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Localities cannot be classified automatically under
their respective counties without first ruling out:

1.) Multiple localities in Hawaii with the same name,
2.) The locality straddles a county line, and
3.) The locality may have been in another county
at one time.

That would be way too much work.
2 Captain Cook, Hawaii County
4 Haina
4 Hakalau, Hawaii County
1 Hanalei, Kauai County
341 Hawaii County
124 Hilo
133 Hilo, Hawaii County
971 Honolulu
186 Honolulu, Honolulu County
286 Honolulu County
4 Kahakuloa, Maui County
4 Kahuku
11 Kailua
7 Kailua, Honolulu County
1 Kalihi, Honolulu County
2 Kapa'au
1 Kapaia, Kauai County
24 Kauai
109 Kauai County
7 Kealakekua
38 Kealakekua, Hawaii County
3 Kekaha
4 Lahaina
29 Lahaina, Maui County
19 La'ie
9 Laupahoehoe
1 Makawao, Maui County
90 Maui County
2 Paauhau, Hawaii County
3 Pahala
13 Pearl City
3 Pearl City, Honolulu County
28 Pearl Harbor
1 Waialua, Honolulu County
2 Waialua, Maui County
18 Wailea, Maui County
1 Wailua, Kauai County
4 Wailuku
24 Wailuku, Maui County
4 Waimanalo
6 Waimea
5 Waimea, Hawaii County
3 Waimea, Honolulu County
2 Waimea, Kauai County
2 Wainaku, Hawaii County
1 Waipahu
1 Waipahu, Honolulu County
2538 Total

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