
Western Railroad, 108 miles from Boston. The
village in the S. part of the town is pleasant; it
is about 3 miles from the other.

Spafford, N. Y., Onondaga co. Bounded by
Otisco Lake and its inlet on the E., and Skaneat-
eles Lake on the W. Surface hilly and broken;
soil various. 18 miles S. W. from Syracuse, and
152 W. from Albany.

Sparta, Aa., c. h. Conecuh co. On Murder
Creek, branch of Conecuh River, about 70 miles
a little E. of N. from Pensacola, and 90 N. E.
from Mobile.

Sparta, Ga., c. h. Hancock co. Between the Great
Ogeechee and Oconee Rivers, on the dividing
ground. 25 miles N. E. from Milledgeville. It
contains 2 academies.

Sparta, Mo., c. h. Buchanan co. On a head
branch of Bee Creek. 8 miles S. W. from Roubed-
oux Landing, on Missouri River.

Sparta, N. Y., Livingston co. Watered by
Caneseraga Creek. A somewhat hilly town. Soil
rich clay loam on the hills, and sandy alluvion in
the valleys. 12 miles S. from Geneseo, and 231
W. from Albany.

Sparta, Te., c. h. White co. On a branch of the
Canev Fork of Cumberland River. 83 miles E. by
S. from Nashville.

Spartanburg District, S. C., c. h. at Spartanburg.
This district is bounded N. by North Carolina,
York, and Union districts E., Ennoree River or
Laurens S., and Greenville W. The soil is
productive, and the surface hilly. Broad River
and its numerous branches drain this district.
















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Spartanburg, S. C., c. h. Spartanburg district
98 miles N. W. from Columbia.

Spencer County, la., c. h. at Rockport. The Ohio
River is on the S., Warwick co. W., Dubois N.,
and Perry E. Most of the soil is excellent. The
land is hilly and broken, and drained by small

Spencer, la., c. h. Owen co.

Spencer County, Ky., c. h. at Taylorsville. This
county has Shelby on the N., Anderson E., Nelson

S., and Jefferson and Bullitt W. The northern
branch of Rolling Fork River crosses this county,
from E. to W.

Spencer, Ms., Worcester co. The whole of this
town was included in the original grant of Leices-
ter. It was made a parish in the year 1744, by
the name of the West Parish of Leicester, and
incorporated a town in 1753, by the name of
Spencer. This town is elevated, and. is said to
be 950 feet above tide water. The surface is
rough and uneven, but the soil is very fertile. It
is watered by many streams, but none of them are
of much size. Seven Mile River is the largest.
18 miles W. by S. from Worcester, by the West-
ern Railroad, and 62 W. by S. from Boston.

Spencer, N. Y., Tioga co. Cattotong Creek
and some of its branches water this town. Surface
hilly; soil gravelly loam. 15 miles N. W. from
Owego, and 181 S. of W. from Albany.

Spencer, Te., c. h. Yan Buren co.

Spottsylvania County, Ya., c. h. Fredericksburg.
Rapid, Ann, and Rappahannock Rivers are
on the N. E. of this county, North Anna River
on the S. W., and Caroline co. on the S. E. The
surface is pleasantly diversified by hill and dale.
The sources of Mattapony River are in this

Spottsylvania, Ya., c. h. Spottsylvania co. On
the Po, a branch of Mattapony River. 71 miles
N. by W. from Richmond.

Springboro', 0., Clear Creek, Warren co. On
the N. side of Clear Creek. 84 miles S. W. from
Columbus. It is named from a spring, which
affords a water power sufficient for several

Springfield, Is. Capital of the state, and seat of
justice of Sangamon co. 105 miles N. by E.
from St. Louis. Since this place was made the
capital of the state, in 1840, it has had a rapid
growth. It stands upon the confines of a rich and
beautiful prairie, and is about 4 miles S. of the
Sangamon River. It was laid out in 1822, upon
a regular plan, with a public square in the centre,
and wide streets, crossing each other at right
angles. The State House, which stands upon the
centre of the public square, is an elegant building,
in the Doric style of architecture, for the erection
of which the state appropriated #50,000. The
Court House and the State Bank are also beautiful
buildings. Several of the churches have handsome
edifices, many of the hotels and stores are spacious
and well built, and there is great activity and
prosperity in the business of the place. A rail-
road is in operation between Springfield and
Naples, on the Illinois River, a distance of 53
miles. This road passes through Jacksonville.

Springfield, Ky., c. h. Washington co.

Springfield, Ms. City, and seat of justice of
Hampden co. On the E. side of Connecticut
River. 98 miles W. by S. from Boston, 102
miles E. by S. from Albany, N. Y., 25 miles

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