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Tybee Islands and Sound, Ga. Situated at the
mouth of the Savannah River. On the N. E. ex-
tremity of Great Tybee Island is a light-house.

Tyger River, S. C. A branch of Broad River,
which it enters on the boundary between Union
and Newberry districts.

Tygert's Creek, Ky. This stream drains the W.
part of Carter co., flows N. E., and empties into
the Ohio in Greenup co.

Tygert's Valley River, Va. A branch of the E.
fork of the Monongahela River. It flows through
Randolph and a part of Barbour co.

Tymochtee Creek, 0., enters the Sandusky from
the W., 8 miles below Upper Sandusky.

Uinta River, Ca. A W. branch of Green River,
which it enters nearly opposite White River.

Ulcofanhatochee River, Ga. This river rises in
Gwinnett co., and flows S. into the Oconee, of
which it is a head branch.

Umahtilah River, On. It rises among the Blue
Mts., and flows N. of W. into Columbia River.

Umbagog Lake. This large sheet of water lies
mostly in Oxford co., Me. It extends about 300
rods in width into the towns of Erroll and Cam-
bridge, N. H. It is about 18 miles long, and in
some places 10 in width, nearly equalling Lake
Winnipiseogee in size and beauty. Its waters flow
into the Androscoggin River by an outlet on
the W. side.

Umpqua River, On. It rises among the Cas-
cade Mts., flows W., and empties into the Pacific.

Unadilla River, N. Y., rises in Oneida co., flows
S. S. W., forming the dividing line between Mad-
ison, Otsego, and Chenango counties, and falls
into the Susquehanna River. This stream is 50
miles in length, and affords extensive water

Unika Mountains. That portion of the Alle-
ghany range which lies S. E. of Tennessee River,
and which separates Te. from N. C.

Union River, IlancocW co., Me. This river
rises a' few miles
S. of me Passadumkeag. It
meets the tide at Ellsworth, and flows
S. into
Blue Hill Bay. It is a beautiful stream, receiv-
ing many tributaries, which water a great part of
the county. The river is upwards of 40 miles in
length above Ellsworth, and affords much valua-
ble water power.

Upatoic, Creek, Ga. This small creek rises in
Marion co., flows S. and enters the Chatta-
hoochee in Muscogee co.

Upper Iowa River. It rises in the S. part of
Minesota Territory, flows S. of W., across Win-
neshiek and Allamakee counties, Io., and empties
into Mississippi River.

Upper St. Croix Lake, La Pointe co., Wn. It
is situated near the head of Burnt Wood River,
and is one of the head sources of the St. Croix.

Upper Three River, Io. It rises in the W. inte-
rior of the state, flows in a S. E. direction, cross-
ing Madison and Warren counties, and empties
into the Desmoines River on the S. border of
Polk co.

Upper Three Runs, Barnwell district, S. C.
This stream has several branches, the principal of
which are Cedar and Tinker's Creeks. It flows
S. W., and falls into the Savannah River.

Utah Lake, Ca., Uh. ' Situated S. E. from the
Great Salt Lake, with which it is connected by
Utah River. Tiinpanozee, Utah, and many other
rivers, flow into it from the E.

Utsayantha Lake, or Pond, Schoharie co., N. Y.

This small lake, which is the head source of Del
aware River, lies in the town of Jefferson.

Valcour Island, N. Y., lies in Lake Champlain,
a few miles S. of Plattsburg village. It is
miles long, and half a mile wide.

Valley Creek, Pa. A mill stream which unites
with the Schuylkill, about 20 miles N. N. W.
from Philadelphia.

Vancouver Fort, On. Situated on the Colum
bia River, nearly opposite the mouth of Willa
mette River.

Van Schaick's Island, Albany co., N. Y., lies at
the mouth of the Mohawk River, and is attached
to the town of Watervliet. It is about a mile and
a half long, and quarter of a mile wide. The
Rensselaer and Saratoga Railroad crosses it.

Verdreitje Hook, N. Y. This promontory pro-
jects into the Hudson River from the W. side,
opposite Teller's Point, and separates Tappan
and Haverstraw Bays. It is elevated 668 feet
above the river.

Vermilion Bay, La., is situated S. of Lafayette
co., at the mouth of Vermilion River, and con-
nected with the Gulf of Mexico by a strait called
Grand Pass. It is connected with Cote Blanche
Bay on the
E. It has only 5 feet of water on
the bar at its entrance, but has 10 or 12 within
the bar.

Vermilion Creek, Ca. An E. branch of Green Riv-
er, which it enters above Yampah or Bear River.

Vermilion River, Is., rises in Livingston co.,
and falls into the Illinois in La Salle co. Bitu-
minous coal, lime, and freestone are found on its
banks. The rapids and falls in the lower part
of its course afford good water power.

Vermilion River, O., rises in the N. part of
Richland co., and, flowing N., enters Lake Erie
9 miles E. of Huron River. The harbor at its
mouth has been improved by the
U. S. govern-

Vermilion River, La., rises in the N. E. part of
Lafayette parish, and flows S. to its entrance
into Vermilion Bay.

Vermilion River, Ma. It rises in Herhakah
Lake, flows N. E., and empties into the Missis-
sippi opposite the St. Croix River.

Virgen River, Uh. This river rises in the
Wahsatch Mts., and flows in a
S. direction into
the Rio Colorado.

Vlaie, or Fly, Eulton co., N. Y. This extensive
marsh lies in the E. part of the county, and is
annually submerged by the surplus waters of the
Sacandaga and other rivers, forming a sheet of
water extending several miles each way, and
sometimes covering 20,000 acres of land. It is
much resorted to by anglers and sportsmen.

Vlaie, or the V/y, Schoharie co., N. Y. This
large swamp, or pond, lies in the town of Middle-
burg. A tributary of Schoharie Creek flows
from it on the N., while Catskill Creek flows
from it on the S.

Vlaman's Kill, N. Y., rises in Albany co.. flows
S. E., and enters the Hudson at the town of

Volga River, Io., rises in the interior of Fayette
co., flows S. of E., and enters Turkey River in
Clayton co.

Wabash River, la., rises in Darke co., 0., flows
N. W. into Huntington co., Ia., where it receives
Little River, which rises near the junction of
the head branches of Maumee River. It then

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