Statistics and Gazetteer of New-Hampshire, 1875 page 77
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west by Newfound Lake, which
divides the town from Alexandria.
Improved land, 7,878 acres.

Distances. Thirty miles north
from Concord, and about seven
south-east from Plymouth.

Railroads. From the centre of
the town to Bridgewater station, on
the Montreal railroad is four miles.


Grafton County. The surface
is hilly and in some instances the
hills are broken and rugged, pre-
senting to the view a charming
and romantic landscape. The soil
is generally very good, and when
well cultivated, produces excellent
crops. There is a fine manufac-
turing village in Bristol, which at
present is growing very rapidly.
There are thirty or more manufac-
tories of various kinds in this vil-
lage. There are 20,000 pounds of
axles annually manufactured; two
straw board mills produce 490 tons
of straw board, one paper mill an-
nually manufactures 400 tons of
manilla paper, and there are two
woolen mills. There are annual-
ly manufactured 1,493 dozen buck
gloves, valued at $31,600; 11,900
glove leather skins tanned, valued
at $ 18,200; 14,000 bedsteads, val-
ued at $ 33,000; one hose manufac-
tory, sash and blind, and various
other manufactories, too numerous
to be detailed. There are also
from twenty-five to' thirty stores
of all kinds; a printing office,
Savings Bank, one Hotel, three
churches, a High school building,
three Physicians and three Law-
yers offices. This village is the
terminus of the Franklin and Bris-
tol Branch railroad, which con-
nects writh the Northern railroad
at Franklin.

Lakes and Rivers. Newfound
Lake about seven miles long and
three wide, lies partly in Bristol
and partly in Bridgewater and He-
bron. Its waters are united with
the Pemigewasset by Newfound
River about two miles long and one
hundred feet wide. Smith’s River
which forms the southern bound-
ary between this town and Hill,
unites with the Pemigewasset near
the confluence of Newfound river.
Newfound and Smith’s Rivers af-
ford very valuable water priv-
ileges which largely assist the
enterprising people of Bristol in
their energetic efforts in manufac-

Minerals. Plumbago of a supe-
rior quality, has been discovered
in this town and in considerable

Employments. Manufacturing
and mercantile trade are the prin-
cipal and most lucrative employ-
ments of the people. Owing to the
romantic and varied scenery in
Bristol, many tourists spend their
summer vacations here, and many
families derive a good income
from keeping summer boarders.
There are many good farms in
town and many prosperous farm-
ers. The annual value of manu-
factured productions of all kind
is $570,700. (See table).

Resources. Agricultural prod-
ucts, $ 63,690; mechanical labor,
$ 107,700; stocks and money at in-
terest, $ 13,800; deposits in sav-
ings banks, $ 37,470; professional
services, $ 15,000; stock in trade,
$ 48,700; from summer tourists,
$6,000, (estimate).

Churches and Schools. Congre-
gational, Rev. Silas Ketchum, pas-
tor ; members 124; church valua-
tion, $ 13,000; Methodist, Rev. G.


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