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ViUedieu, a town of France, department of Loir-
®t-Cher, 20 m. W. S. W. of Vendome.

ViUedieu, a town in the department of Manche,
8 m. N. N. E. of Avranches.

Villefort, a town in the department of Lozere,
18 m. E. of Mende and 19 N. of Alais-

Villefranche, a town in the department of Rhone,
surrounded by walls, and seated on the Saone,
18 m. N. by W. of Lyons.

Villefranche, a town in the department of East-
ern Pyrenees, with a fort; seated on the river
Tet, 25 m. W. S. W. of Perpignan.

Villefranche, a town in the department of Avei-
ron, with a great trade in linen cloth; seated on
the Aveiron, 20 m. W. of Rodez.

Villefranche, a town in the department of Upper
Garonne, on the canal royale, 22 m. S. E. of

Villejuive, a town in the department of Paris, 4
m. S. of Paris.

Villemont, p.v. Chicot Co. Arkansas.

Villemur, a town in the department of Upper
Garonne, seated on the Tarn, 12 m. N. N. E. of

Villena, a town of Spain, in Murcia, with a
castle, formerly of great strength. In the neigh-
bourhood is a morass, from which salt is made.
It is 18 m. S. S. E. of Almanza and 50 N. by E.
of Murcia.

Villeneuve,a town of France, department of Lot-
et-Garonne, on the river Lot, 17 m. N. of Agen.

Villeneuve, a town in the department of Gard,
on the Rhone, opposite Avignon, with which it
communicates by a bridge, 21 m. E. N. E. of

Villeneuve, a town of Switzerland, in the canton
of Pays de Vaud, situate at the E. extremity of
the lake of Geneva, 3 m. from the influx of the
Rhone and 14 E. S. E. of Lausanne.

Villeneuve de Berg, a town of France, depart-
ment of Ardeche, 13 m. S. of Privas.

Villers Coterets, a town in the department of
Aisne, 12 m. S. W. of Soissons and 44 N. E. of

Villingen, a town of Germany, in Baden, strong
by nature on account of the surrounding moun-
tains and narrow passes. Here is a Benedictine
abbey, and in the vicinity is a good bath. It is
20 m. E. by N. of Friburg.

Vilseck, a town of Bavaria Franconia, near
which are several foundries. It is seated on the
Vils, 20 m. N. of Amberg.

Vilshofen, a town of Lower Bavaria. In 1745
the Austrians took it by storm. It is situate on
the Danube, at the influx of the Vils, 11 m. W.
by N. of Passau.

VUvordcn, a town of the Netherlands, in S.
Brabant, with an ancient castle; seated at tbe
confluence of the Woluwe and the Senne, 7 m.
N. N. E. of Brussels.

Vimieiro,a town of Portugal,in Alemtejo, 12 m.
W. by N. of Estremos.

Vimiera, a village of Portugal, in Estremadura,
30 m. N. of Lisbon.

Vimiosa, a town of Portugal, in Tras ©s Mon-
tes, 15 m. W. N. W. of Miranda and 17 S. E. of

Vincennes, a town of France, in the department
of Paris, remarkable for its castle, which for three
centuries was the country residence of the royal
family. 3 m. E. of Paris.

Vincennes, p.v. Knox Co. Ind. on the Wabash,
136 m. N. W. Louisville and 150 m. above the
mouth of the Wabash. It was settled by the

French from Canada in the early part of the last
century, and was formerly the seat of the territo-
rial government. The river is navigable to this
place for steam-boats the greater part of the year
Pop. 1,800.

Vincent, ph. Chester Co. Pa.

Vineentown, p.v. Burlington Co. N. J. 20 m. E,

Vincent, Cape, St., the S. W. promontory of
Portugal, 25 m. W. by S. of Lagos. Long. 9. 0
W., lat. 37. 3. N.

Vincent, St., one of the Windward Caribbee
Islands, in the W. Indies, 24 m. long and 18 broad
and about 70 m. W. of Barbadoes. It is extreme
ly fertile, and well adapted for the raising of sugai
and indigo; and here the bread-fruit trees brought
from thrive Otaheite remarkably well. The origi-
nal inhabitants were Caribs, a warlike race, man-
ifestly distinguished from the aborigines of the
larger islands. They are conjectured to have
heen originally a colony from
N. America, their
fierce manners approaching nearer to those of the
original natives of that continent than they do to
that of S. America, and their language also having
some affinity to that spoken in Florida. In their
wars they preserved their ancient practice of de-
stroying all the males, and preserving the women
either for servitude or for breeding. .St. Vincent
was long a neutral island ; but, at the peace of
1763, the French agreed that the right to it should
be vested in the English. The latter, soon after,
engaged in a war against the Caribs, on the wind-
ward side of the island, who were obliged to con-
sent to a peace, by which they ceded a large tract
of land to the crown. The consequence of this
was, that, in 1779, they greatly contributed to the
reduction of this island by the French, who, how-
ever, restored it in 1783. In 1795 the French
landed some troops, and again instigated the
Caribs to an insurrection, which wt?inot subdued
for several months. It was almost desolated in
1812 by an eruption of the Soufirier mountain,
which had continued quiet far nearly a century
before. Kingston is the capital.

Vincent, St., one of the Cape Verde Islands, 12
m. long and three broad and uninhabited. On
the N. W. side of it is a good bay, where ships
mav wood and water, and wild goats may be shot
Long. 25. 30. W., lat. 17. 30. N.

Vincent, St., a town of Spain, in Asturias, seat-
ed on the Bay of Biscay, 9 m. W. by S. of San-

Vineyard, a township of Grand Isle Co. Vt.
Pop. 459.

Vingorla, a towin of Hindoostan, in Visiapour,
belonging tin the British. About 10 m. to the W.
N. W. are some rocks in the sea, called Vingorla
Rocks. The town is situate near the mouth ofa
river, 25 m. N. N. W. of Goa. Long. 73. 27 E
lat. 15. 51. N.    ’

Vintimiglia, a town of the Sardinian states, in
the territory of Genoa, with a small harbour, and
a strong castle on a high rock. It is seated on
the Mediterranean, at the mouth ofthe Rotta, 20
m. N. E. of Nice and 24 S. W. of Oneglia. Long
7. 37. E., lat. 43. 53. N.    S

Vipalanca, or Vj Palanka, a town of Hungary,
in Temeswar, with a fortress. It stands on the
Karass, near its entrance into the Danube, 42 m.
E. of Belgrade and 58 S. of Temeswar. ’

Vire, a town of France, department of Calvados
with several manufactures of coarse woolen
cloths. It is seated on the the Vire, 30 m. S. £
of Coutances and 150 W. of Paris.

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