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VOL    764    VUL

Vollenhoven, a town of the Netherlands, in
Overyssel, with a castle ; seated on the Zuyder
Zos, 8 m. S. W. of Steenwich and 12 N. W. of

Volmar, a town of Russia, in the government
of Riga, on the river Aa, 60 m. N. E. of Aiga.

Volney, ph. Oswego Co. N. Y. 180 m. N. W.
Albany. Pop. 3,629.

Volo, an ancient town of Greece, in Thessaly,
with a citadel and a fort. It was taken, and al-
most ruined, in 1655, by the Venetians. It is
seated on a gulf of the same name, where there is
a good harbour, 30 m. S. E. of Larissa. Long. 22.

55. E., lat. 39. 21. N.

Volodimir, or Vladimir, a government of Rus-
sia, formerly a province of the government of
Moscow. It contains an area of 19,500 sq. m.
with about 1,000,000 of inhabitants. The soil is
extremely fertile, and in the forests are innumer-
able swarms of bees.

Volodimir, the capital of the foregoing- govern-
ment, seated on the Kliasma, 110 m. E. by N. of

Vologda, a government of Russia, divided into
the two provinces of Vologda and Ustiug, and
comprising an area of 149,(K)0 sq. m. with about

660,000 inhabitants. It is a marshy country, full
of forests, lakes, and rivers, and noted for its fine

Vologda, the capital of the above province and
an archbishop,s see, has a magnificent cathedral,
several churches', a castle, and a fortress. The
principal trade is in hemp matting, leather and, tal-
low. It is seated in a marsh, on the river Volog-
da, which flows into the Sukhona, 257 m. N.
bv E. of Moscow. Long. 39. 46. E., lat. 59.
20. N.

Volsk, a town of Russia, in the government of
Saratof, situate on the Volga, 76 m. N. E. of Sa-

Volta, a river of Guinea, which separates the
Gold Coast from the Slave Coast, and enters the
Atlantic Ocean.

Voltagio, a town of the Sardinian States, in
the territory of Genoa, 15 m. N. by W. of Genoa.

Volterra, a walled town of Italy, in the grand
duchy of Tuscany, containing several antiquities.
It is the see of a bishop, and is seated on a moun-
tain, 30 m. S. S. W. of Florence and 32 S. E. of

Voltri, a town of the Sardinian States, in the
territory of Genoa, near which the Austrians were
defeated by the French in 1796. It is 6 m. W. of

Volturara, a town of Naples, in Capitana-
ta, 20 m. W. of Lucera, and 25 N. E. of Na-

Volturno, a river of Naples, which rises in the
Appennines, passes by Isernia and Capua, and
enters the gulf of Gaieta.

VolurUou!n,pX. Windham Co. Conn. Pop.
1,304.    ,

Volvic, a town ofFrance department of Puy de
Dome, near which are immense quarries, which
furnish materials for the building of the adjacent
towns, and for the statues in the churches. It is 6
m. N. of Clermont.

Voorheiesville, p.v. Montgomery Cq. N. Y.

Voorn, an island of the Netherlands, in S. Hoi
land, between two mouths of the Meuse, 20 m
long and 5 broad. This island, with Goree and
OvCrslackee, form the territory called Voornland
which anciently belonged to Zealand. Briel is
the capital.

Vorden, a town of Hanover, in the princi-
pality of Osnaburg, 20 m. N. N. E. of Osna-

lVordon, a town of Poland, on the Vistula,
where a toll is collected from ships going up
and down the river. It is 15 m. S. S. VV. of

Voringen, a town of Germany, in the princi-
pality of Hohenzollern, 10 m. S. E. of Hohenzol-

Voronez, a government of Russia, bordering
on the Ukraine, which it resembles in climate,
soil, and productions. It comprises an area of

31,000 sq. m. with about 800,000 inhabitants.

Voronez, the capital of the above government
and an archbishop’s see, is seated on the river
Voronez, near its junction with the Don, 230 m.
S. S. E. of Moscow. Long. 39. 14. E., lat. 51.

36. N.

Vosges, a department of France, including the
S. E. part of the former province of Lorrain, so
called from a chain of mountains, formerly cover-
ed with wood, that separates this department
from those of Upper Saone and Upper Rhine. It
has an extent of 2,400 sq. m. with 340,000 inhab-
tants. Epinal is the capital.

Voughine, p.v. Chicot Co. Arkansas.

Vouille, a village of France, department of
Vienne, where Clovis gained a battle in 507
against Alaric, king of the Visigoths, which ex-
tended the French empire from the Loire, to the
Pyrenees, 10 m. W. of Poitiers.

Vourla, a town of Asia Minor, in Natolia, 30
m. W. by S. of Smyrna.

Vou-tchang, a city of China, capital of the
province of Hou-quang, and the rendezvous, as it
were, of all the commercial people in the empire.
As every branch of trade is carried on here, its
port, on the Kian-ku, is always crowded with
vessels, the river being sometimes covered with
them to the distance of two leagues^ The beau-
tiful crystal found in its mountains, the plentiful
crops of fine tea, and the prodigious sale of the
bamboo paper made here, contribute no less to
make it famous than the continual influx of stran-
gers. It is 655 m. S. of Pekin. Long. 112. 25
E, lat. 30. 30. N.

Vouziers, a town of France, department of Ar-
dennes, seated on the river Aisne, 32 m. E. N. E.
of Rheims.

Vriezen-Veen, a town of the Netherlands, in
Overyssel, 20 m. E. by S. of Zwolle.

Vokovar, a town of the Austrian states,in Scla-
vonia, with a manufacture of silk, seated on the
Danube, at the influx of the small river Yuko,
which divides it into two parts. 21 m. S. E, of

Vulturara, a town of Naples, in principato UI
tra, 65 m. N E. of Naples.


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