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PAR    799    WIL

Helena, t. Jowa Co. Michigan.

Hempstead, a county of Arkansas. Pop. 2,507.
Hickstown, t. Madison Co. Florida.
Independence, a county of Arkansas. Pop.
2,031. Bates ville is the capital.

Iowa, a county of Michigan. Pop. 1,589. Hel-
ena is the capital.-

Izard, a county of Arkansas. Pop. 1,266.
Jacksonopolis, t. Jackson Co. Michigan.

Jo Daviess, a county of Ilhnois. Pop. 2,111.
Galena is the capital.

Jacob's Staff, t. Monroe Co. Arkansas.
Lafayette, a county of Missouri. Pop. 2,921.
Lexington is the capital. A county of Arkansas.
Pop. 748.

La Grange, t. Oldham Co. Ken.

Leaksville, t. Greene Co. Mississippi.

Leon, a county of Florida. Pop. 6,493. Talla-
hassee is the capital.

Lexington, t. Lafayette Co. Missouri.

Little Piney, t. Crawford Co. Missouri.
Logansport, t. Cass Co. Indiana.

Lowndes, a county of Georgia. Pop. 2,453.
Franklinville is the capital. A county of Missis-
sippi. Pop. 3,342. Columbus is the capital.

Macaupin, a county of Illinois. -Pop. 1,989.
Carlinville is the capital.

Mackinaw, t. Tazewell Co. Illinois.

Maekvijlle, t. Washington Co. Ken.

Mansfield, p. t. Tolland Co. Conn. 28 m. E.
Hartford. Here is a small silk factory, that em-
ploys about fifty hands, and is the only silk-
weaving establishment in the U. S. This branch
of industry was introduced into Conn. about
seventy years ago, and has been gradually in-
creasing in importance. Pop. 2,700.

Marianna, t. Jackson Co. Florida.

Matteawan, v. Dutchess Co. N. Y. on Fishkill
Creek, with large manufactures of cotton, woollen
and iron. See
New York, State.

Maumee, p. v. on Maumee river, where the
road crosses from Columbus to Detroit, by p. r.
136 miles N. N. W. Columbus.

Menomonie, t. Brown Co. Michigan.

Merom, t. Sullivan Co. Indiana.

Meriwether, a county of Georgia. Pop. 4,424.
Greenville is the capital.

Miccotown, t. Hamilton Co. Florida.

Monticetto, t. Jefferson Co. Florida.
Mortonsville, t. Woodford Co. Ken.

Mosquito, a county of E. Florida. Pop. 733.
Timoka is the capital.

Miuncyton, t. Delaware Co. Indiana.

Muscogee, a county of Georgia. Pop. 2,508.
Columbus is the capital.

Nashville, t. Washington Co. Ilhnois.

Nassau, a county of E. Florida. Pop. 1,511.
Fernandina is the capital.

Niles, t. Berrien Co. Michigan.

Obion, a county of W. Tennessee. Pop. 2,099.
Troy is the capital.

Paducah, t. McCracken Co. Kentucky.
ParacUfta, t. Sevfar Co. Arkansas.

Paris, t. Edgar Co. Illinois.

Pitcher, t. Chenango Co. N. Y. Pop. 1,21

Pinokneyville, t. Perry Co. Illinois.

Pontiac, t. Oakland Co. Michigan.

Purdy, t. Me. Nairy Co. Tenn.

Qmncy, t. Gadsden Co. Florida.

Rankin, a county of Mississippi. Pop. 2,0Sfl
Brandon is the capital.

St. Albans, p. t. Franklin Co. Vt., 23 miles N.
Burlington, and 46 N. W Montpelier. Pop.

St. Andrew, parish in Charleston district, S. C
It is watered by the Ashley, and lies just abovo

St. Andrew's Sound, bay on the coast of Geor-
gia, S. of Jekyl river.

St. Andrew's, r. West Florida which runs into
a bay of the Atlantic, to which it gives name.
Long. 85. 48. W. Lat. 30.17. N.

St. Joseph, Co. of Michigan in the valley of St.
Joseph’s river.—Co. of Indiana, area 672 square
miles.—Island of Upper Canada, in the straits of
St. Mary’s, about 75 miles in circumference.—
Bay, Florida, to the W. of Apalachicola Bay.—
A river of Michigan territory, one of the largest
tributaries of Lake Michigan.

St. Marie's, r. East Florida, which runs into
Apalachia bay, a little helow the town of St. Mark.

St. Mark’s, p. v. at the head of Appalache riv-
er, at the junction of St. Mark and Walkully
rivers, 22 m. by p. r. S. S. E. Tallahassee, and
the port of Tallahassee for sail vessels. Boats
can ascend the river ten miles higher.

Salvisa, t. Mercer Co. Ken.

Sugar Grove, t. Putnam Co. Ohio.

Sydney, t. Shelby Co. Ohio.

Scotia, t. Pop. Co. Arkansas.

Taliaferro, a county of Georgia. Pop. 2,984,
Crawfords ville is the capital.

Tarecoopy, t. St. Joseph Co. Indiana.

Tazewell, a county of Illinois. Pop. 4,716
Mackinaw is the capital.

Terre Bonne, a parish of the East District of
Louisiana. Pop. 2,121. Williamsburg is th©

Timoka, t. Mosquito Co. Florida.

Van Buren, a county of Michigan. Pop. 5; ,
Onondaga Co. N. Y. Pop. 2,890.

Vaneeburg, t. Lewis Co. Ken.

Venus, t. Hancock Co. Illinois.

Vermilionville, t. Lafayette Co. Louisiana.

Vinalhaven, p. t. Hancock Co. Me. on Fox
Islands in Penobscot Bay. Pop. 1,794.

Walton, a county of W. Florida. Alaqua is th©

Wapaghkonetta, p. t. Allen Co. Ohio.

Ware, a county of Georgia. Pop. 1,194
Waneshorough is the capital.

Waterloo, t. Monroe Co. Illinois.

Washtenaw, a county of Michigan. Pop. 4,042.
Ann Arbor is the capital. •

Wilcox, a county of Alabama.    Pop.    9,469.

Canton is the capital.

%* Penitentiaries. In the description of Wethersfield, an account of the penitentiary of Con-
necticut, was inadvertently omitted. This establishment is on the plan of the Auburn prison, in
New York, and its discipline is of the same general description. The system is very complete, and
by the moral education of its inmates, great improvement in their characters and manners is gradu
ally effected. The Auburn prison has been occupied about twelve years. Service is performed in
its chapel on the Sabbath, and a Sunday School is in successful operation. In the year ending Sep-
tember 1831, the labor of the convicts more than covered the expenditures of the establishment.
Number of convicts Dec. 1,1831, 646. The prison at Singsingis essentially on the same plan.






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