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E of Guatemala. Long. 88. 20. W., lat. 14.
35 N

Vallelonga, a town of Naples, in Calabria Ul-
tra, 18 m. E. N. E. of Nicotera.

Vallencay, a town ofFrance, in the department
of Tndre, on the Nabon, and 28 m. N. by W. of

Vallengin, a town of Switzerland, in a county
of its name, united to the principality of Neuf-
chateh It is seated on the Scyon, 3 m. N. N. W.
of Neufchatel.

Vallers, atown of France, department of Indre-
et-Loire, noted for its mineral waters, 4 m. N. W.
of Tours.

Vallcry, St., a town in the department of Som-
me, at the mouth of the river Somme, 10 m. W.
N. W. of Abbeville and 100 N. by W. of Paris.

Vallcry en Caux, St., a town in the department
of Lower Seine, near the sea-coast. William,
duke of Normandy, sailed hence when he made
his descent on England. It is 15 m. W. S. W.
of Dieppe and 100 N. W. of Paris.

Valley Forge, p.v. Chester Co. Pa. on the
Schuylkill, 20 m. N. W. Philadelphia, with man-
ufactures of iron.

Vallier, St., atown in the department of Drome
near the river Rhone, 18 m. N. of Valence.

Valogne, a town in the department of Manche,
noted for cloth and leather, 10 m. S. S. E. of
Cherburg and 50 W. N. W. of Caen.

Valona, a sea-port of Albania, and an archbish-
op’s see, seated at the entrance of the gulf of Ven-
ice, near the mountains of Chimera, 50 m. S. of
Durazzo. Long. 19. 40. E,. lat. 40. 54. N.

Valorda, p.v. Jackson Co. Indiana, 64 m. S.

Valparayso, a sea port of Chile, with a well-
frequented harbour, defended by a strong fort.
Its proximity to St. Jago has drawn hither all the
commerce formerly carried on between that city
and Callao, which consists principally of wheat,
tallow, leather, cordage, and dried fruits. It is
seated on a bay of the Pacific Ocean, at the foot
of a high mountain, 75 m. N. W. of St. Jago.
Long. 72. 19. W., lat. 33. 3. S.

Valperga, a town of the Sardinian states, in
Piedmont, 16 m. N. of Turin.

Valreas, a town ofFrance, department of Vau-
cluse, 18 m. N. E. of Orange.

Vais, a town in the department of Ardeche,
celebrated for mineral springs; seated on the Ar-
deche, 18 m. N. W.ofViviers.

Vulteline, or VaUe-telino, a fertile valley of Aus-
trian Italy, 50 m. long, and from 12 to 15 broad,
enclosed between two chains of high mountains;
the N. chain separates it from the Grisons, the S.
from the Venetian territories; on the E. it is
bounded by the county of Bormio, and on the W.
by that of Chiavana. The river Adda flows
through its whole length into the lake Como ; and
it is divided into three districts, Upper, Middle,
and Lower. The inhabitants are all Roman Cath-
olics, and have no manufactures; but they ex-
port wine, silk, plants, cheese, butter, and cattle,
on the 20th of July, 1620, there was a general
massacre of the protestants in this valley.

Valva, a town of Naples in Abruzzo Citra, 18
m. S. S. W. of Civita di Chieta.

Van, a strong town of Curdistan, with a castle
on a mountain, in which the Turks keep a nume-
rous garrison. It is governed by a beglerbeg, and
seated on a lake of its name) 120 m. in circumfer-
ence), 80 m. E. by S. of Betlis. Long. 44. 30. £.,
lat. 37. 10. N.

Vanceburg, p.v. Lewis Co. Ken.

Vanadlia, the capital of Illinois, in Fayette Cc
stands on the Kaskaskia, 55 m N. St. Louis ant
808. W. Washington. The situation is agreeable
but the place is in its infancy. Pop. 500.°

Vandenburgi a county of Indiana. Pop. 2,610
Evansville is the capital.

Van Diemen's Land, an island in the S. Pacific.
160 m. long and 80 broad, separated from the S
part of New Holland by Bass Strait. It was dis-
covered by Tasman in 1642, and till 1799 was
deemed the S. extremity of New Holland. Cook
called here in 1777 for supplies of wood, water, and
grass, and It has since been visited by different
navigators. The natives are of a common stature,
but rather slender, the skin black, and the hair
woolly, but their lineaments more pleasing than
those of Negroes. They seem to prefer birds
to all other food. The hovels in which they live
resemble those of New S. Wales; but sometimes
large trees are hollowed out by fire to the height
of six or seven feet. The land is chiefly* high,
diversified with hills and valleys, which are well
wooded and watered. The forest trees seem to
be all of one kind, growing quite straight to a
height proper for masts. The low lands produce
flowering shrubs and odoriferous plants that per-
fume the air. S. Cape is in long. 146. 50. E., lat.
43.40. S.

Vaniam Bad/y, atown of Hindoostan, in Mysore,
55 m. W. S. W. of Arcot and 130 E. of Seringap-

Vannes, a sea-port of France, capital of the de-
partment of Morbihan, and a bishop’s see. The
principal trade is in corn, bariron, and fish. It is
seated on the gulfof Morbihan, 56 m. S. W. of
Rennes and 555 W. by S. of Paris. Lono-. 2. 46
W., lat. 47. 39. N.

Vansville, ph. Prince George Co. Marvl. 15 m
N. E. Washington.

Var, a department of France, which takes its
name from a river that rises in the county of Nice
and enters the Mediterranean. 4 m. W. of Nice.
The surface is rugged and the soil very various.
It contains an area of 2,900 sq. m. with 290,000
inhabitants. Toulon is the capital.

Vurallo, a strong town of the Sardinian states,
on the frontiers of Piedmont, 33 m. E. of Aosta
and 57 m. N. N. E. of Turin.

Varambon, a town ofFrance, department of Ain,
on the river Ain,14 m. S. S. E. of Bourg en Bresse.

Varasdin, a town of Croatia, with a castle and
a citadel; seated near the Drave, 65 m. N. N. E
of Carlstadt. Long. 16. 32. E., lat. 46. 25. N.

Vardar, a river of Greece, which rises in Mount
Scardus, and flows S. through Macedonia, into
the gulf of Salonica.

Varetta, a cape on the E. coast of the kingdom
of Ciampa. Behind it is a mountain, remarkable
for having a high rock, like a tower, on its sum-
mit. Long. 109. 17. E., lat. 12. 50.

Varennes, p.v. Pendleton Dis. S. C.

Varennes, a town of France, department of Al-
lier, seated on an eminence near the river Allier,
20 m. S. of Moulins.

Varennes, a town in the department of Meuse,
where Louis XVI., his queen, sister, and two
children, were arrested, in their flight from the
Tuileries in 1791, and conducted back to Paris
13 m. W. by N. of Verdun.

Varese, a town of Austrian Italy, in the govern
ment of Milan, 30 m. N. W. of Milan.

Varhdy, a town of Transylvania, 40 m. S. of

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