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gers. 1810 m. S. W. of Pekin. Long. 103.
44. E., lat. 30. 40. N.

Tehin-ngan, a city of China, of the first rank,
in Quang-si, 1,250 m. S. S. W of Pekin.
Long. 106. 0. E., lat. 23. 21. N.

Tchi-tcheou, a city of China, of the first rank,
in Kiang-nan; seated on the river Kiang, 570
m. S. of Pekin. Long. 117. 0. E., lat. 30. 45. N.

Tcki-yuen, a city of China, of the first rank, in
Koei-tcheou, 980 m. S. S. W. of Pekin. Long.

107. 51. E., lat. 27. 1. N.

Tchoka. See Saghalien.

Tchong-king, a city of China, of the first rank,
in Se-tchuen. It is seated on a mountain, ris-
ing in the form of an amphitheatre, at the con-
flux of the Kincha with the Kian-ku, 750 m. S.
W. of Pekin. Long. 106. 20. E., lat. 29. 42. N.

Tchou-kiong, a city of China, of the first rank,
in the province of Yun-nan, 75 m. W. of Yun-
nan. Long. 101. 20. E., lat. 25. 6. N.

TchuItotski, the most eastern part of Siberia,
in the province of Okotsk. The attention of
the natives is confined chiefly to their deer, with
which the country abounds. They are a well-
made, courageous, warlike race, and are for-
midable neighbours to the Koriacs, who often
experience their depredations.

Tchukolskoi, a cape of Siberia, on the eastern
extremity of Asia, and the S. W. limit of Beer-
ing strait. Long. 172. 30. W.,lat. 64. 15. N.

Tchu-tcheou, a city of China, of the first rank,
in Tche-kiang, 730 m. S. S. E. of Pekin. Long.

120. 33. E., lat. 23. 36. N.

Tcitcicar, the largest of the three provinces of
Chinese Tartary, bounded on the N. by Siberia,
N. E. by the sea of Okotsk, S. E. by the prov-
ince of Kirin, and W. by Western Tartary and
Siberia. It is a mountainous country, watered
by the river Saghalien, which receives many
others in its course.

Tcitcicar, a city of Chinese Tartary, capital of
the foregoing province, and the residence of a
Mandshur general. This city was built by the
Emperor of China, to secure his frontiers against
the incursions of the Russians. It is seated on the
Nonni, 355 m. N. N. E. of Pekin. Long. 123.
30. E., lat. 47. 25. N.

Tebesta or Tinsa, a town of Tunis in Africa, on
the borders of Algiers, with a castle, and several
remains of antiquity. It is seated at the foot of a
mountain, 130 m. S. E. of Tunis.

T'eeuit, a town of Morocco, in the province of
Sus, seated in a country abounding in grain,
dates, and sugar-canes, 4 m. E. of Messa.

Teeklenburg, a town of Prussian Westphalia,
capital of a fertile county of the same name. It
has manufactures of linen cloth, and is 22 m. N. by
E. of Munster. Long. 7.47. E., lat. 52.14. N.

Tecoaniepec, a sea-port of Mexico, in Guaxaca,
a fortified abbey and several handsome
churches. It is seated on a large bay of the
same name, in the Pacific Ocean. Long. 95. 55
W., lat. 16. 28. N.

Tecrit, a town of Asiatic Turkey, in the gov-
ernment of Mosul, seated on a rock, near the W.
side of the Tigre, 130 m. S. of Mosul.

Teculet, a town of Morocco, with an old cas-
tle, seated at the mouth of a river of the same
name, 99 rn. W. of Morocco. Long. 9. 45. W.,
lat. 31. 5. N.

Tecumseh, a village in Lenawee Co. Michi-
gan. 64 m. S. W. Detroit.

Teddington, a village of Middlesex, Eng. seat-
ed on the Thames, 12 m. W. S. W. of London.
















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Tedelez,a town of Algiers, on the coast ol the
Mediterranean, with a castle, 45 m. E. of Al-

Tednest, a town of Morocco, in the province of
Hea, almost surrounded by a river. It was ta-
ken by the Portuguese in 1517, but they were
driven away soon after. 40 m. N. E. of Mogador.

Tedsi, a town of Morocco, in the province of
Sus, seated in a plain abounding in corn, 20 m.
S. E. of Tarudant.

Teembo, a city of Central Africa, capital of the
kingdom of Foota Jalloo. The inhabitants esti-
mated at 8,000, carrying on manufactures of
cloth, iron, silver, wood, leather, &c. 160 m.
E. of Sierra Leone.

Tees, a river which rises on the confines oi
Cumberland, Eng. separates the counties of Dur-
ham and York, and enters the German Ocean be-
low Stockton.

Tefessad, a town of Algiers, with mines of iron
in its neighbourhood, 32 m. S. W of Algiers.

Tejlis, a city of Asia, the capital of Georgia,
called by the inhabitants Thilis-Caba (Warm
Town), from the warm baths in its neighbour-
hood. It contans 20,000 inhabitants, of whom
more than one-half are Armenians. The streets
seldom exceed seven feet in breadth, and the
houses are of stone with flat roofs, which serve
as walks for the women. Here is a foundry for
cannon, mortars, and balls; also a public school
founded by emperor Alexander. The most
flourishing manufactures are those of silks and
printed linens; but the chief trade is in furs
sent to Turkey and the S. of Persia. In 1723 it was
taken by the Turks, and in 1734 retaken by Kouli
Khan. It is seated on the Kur, at the foot of a
hill, 300 m. S. S. W. of Astracan. Long 45. 3.
E., lat. 42. 20. N.

Tefa, a strong town of Morocco, capital of a
district of the same name, seated on the side of a
mountain, 70 m. N. N. E. of Morocco. Loner. 5
55. W., lat. 32. 0. N.

Tefzra, a town of Algiers, in the province of
Mascara, 55 m. S. S. W. of Oran.

Tegaza, a town of Zahara, capital of a territory
of that name, remarkable for mountains of salt.
Long. 6. 30. W., lat. 21. 40. N.

Tegerhy, a town of the kingdom of Fezzan, 80
m. S. W. of Mourzook.

Tegern, a town of Bavaria, with a celebrated ab-
bey, seated on a lake called the Tegern See. 30
m. S. S. E. of Munich.

Teglib, a town Austrian Italy, in the Valte-
line. 9 m. S. W. of Tirano.

Teheran, a city of Persia, and lately the residence
of the Shah. It stands on the site of the ancient
city ofRai, and is 4 m. in circuit, surrounded by a
strong wall flanked with towers. The houses are
built of unburnt brick. During the summer it is
unhealthy. Lat. 35. 40. N. long. 50. 52. E. 300 m.
N. Isgahan. Pop. 15,000.

Teignmouth, a sea-port in Devonshire, Eng.
seated at the mouth of the Teign, 187 m. W. by
S. of London.

Teinitz, a town of Bohemia, in the circle of Pil-
sen, with a castle and a convent; seated on the
Radbuza, 30 m. W. S. W. of Pilsen.

Teisendorf, a town of Austria, in the province
ofSalsburg, 12 m. N. W. of Salsburg.

Tejueo, a district of Brazil about 50 m. long
and 24 broad, particularly noted for its produc-
tion of diamonds.

Tejueo, the capital of the above district, is sit
uat# on the side of a hill, and is very irregularly


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