Statistics and Gazetteer of New-Hampshire, 1875 page 56
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the famous juggler and necroman-
cer, was a citizen of Andover and
one of the railroad stations bears
his name, “Potter Place.”

First Minister. A Congrega-
tional church was established in
1782, and the Rev. Josiah Babcock
became the first pastor; dismissed
in 1809.

Boundaries. North by Hill, east
by Franklin, south by Salisbury,
and west by Wilmot.

Distances. Thirty miles north-
west from Concord.

Railroad. Northern Railroad
passes through the town, in an
easterly and westerly direction.


Hillsborough Co. The west
part of this town is hilly but af-
fords a fine range for grazing.
There are some valuable tracts of
interval, and some very fine up-
land farms yielding fine crops.

Rivers and Ponds. Contoocook
River passes through the easterly
part of the town. North Branch
River originates from several
ponds in Stoddard, and furnishes
several valuable mill sites, and in
some parts of its course it is bor-
dered by fine tracts of interval.

Employments. The larger por-
tion of the inhabitants are engaged
in agriculture; but manufacturing
is a very important branch of busi-
ness in town. The annual value
of sewing silk and twist manufac-
tured is $25,000; 100,000 apple-
parers, 500 hand seed sowers, and
300 horse seed sowers are annu-
ally made, valued at $100,000; be-
sides there are cribs, cradles, bed-
steads, window shades, paste board
boxes, leather, &c., manufactured;

200,000 shingles and 600,000 feet
of lumber are annually sawed.

The total value of manufactured
goods annually produced is $211,-
300. (See tables.)

Resources. Productions of the
soil, $92,732; mechanical labor,
$44,100; stocks, &c., $13,700;
money at interest, $27,878; de-
posits in savings banks, $120,710;
stock in trade, $19,815; from sum-
mer tourists, $900; professional
business, $10,000.

Churches and Schools. Presby-
terian, Rev. W. R. Cochran pas-
tor; Methodist, J. A. Cooledge
pastor; Baptist, Rev. E. M.
Shaw, pastor. There are twelve
schools in town; average length
of schools for the year, sixteen

Library. Antrim Library Asso-

Hotels. Appleton House, North
Branch House.

First Settlers. Antrim derived
its name from a town in Ireland
of the same name. Deacon James
Aiken settled here in 1768. No
other person moved into town for
the next four years, during which
time he suffered many privations
and hardships for the want of
friends and neighbors. The town
was incorporated March 22, 1777.

First Minister. Rev. Walter
Fullerton, ordained in 1800, dis-
missed in 1804.

Boundaries and Area. North
by Windsor and Hillsborough, east
by Deering and Bennington, south
by Hancock, and west by Stod-
dard. Area 21,173 acres; improv-
ed land, 11,730 acres.

Distances. Thirty miles south-
west from Concord, and twenty
three miles north-west from Am

Railroad. Seven miles by daily


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