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vuga and Onondaga counties. It is 15 miles
long, and from half a mile to a mile wide. Its
N. shores are bordered by highly cultivated farms
and country seats, while the S. banks are more
rugged and picturesque. It is famous for its fine
trout, which are taken in great numbers, weigh-
ing from 5 to 10 pounds each.

Skooawargurmish River, Mn., waters the W. part
of Montmorenci co., and flows N. into Lake

Skootum Lake, Piscataquis co., Me. This is a
pretty large sheet of water, the outlet of which
enters Piscataquis River.

Skunk River, Io. Otherwise called Chicaqua.
Rises near the centre of the state; runs into the
Mississippi parallel with the Des Moines, and dis-
tant 20 to 30 miles from it N.

Sleeping River, Mn. A small stream emptying
into Lake Superior.

Sleepy Creek, Ya., rises in the N. part of Fred-
erick co., and runs N. E. into the Potomac.

Slippery Rock Creek, Pa., rises in Mercer and
Butler counties, and falls into Conquenessing
Creek a little above its entrance into Big Beaver
River. Length 35 miles.

Small Cape, Me., situated in the S. part of
Phipsburg, is the E. boundary of Casco Bay.

Smith Fork, Ca. One of the head branches of
Eagle River.

Smith's Island., Northampton co., Ya., lies in
the Atlantic, N. E. from Cape Charles.

Smith's Island, New Hanover co., N. C., is sit-
uated at the mouth of Cape Fear River. Cape
Fear is the S. extremity of the island. A light-
house stands on the W. side, overlooking the
main channel.

Smith's Point, Ya. The E. extremity of
Northumberland co., extending into Chesapeake

Smith's River, Grafton co., N.H. This river
rises from several ponds in Grafton and Orange,
and after pursuing a winding E. course of from
12 to 18 miles, through Danbury and Alexan-
dria, falls into the Pemigewasset between Bristol
and Hill.

Smithtown Bay, N. Y., lies in the town of Smith-
town, on the N. side of Long Island, and is a
good harbor during easterly storms. It is a great
resort of wild water fowl, and is stocked with
various kinds of fish.

Snake Island, N. Y. See Rattlesnake Island.

Soda Lake, Caddo parish, La., lies S. from
Caddo Lake, with which it is connected.

Sodus Bay, or Great Sodus Bay, Wayne co.,
N. Y., is an irregular body of water, lying in the
towns of Sodus and Huron, and opening into
Lake Ontario on the N. It is navigable, and at
its/mouth have been constructed extensive piers
and light-houses. It is 5 miles long, and from 1
to 3 wide.

Soldier River, Io. This stream rises in the N.
W. interior of the state, near the source of Rac-
coon River, flows S. W., and empties into the

Soucook River, N. H., has its source in 3 ponds
in the S. part of Gilmanton, called Loon, Rocky,
and Shellcamp Ponds. The river passes through
Loudon, receiving several branches, and forms
the boundary between Concord and Pembroke,
falling into the Merrimack below Garvin's Falls.

Soudneunk Stream, Piscataquis co., Me., rises in
a small lake, and flows S. into the W. branch of
the Penobscot. •


Souhegan River, N. H., originally Souhegenack.
The name of a river in Hillsboro' Co., and the for-
mer name of Amherst and Merrimack. The prin-
cipal branch of this river originates from a pond
in Ashburnham, Ms. It passes N. through Ash-
by into New Ipswich, and through Mason, Mil-
ford, Amherst, into the town of Merrimack, where
it unites with Merrimack River. In its course
it receives several streams from Temple, Lynde-
boro', and Mount Vernon, and just before it falls
into the Merrimack receives Babboosuck Brook,
a stream issuing from Babboosuck Pond. See

South Bays, Vt. There are two bays of this
name, one at the S. end of Lake Champlain, near
Whitehall, and the other at the S. end of Lake
Memphremagog, between Salem and Newport.

South Bay, Washington co., N. Y. This bay
lies between the towns of Dresden and Whitehall,
and opens into Lake Champlain. It is 4 miles
long, and half a mile wide.

South Bay, N. Y. See Great South Bay.

South River, N. C. A large tributary of the
Cape Fear River. It rises in the N. E. part of
Cumberland co., flows S. S. E., separating Samp-
son and New Hanover from Cumberland, Bla-
den, and Brunswick counties.

South Newport River, Ga, This river flows in
an easterly direction, forming the boundary line
between Liberty and McIntosh counties, and falls
into Sapelo Sound.

South Three River, Io., rises in the N. part of
Clarke co., flows N. E. across Warren co., and
empties into the Desmoines.

Sowadabscook River, Penobscot co., Me. This
stream falls into the Penobscot at Hampden, 5
miles below Bangor. Within 3 miles of its mouth
it falls '120 feet, furnishing many valuable mill
privileges. The main branch, which rises in
Stetson, unites with the Harvey Stream from
Levant, and the Kinsley Stream from Etna, both
affording excellent mill sites, near the village in
Carmel. Below these the Sowadabscook is deep
and sluggish, from 15 to 25 yards in width, flow-
ing through extensive meadows, and the Great
and Little Ponds in Hermon, with very little de-
scent, to the head of the falls in Hampden. Near
the E. line of Carmel, this stream comes within
about 20 rods of the Little Kenduskeag, a stream
which flows through the N. E. part of Carmel,
from Levant to Bangor; and the two streams
are united by a branch from 20 to 30 feet wide,
and 3 feet deep, called the “
Cross." The Kendus-
keag is so rapid that it rises and falls much quicker
than the Sowadabscook. When the streams are
rising, the current in the Cross sets towards the
Sowadabscook, and when falling towards the Ken-
duskeag. The country watered by the Sowadabs-
cook is generally rather level and free from hills,
though there are many swells of very fine farming

Spafford's Lake, N. H. See Chesterfield.

Spanish Creek, Camden co., Ga. A small trib-
utary of St, Mary's River.

Spanish Lake, Natchitoches parish, La., lies S.
from Red River, into which it discharges its
waters. It receives several small streams, the
principal of which is Bayou Terre Blanche.

Speckled Mountain, Oxford co. Me., lies on the
N. H. line, partly in the town of Riley. Eleva-
tion about
4000 feet.

Spencer Mountain, Piscataquis co.,'Me., lies E
of Moose Head Lake.

A Gazetteer of the United. States of America by John Hayward.

Hartford, CT. Case, Tiffany and Company. 1853. Public domain

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