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The compilation for Italy is hindered by the practice of clods giving the city and country (“Potenza, Italy”) without the province (in this case, also Potenza).
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To find what province and region a town is in, check the Italian postal code directory at

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14 Abriola
335 Armento
20 Avigliano
2 Balvano
1 Cancellara
2 Corleto Perticara
63 Gallicchio
2 Genzano di Lucania
1 Laurenzana
1 Lavello
5 Melfi
2 Montemurro
18 Pignola
10089 Potenza
3 Ripacandida
1 Ruvo del Monte
2 San Fele
1 Spinoso
26 Tito
3 Trivigno
84 Venosa
4 Viggiano
10679 Total

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