Statistics and Gazetteer of New-Hampshire, 1875 page 79
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Hillsborough County. The
soil, in some portions of this town,
is good, and yields fine crops, while
in other parts it requires great
care in cultivating ,for the farmer
to get a fair return for his labor.
There are two churches and four

Rivers and Ponds. Nisitissit is
the only river in this town, and
takes its rise in the north-east part
of Mason, and runs in a southerly
direction to Potanipo Pond. From
this pond it runs through the south-
west corner of Hollis, into the
town of Pepperell, Mass., where
it joins the Nashua river. Po-
tanipo, or Tanipus Pond, is situ-
ated near the center of the town.

Employments. The vocations of
the people in Brookline are nearly
equally divided between fanning
and manufacturing. The value of
furniture, annually manufactured,
is $26,300; 78,000 casks, valued at
$30,000; 1,600,000 feet of lumber
sawed, valued at $ 22,000; besides
various other small manufactories.
(See tables.)

Resources. Annual productions
of the soil, $26,077; from mechan-
ical labor, $38,000; deposits in
savings banks, $ 60,786; money at
interest, $10,900; stock in trade,

Churches and Schools. Congre-
gational, Rev. F. S. Sargent, pas-
tor, members, 65, church value,
$3,500; Methodist, Rev. William
E. Bennett, pastor, members, 37,
church value, $3,000. There are
seven school districts, and eight
schools in town. Average length
of schools for the year, thirteen

Library. Brookline Young
Men’s Library, 430 volumes.

Hotel. Brookline House.

First Settlement. This town
formerly belonged to Massachu-
setts and was included in the
Dunstable grant. It was incorpo-
rated, March, 1769, under the name
of Raby; hut in 1778, by a legis-
lative act, it received its present

First Minister. Rev. Lemuel
Wards worth, ordained in 1797;
died in 1817.

Boundaries. North by Milford,
east by Hollis, south by Townsend
and Pepperill, Mass, and west by
Mason. Area, 12,664 acres. Area
of improved land, 1,819 acres.

Distances. Seven miles south-
west from Amherst, eight west
from Nashua, and forty south from

Railroads. By daily express
train to Pepperell station, Mass.,
seven miles, on the Worcester and
Nashua Railroad. When com-
pleted, the Lyndeborough and
Brookline Railroad will pass
through this town.


Coos County. The surface of
this town is uneven, but a large
portion of it is covered with a
dense, heavy growth of wood.
The soil is good and a large por-
tion might be easily cultivated.

The town is well watered by
branches of Androscoggin River,
many of which have their rise
here. Part of Lake Umbagog is
in this town. There are but few
inhabitants in town, and they are
principally engaged in agriculture.
The annual value of agricultural
products is $3,490; total valua-
tion of the town $ 33,106.

Boundaries. North by Erroll
and Umbagog Lake, east by the




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