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UTI    747    UZE

Urseren, a town of Switzerland, in the canton
of Uri, situate on the Reuss 17 m. S. S. E. of

Ursitz, St., a town of Switzerland, in the canton
of Bern, indebted for its origin to a hermitage,
built in the 7th century by St. Ursinius. It is
seated on the Doubs, 6 m. S. of Porentrui.

Usbec Tartary, a vast country of Western Tar-
tary, bounded on the N. by the country of the
Kalmucs and Turkestan, E. by Thibet, S. by Hin-
doostan and Persia, and W. by the Caspian Sea.
These Tartars are divided into several tribes, gov-
erned by their respective khans, or princes.
IVhen under one sovereign, they were the most
powerful of all the Tartarian nations. The prin-
cipal khans pride themselves in being descended
from Tamerlane, whose birth-place was the an-
cient city of Samarcand. The Usbecs, in their
persons-, are said to have better complexions, and
more engaging features than the Kalmucs. Their
religion is Mahometism, and they differ in general
very little from the people of the northern prov-
inces of Hindoostan.

Uscazia. See Scozia.

Usedom, an island of the Prussian States, in
Pomerania, in the Baltic Sea, between the mouths
of tiie Peene and Swin, with two forts named af-
ter these two rivers. It has a town of the same
name, on the S. W. coast, 40 m. N. W. of Stet-
tin. Long. 14. *2. E., lat. 53. 53. N.

Ushant, an island of France, on the coast
of the department of Finisterre, opposite Con-
quet. It is 8 m in circumference, and contains
several hamlets and a castle. Long. 5. 5. W.,
lat. 48. 28. N.

Usingen, a town of Germany, in the duchy
of Nassau. It has a handsome castle, and is seat-
ed on the Usbach, 12 m. S. S. E. of Wielburg.

Uslt, a town in Monmouthshire, Eng. 142 m.
W. by N. of London.

Ussel, a town of France, department of Correze,
32 m. N. E. of Tulle and 53 E. S. E. of Limoges.

Ustaritz, a town in the department of Lower
Pyrenees, 6 m. S. S. E. of Bayonne.

Ustica, a small island in the Mediterranean, 25
m. N. of the coast or Sicily. It was for centuries
uninhabited, except by wild goats, till in the year
1765, a citadel was built and a colony settled. The
island is without springs, and its only supply of
fresh water consists of rain kept in cisterns. Long.
13. 26. £., lat. 38. 42. N.

Usting, a town of Russia in the government of
Vologda, capital of a large district of its name
and an archbishop’s see. Great quantities of
grain are sent hence to different parts. It is
seated on the Dwina, 464 m. N. E. of Moscow.

Utica, city, Oneida Co. N. Y. on the Mo-
hawk 96 m N. W. Albany, is one ofthe largest
and most flourishing towns in this part of “the
state. It is regularly built, with broad and straight
streets, and handsome buildings. The Erie ca-
nal, the great road, and the river unite at this
point and secure this place a flourishing trade;
the surrounding country is fertile, Utica has 11
churches, 3 banks, a lyceum and a court house.
Pop. 8,323

Utica, p.v. Clarke Co. Ind.; p.v. Licking Co

Utrecht, &ne of the Dutch provinces, 30 m.
long and 20 broad ; bounded on the N. and W.
by Holland and the Zuyder Zee, E. and S. by
Guelderland. The soil is fertile, and there are
no inundations to fear as in the other provinces.

Utrecht, a fortified city of the Netherlands, cap-
tal of the foregoing province, with a famous uni-
versity. It is of a square form, about 3 miles in
circumferance, exclusive of the suburbs, which
are considerable. The inhabitants are estimated
at 35,000. The most distinguished of -the public
buildings is the cathedral, the tower of which is
very lofty, and said to be one of the handsomest
in the kingdom. The town-house is also a noble
building, and there are a groat many churches
and hospitals, schools for the fine arts, a hall of
paintings, several valuable libraries, &c. The
principal manufactures are silk and fire arms;
and in a palace called the Mall is an extensive
foundry for cannon balls. Two canals, called the
New Graft and the Vaert, run through the city,
and over them are 36 stone bridges. The envi-
rons are full of gardens, walks, and groves, which
added to the purity of the air,'render Utrecht one
of the most agreeable places for residence in these
parts. Here the union of the Seven United
Provinces was begun in 1579 ; and here was con-
cluded, in 1713, the peace which terminated the
wars of queen Anne. Utfecht surrendered to
the Prussians in 1787, and to the French in 1795,
each time without resistance. It is seated on
the Rhine, 18 m. S. E. of Amsterdam and 35 N.
N. W. of Nimeguen. Long. 5. 8. E., lat. 52. 6. N.

Utrera, a town of Spain, in Andalusia, near
which is a salt-spring, 21 m. S. of Seville.

Uttoxeter, a town in Staffordshire, Eng. with a
market on Wednesday, manufactures of cabinet-^
ware, and a considerable trade in corn and cheese.
The parish church, the body of which has been re-
cently rebuilt, is a spacious Gothic edifice. The
other places of worship are two meeting-houses
for Methodists, and one for Quakers. It is seat-
ed on a rising ground, near the river Dove, 14 m.
N. E. of Stafford and 135 N. N. W. of London.

Utznach, a town of Switzerland, capital of a
bailiwic belonging to the cantons of Schweitz
and Glaris. It is 3 m. N. from the lake of Zurich
and 15 N. by W. of glaris.

Uwchland, p.v. Chester Co. Pa.

Uxbridge, p.t. Worcester Co. Mass. 33 in. S. W.
Boston, on Blackstone River, with large manu-
factures of woolen. Pop. 2,086.

Uxbridge, a town in Middlesex, Eng. 15 m. W.
by N. of London.

Uzel, a town of France, department of Cotes
du Nord, 17 m. S. W of St Brieux.

Uzerche, a town in the department of Correze
10 m. N. N. AV. of Tulle and 36 S. S. E. of Limo-

Uzes, a town in the department of Gard, with
a spring that supplies the aqueduct of Nismes,

It is seated in a country abounding in corn, oil
silk, and good wine, 12 m. N. of Nismes.


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