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2 Afghanistan
71 Algeria
15 Angola
2 Antarctica
1 Antigua and Barbuda
3,426 Argentina
10 Armenia
4 Aruba
31,278 Australia
3,529 Austria
10 Bahamas
4 Barbados
53 Belarus
19,781 Belgium
28 Bermuda
55 Bessarabia (historical)
14 Bosnia and Herzegovina
1,298 Brazil
49 Bulgaria
64,680 Canada
9 Democratic Republic of the Congo
6 Costa Rica
9 Croatia
1,521 Cuba
105 Czechia
160 Czechoslovakia
4,498 Denmark
27 Dominican Republic
112 Egypt
5 El Salvador
2,166 Finland
352,128 France
70,214 Germany
176 Greece
3 Guam
5 Guatemala
6 Guyana
4 Haiti
4 Honduras
4 Hong Kong
168 Hungary
11 Iceland
37 India
1,334 Indonesia
1,965 Ireland
137 Isle of Man
302 Israel
52,106 Italy
28 Jamaica
124 Japan
199 Jugoslavia
165 Latvia
42 Lebanon
88 Lithuania
281 Luxembourg
27 Madagascar
20 Malaysia
11 Malta
1 Mauritius
694 México
37 Monaco
53,880 Netherlands
5,172 New Zealand
5 Nicaragua
7,424 Norway
4 Palau
12 Panama
1 Paraguay
24 Perú
1,439 Philippines
8,132 Poland
2,789 Portugal
5,606 Prussia (historical)
45 Prussia (historical)
43 Puerto Rico
47 Romania
4,541 Russia
3 Saudi Arabia
13,197 Silesia (historical)
357 Slovakia
3 Slovenia
47,442 South Africa
7,556 South Russia (historical)
5,228 Spain
39 Sri Lanka
5 Suriname
1 Swaziland
3 Sweden
3,248 Switzerland
6 Syria
20 Thailand
115 Tunisia
378 Turkey
289 Ukraine
351,410 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
1,479,795 United States of America
45 Uruguay
4 Vatican City
226 Venezuela
28 Viet Nam

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After downloading a GEDCOM file, we encourage you to visit the home page of that host website. Simply trim the URL of the GEDCOM file and enter that in your browser’s location window. This site indexes thousands of different GEDCOM files found on other web sites. GEDCOM files are special genealogy files that can be imported into any genealogy software.

Be sure to check Sorted By to find transcription projects where your ancestors are listed, even if you don’t yet know where they went.

What you should know about GEDCOM files:

NEW! Add your GEDCOM files to the companion site, Help other researchers (your new cousins) find your work. Upload your GEDCOM file today to
GEDCOMINDEX.COM and GEDCOMLIBRARY.COM are simple websites for sophisticated genealogists.
The roles of different genealogy websites: Costs money. Provides lots of records. You can upload a GEDCOM file, but they jealously guard it and let other customers read pieces of material from it. They cannot download the GEDCOM file. Nobody else can correct or otherwise change your material. When you message new cousins, often they don’t know what a GEDCOM file is. Free. Provides lots of records, and even more are available if you access the site from a Family History Center. You cannot upload a GEDCOM file, so you have to add each person individually. This is lots of work but it can help you catch blunders. Other users can change your material, and sometimes they get it wrong. and Free. Provide no records. Simple websites for sophisticated genealogists. These help researchers find each other through GEDCOM files. GEDCOMINDEX.COM indexes thousands of GEDCOM files (on other websites) by place name, helping you find the researcher working on the same ancestors. You will still need access to records to verify what is in those GEDCOM files. Upload your GEDCOM files today.

Other websites: There are other websites that want your GEDCOM file but they also jealously guard it. They don’t let other people download the whole GEDCOM file. Accessibility shouldn’t be a problem unless you want royalties.

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