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wic, fn the canton of Bern, with a castle. It is
seated on a lake of the same name, 1^ m. long
and three broad, where the river Aar issues from
it, 15 m. S. by E. of Bern.

Thousand Islands, a group of small islands in
the river St. Lawrence just below lake Ontario.
Also a group of Islands in the Straits of Sunda.

Thur, a river of Switzerland, which rises in
the S. part of the county of Toggenburg, and
flows into the Rhine, 7 m. S. S. W. of Schaff-

Thurgau, a canton of Switzerland, which ues
along tiie river Thur; bounded on the S. by the
canton of St. Gall, W. by that of Zurich, and
N. and E. by the lake and territory of Constance.
It is extremely populous, and the most pleasant
and fertile part of Switzerland, though some-
what mountainous towards the S. Its area , is
computed at 350 square miles, with 77,000 inhab-
itants, one-third of whom are Catholics, and the
other two-thirds Calvinists. Frauenfeld is the

Thuringia, the former name of a province of
Germany, in Saxony; bounded on the E. by
Meissen, S. by Franconia W. by Hesse and Eich-
feld, and N. by the duchy of Brunswick and the
principality of Anhalt. It is 73 m. in length, and
nearly as much in breadth, abounding in corn,
fruits, and wood.

Thurso, a town of Scotland, in Caithness-shire,
at the mouth of the river Thurso, on the S. W.
side of a spacious bay. It has a considerable
trade in corn and fish, and manufactures of wool-
en and linen cloth. 28 m. N. W. of Wick and
56 m. N. N. E. of Dornoch. Long. 3. 18. W.,
lat. 58. 30. N.

Tiagar, a town of Hindoostan, in the Carnatic,
50 m. W. S. W. of Pondicherry and 75S. of Arcot.

Tiano, a town of Naples, in Terra di Lavoro,
with a famous nunnery and a mineral spring, 15
rn. N. W. of Capua.

Tiber, a river of Italy, which rises in the Ap-
ennines, flows through the Pope’s Dominions by
Borgo, St. Sepulchro, Citta di Castella, Orto,
and Rome, 10 m. below which it enters the
Mediterranean Sea, between Ostia and Porto.

Tilmron, a cape at the most western extremi-
ty of the island of St. Domingo, with a town
and fort, on an open road, opposite Port Antonio
in Jamaica. Long. 74. 32. W., lat. 18. 25. N.

Ticonderoga, a fort of the state of New York,
built by the French in 1756, on the narrow pas-
sage between the lakes George and Champlain.
It was taken in 1759 by general Amherst, and in
to a farm. The township of Ticonderoga is in
Essex Co. 92 m. N. Albany, and 110 S. Mon
treal. Pop. 1,996.

1777 by general Burgoyne, but evacuated soon
after the surrender at Saratoga. It had all the
advantages that art or nature could give it: but
is now a heap of ruins, and forms an appendage

Ticino, a canton of, Switzerland, to the W. o»
the canton of Grisons, and almost encircled bv
Italy. It is rich in pastures and cattle, and has an
area of 1,130 square miles, with 90,000 inhabi-
tants. Beilin zona is the capital.

Ticino, or Tesin, a river which has its source
in Switzerland, on the S. side of St. Gothard,
flows through the canton of Ticino and the lake
Maggiore ; then passes to Pavia, in the Milanese,
and' a little after joins the Po.

Tickhill, a town in W. Yorkshire, Eng. 156
m. N. by W. of London.

Tideswell, a town in Derbyshire, Eng. on the
S. confines of the Peak. Here is a well, deemed
one of the wonders ofthe Peak, which after great
rains ebbs and flows two or three times in an
hour, the waters gushing from several cavities at
once, for the space of five minutes : the well is
three feet deep and broad, and the water rises and
falls two feet. 22 m. N. W. of Derby and 160 N.
N. W. of London.

Tidore, an island in the eastern seas, one of the
Moluccas. It is 20 m. in circumference, and pro-
duces cloves and flax. The woods and the rocks
that surround it render it a place of defence. It
is governed by a sultan, who possesses also the S
part of Gilolo,and claims tribute from Mysol. 16
m. S. of Ternate. Long. 126. 40. E., lat. 1.0. N.

Tien-sing, a city of China, in Pe-tche-li, which
has a great trade in salt. It is seated on the Pei-
ho, at the influx of the Eu-ho, 90 m. from its
mouth, and 90 S. E. of Pekin.

Tiffin, p.v. Seneca Co. Oho. 100 m. N. Co-
lumbus; a township of Adam.- Co. Ohio.

Tigre, a province in the N. E. part of Abyssinia,
200 m. long and 120 broad, through which passes
all the merchandise of the kingdom destined to
cross the Red Sea for Arabia. Adowa is the

Tigris, a river of Asia, which has its source in
the mountain of Tchilder, in Diarbek. It flows
by Diarbekir, Gezira, Mosul, and Tecrit, in which
course it separates Diarbek from Curdistan ; then
enters Irac Arabi, where it passes hy Bagdad and
Coma, and soon after joins the Euphrates,- 35 m.
above Bassora.

Tilbury, East, a village in Essex, Eng. near the
mouth of the Thames, E. of Tilbury Fort. In
this parish is a field, called Cave Feld, in which
is a horizontal passage to one of the spacious cav-
erns in the neighbouring parish of’Chadwell. Dr.
Derham measured three of the most considerable
of them, and found the depth of one to be 50
another 70, and the third 80 feet. Their origin
is too remote for investigation.

Tilbury Fort, a fortress in Essex, Eng. situa-2
on the Thames, opposite Gravesend. It has a
double moat, the innermost of which is 180 feet
broad : and its chief strength on the land side con-
sists in its being able to lay the whole level under
water. On the side next the river is a strong
curtain, with a platform before it; on both of which
and the bastions, are planted a great number of
guns. It is 28 m. E. by S. of London.

Tilliers, a town of France, department of Eure
6 m. N. E. of Verneuil.

Tilsit, a town of Prussian Lithuania, with a
castle and a considerable trade in corn, linseed
butter, cheese, and other provisions. In 1807 i
was taken by the French; soon after which two
treaties of peace were made, between France and


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