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TOL    725    TOM

In general they behave very quietly, and carry on
some commerce, but practice no mechanic trades.
There are also a great number of Calmuc Tartars,
who serve as slaves. All the Chinese caravans
pass through this town, and all the furs furnished
by Siberia are brought here, and hence forwarded
to Moscow. The Russians commonly send their
state prisoners to this city. It is seated at the
confluence of the rivers Tobol and Irtisch, 11,00
m. E. by N. of Moscow and 1,200 E. by S. of
Petersburgh. Long. 68. 35. E., lat. 58. 12. N.

Toby, a township of Armstrong Co. Pa. on Al-
leghany river.

Tocantin, the largest river of Brazil, which
rises in lat. 18. S., and flows N. E. at the foot of
a ridge of mountains for above 700 m. then enters
a more open country, and pursues its course 400
m. further to the Atlantic Ocean, which it enters
by a large estuary, below the city of Para. The
estuary of this river has a communication with
that of the Amazon to the W.; and the space
included by them and the ocean is an island, 150
m. in diameter, called Maraso or Joanes.

Tocat, a city of Asia Minor, in Sivas. The
houses are handsomely built, and the streets
paved, which is an uncommon thing in these
parts; but the town makes a very odd appear
ance, being built on uneven ground. There are
two ru*gea perpendicular rocks of marble, with
an old castle upon each; and so many streams,
that each house has a fountain. The inhabitants
are computed at 60,000. The chief trade is in
copper vessels, but much yellow leather and silk
is manufactured. It is seated in a district which
abounds in fruit and excellent wine. 45 m. W.
N. W. of Sivas and 150 N. of Marash. Long.
36. 35. E., lat. 39. 10. N.

Tocayma, a town of C61ombia, in a country
abounding in fruit and sugar-canes. Here are
hot baths between two cold springs; and near
the town is a volcano. It is seated on the Pati,
near its entrance into the Madalena, 34 m. W. of
St. Fe de Bogota. Long. 74.58. W., lat. 4. 5. N.

Tockoa, or Tuccoa Falls, a cascade on a small
stream in Franklin Co. Geo. running into the
Jugaloo. The descent is 187 feet, and the water
is dashed into a fine rain before it reaches the

Tocrur, a kingdom of Negroland, lying to the
E. of Tombuctoo, on both sides the Niger. The
capital is of the same name, seated on the S. side
of the Ni*er, 320 m. E. of Tombuctoo. Long. 6.
18. W., lat. 16. 38. N.

Todd, a county of Kentucky. Pop. 8,801.
Elkton is the capital.

Todi, a town of the papal states, in the duchy
of Spoleto, seated on a hill, near the Tiber, 22 m.
E. of Spoleto.

Toissey, a town of France, department of Ain,
with a college ; seated near the conflux of the
Saone and Cfaalarone, 15 m. N. of Trevoux.

Tokay, a town of Hungary, with a castle. It
is celebrated for its wine, which is preferred to all
others in Hungary; and near it are large salt-
works. It stands at the conflux of the Bodrog
with the Theisse, 105 m. E. N. E. of Buda.
Long. 21. 15. E., lat. 48. 8. N.

Tolaga Bay, a bay on the N. E. coast of the
northern island of New Zealand. Long. 178. 34.
E., lat. 38. 21. S.

Toledo, a city of Spain, in New Castile, of which
it was formerly the capital. It is seated on a
conical hill on the river Tagus, which nearly sur-
rounds it, and on the land side is an ancient wall,

flanked with 100 towers. There are a great
number of superb structures, besides 17 public
squares, where the markets are kept. It is an
archbishop’s see; and the cathedral is the richest
in Spain: the Segrario, or principal chapel, con-
tains 15 large cabinets led into the wall, full of
gold and silver vessels, and other works. Here
are numerous religious houses and churches, with
some hospitals ; and formerly it had a university,
which was suppressed in 1807. The inhabitants,
once estimated at 200,000, are now reduced to

25,000. Without the town are the remains of an
amphitheatre and other antiquities. It has a roy-
al castle, and several manufactures of arms, silk,
and wool. Toledo was occupied by the French
in 1808. 37 m. S. of Madrid. Long. 3. 20. W.
lat. 39. 50. N.

Tolen, a fortified town of the Netherlands, in
Zealand, in an island of the same name, separated
by a narrow channel from Brabant. On the Bra-
bant side it has a fort called Schlyckenburg, 5 m.

N. W. of Bergen-op-Zoom. Long. 4. 20. E., lat.

51. 30. N.

Tolentino, a town of the ecclesiastical states, in
Ancona, where the relics of St. Nicholas are kept.

A treaty of peace was concluded here between
Bonaparte and the papal court in 1797. It is
seated on the Chiento, 8 m. S. E. of St. Severino

Tolesburg, a sea-port of Russia, in the govern-
ment of Riga, seated on the gulf of Finland, 60
m. W. of Narva. Long. 26. 4. E.| lat. 59. 38. N.

Tolfa, a town of Italy, in the states of the church
In the environs are warm baths, mines of alum
and iron, and quarries of alabaster and lapis lazuli
6 m. N. E. of Civita Veechia.

Tolland, a county of Connecticut. Pop. 18,700

Tolland, ph. the capital of the above Co. 17 m
N. E. Hartford. Pop. 1,698.

Tolland, ph. Hampden Co. Mass. 125 m. S. W.'
Boston. Pop. 724.

Tolmezo, a town of Austrian Italy, in Friuli,
with a castle. Near it is an extensive linen man
ufacture. It stands on the Tagliamento, 16 m.

N. W. of Udina.

Tolmino, a town of the Austrian states, in Car-
niola, 12 m. N. of Goritz.

Tolna, a town of Hungary, formerly the capi-
tal of a county of the same name, producing ex-
cellent wine. It is seated on the Danube, 65 m.

S. of Buda. Long. 19. 15. E., lat. 46. 30. N.

Tolnani, a town of Hindoostan, iruthe country
of Baglana, 70 m. W. of Burhampour and 124 E
of Surat. Long. 75. 3. E., lat. 21. 15. N.

Tolometa, a sea-port of Barbary, in Barca, an-
ciently called Ptolemais. It is seated on the
Mediterranean, 100 m. W. of Derna. Long. 20.

30. E., lat. 32. 44. N.

Tolosa, a town of Spain, in Biscay, capital of
the district of Guipuscoa ; celebrated for its steel
manufactures, particularly of sword-blades. It
was taken by the French in 1794, and again in
1808. It is seated in a valley, between the Araxis
and Oria, 36 m. E. of Bilboa. Long. 2. 5. W    v

lat. 43. 12. N.

Tolu, a sea-port of Terra Firma, in Carthagena ;
famous for its balsam, produced from a tree like
a pine. It is seated on a bay, 70 m. S. of Cartha-
gena. Long. 75. 16. W., lat. 9. 30 N.

Tom, Mount, an eminence of Massachusetts, on
the W. bank of the Connecticut, near Northamp-
ton. It is about 1,200 feet above the level of the

Tomar, a town of Portugal, in Estremadura, on
the river Naboan, at the foot of the mountains,

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