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VES    757    VIC

Versetz, a town of Hungary, in Temeswar, and
a bishop’s see. It contains some extensive bar-
racks, and near it are tne ruins of a castle. 18
m. N. of Vipalanca an/d 40 S. of Temeswar.

Vershire, a township of Orange Co. Vt. Pop.

Versoix, a town of France, department of
Aisne. Here, in 1768, an attempt was made to
form a harbour, in opposition to Geneva, and
great sums were expended for that purpose ; but
it was soon after relinquished, ft is seated oil
the lake of Geneva, at the influx of the river
Versoix, 6 m. S. E. of Gex and 7 N. of Gen-

Vertus, a town ofFrance, department of Marne,
seated at the foot of a mountain on which arc
good vineyards, 17 m. S. W. of Chalons and 78
N. E. of Paris.

Verniers, a town of the Netherlands, in the
province of Liege, which has a considerable
traffic in cloth. It is seated on the Weze, 4
m. S. W. of Limburg and 17 E. S. E. of Liege.

Vervins, a town of France, department of Aisne,
famous for a treaty, in 1598, between Henry IV.
ofFrance and Phillip II. of Spain. It is seated
on the Serre, 40 m. N. E. of Soissons.

Verzuolo, a town of the Sardinian states, in
Piedmont, with a castle. It is surrounded by an
ancient wall, flanked with towers, and seated in a
very fruitful soil, near the Vratia, 3 m. S. of

Vesley, a town of France, department of Aisne,
on the river Aisne, 10 m. E. N. E. of Soissons.

Vesoul, a town ofFrance, capital of the depart-
ment of Upper Saone. In its vicinity is a medi-
cinal spring. It is seated at the foot of a moun-
tain, near the river Durgeon, 24 m. N. of Besan-
con and 106 E. S. E. of Troyes. Long. 6. 8. E.,
lat. 47. 36. N.

Vesprin, an episcopal town of Hungary, capital
of a county of the same name, with a castle. It is
seated on the Sed, 19 m. W. by S. of Stuhlweis-
senburg and 70 S. S. E. of Presburg. Long. 17.

57. E., lat. 47. 16. N.

Vesuvius, a volcanic mountain of Italy, 7 m.
E. of Naples. It is nearly 30 m. in circuit at the
base, and about 3,700 feet high. Towards the
sea it is covered with fruit-trees and vineyards;
but on the S. and W. sides, and on the top,
nothing is to be seen hut black ashes, cinders,
and stones. The top of Vesuvius is divided into
two points, the southernmost of which is called
Mont de Somma. The eruption in the year 79,
under Titus, was accompanied by an earthquake,
which overturned several cities, particularly Pom-
peii and Herculaneum ; and this eruption proved
fatal to Pliny the naturalist. Great quantities of
ashes and sulphureous smoke were carried not
only to Rome, but also beyond the Mediterra-
nean, into Africa; birds were suffocated in the
air, and fell down upon the ground; and fishes
perished in the neighbouring waters, which were
made hot, and infected by it. Another very vio-
lent eruption, in 1631, totally destroyed the town
of Torre del Greco. The eruption in 1767 was
the 27th from the time of Titus, since which
there have been 11 others, the last of which was
in 1819. Next to those in 79 and 1631, that of
1794 was the most violent and destructive. In
this eruption the lava flowed over 5,000 acres of
rich vineyards and cultivated lands, and the town
of Torre del Greco was again destroyed ; the top
of the mountain likewise fell in, and the crater
is now little short of 2 m. in circumference.

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Veudre, a town ofFrance, department of Allier,
on the river Allier, 17 m N. W. of Moulins.

Vevay, atown of Switzerland, capital of a bail-
iwic in the Pays de Vaad. The principal manu-
facture is hats; it has a large trade in cheese, and
its wine is in great estimation. It stands near the
lake of Geneva, 10 m. E. by S. of Lausanne.
Long. 7. 0. E., lat. 46. 25. N.

Vevay, ph. Switzerland Co. Indiana, on the
Ohio. 45 m. S. W. Cincinnati. It was settled
in 1804 by a body of Swiss emigrants, to whom the
United States government made a grant of land
in order to introduce the cultivation of the vine.
The vineyards are now very flourishing, and are
the largest in the United States. The inhabitants
are mostly Swiss, and carry on some manufac-
tures of straw bonnets and other articles.

Veyne, a town ofFrance, department of Upper
Alps, 12 m. W. by S. of Gap.

Vezelay, a town in the department of Yonne,
noted for the noble stand made by the Calvinists,
in 1560, against Charles IX., who besieged the
town, but was obliged to retire after the loss of
1,500 men. Theodore Beza was a native of Ve-
zelay. It is seated on the top of a mountain, near
the river Cure, 26 m. E. by S. of Auxerre

Vezelize, a town in the department of Meurtne,
seated on the Brenon, 12 m. S. of Nancy and
14 S. E. of Toul.

Viana, a town of Portugal in Entre Douro e
Minho, at the mouth of the Lima, with a good
harbour for small vessels, defended by a fort, 20
m. W. by N. of Braga.

Vianden, atown of the Netherlands, in Luxem-
burg, divided into the Old and New Town by the
river Uren. It has a castle, on an inaccessible
rock, and considerable manufactures of cloth, and
leather. 22 m. N. of Luxemburg and 22 N. W. of

Viamen, a town of the Netherlands, in S. Hol-
land, with a castle; seated on the Leek, 7 m. S.
of Utrecht.

Viatka, a government of Russia, which was
formerly a province of Kassanj containing an ex-
tent of 47,000 square miles, with not more than

1,100,000 inhabitants. It takes its name from the
river Viatka, which flows through the country,
and joins the Kama.

Viatka, formerly called Khlynof, a town of
Russia, capital of the foregoing government, and
a bishop’s see with a castle, at is seated on the
river Viatka, 100 m. N. of Kassan. Long. 54.

15. E., lat. 57. 25. N.

Viazma, a town of Russia, in the government
of Smolensk, seated on an eminence, 80 m. N. E.
of Smolensk.

Vic, a town of France, department of Meurthe,
seated on the Seille, 15 m. E. N. E. of Nancy.

Vic, or Vique, a town of Spain, in Catalonia,
and a bishop’s see. It is seated in a fertile plain,
35 m. N. of Barcelona.

Vie Bigorre, a town of France, department ot
Upper Pyrenees, situate on the Adour, 12 m. N.
of Tarbes.

Vic Fezensac, a town in the department of Gers,
seatd on the Douze, 15 m. W. of Auch.

Vicle Compte, a town in the department of Puy
de Dome, with a palace, where formerly the
counts of Auvergne resided. About a mile from
it are mineral springs. It is seated near the Al-
lier, 15 m. S. E. of Clermont.

Vieegrad, a town of Hungary, with a castle on
the top of a rock, in which the crown of Hungary
was formerly kept. It is seated on the S side ofthe
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