Brookes Universal Gazetteer (1850) Page 795 Right Column

Brookes’ Universal Gazetteer (1850), Page  795  Right Column
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    Christian religion
    Marsden, Mr.
    New Holland
Zebid, Yemen, Arabia (main entry)
    Red Sea
    Mocha (directional)
Zebu (Island), Philippine Islands (main entry)
    Sebu (Island) (synonym for Zebu (Island), Philippine Islands)
    Leyta (Island)
    Negros (Island)
Zedic, Tripoli, Barbary (main entry)
    Mediterranean Sea
    Tripoli (directional)
Zegedin, Hungary (main entry)
    Szeged (synonym for Zegedin, Hungary)
    Theisse River
    maros River
    Temeswar (directional)
    Pest (directional)
Zegzeg, Negroland (main entry)
    Cassina (directional)
Zehaenick, Brandenburg, Prussia (main entry)
    Berlin (directional)
Zeil, Bavarian Franconia (main entry)
    Maine River
    Bamberg (directional)
Zeila, Adel (main entry)
    Arabian Sea
Gulf of Zeitoun (main entry)
    Negropont (Island)
    Independent Greece
Zeitoun, Janna, European Turkey (main entry)
    Zeitoun (Gulf)
    Larissa (directional)
    Corinth (directional)
Zeitz, Prussian Saxony (main entry)
    Elster River
    Leipzig (directional)
Zell, Zell, Lunenburg, Hanover (main entry)
    Brunswick Lunenburg, Electoral House of
    George II of England
    Denmark, Queen of
    Aller River
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