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TAR    711    TAR

mond. Its situation is low and unhealthy but is a
plaqe of considerable trade.

Tappan, p.v Rockland Co. on the Hudson 25
m. above New York.

Tappan Sea, a wide expansion of the Hudson,
a little above the preceding village. It is 10 m.
long and 4 wide.

Tappanooly, a sea-port on the W. side of the
island of Sumatra, situate on a small island call-
ed Punchongkecheel. The bay is very deep, and
capable of containing the united navies of Eu-
rope. The English E. India Company have a
factory here. It was taken by the French, but
restored at the peace in 17G3. Long. 98. 50. E.,
lat. I. 40. N.

Tapty, a river of Hindoostan, which rises at
Maltoy, in the country of Berat, and runs into
the gulf of Cambay, 20 m. below Surat.

Tar,or Pamlico, a river of N. Carolina, which
flows by Louisburg, Tarborough, Greenville, and
enters Pamlico Sound, 40 rn. S. E. of Washington.

Taransa, one of the Western islands of Scot-
land, 4 m. in length and 2 where broadest. Long.
8.55. W., lat. 58. 2. N.

Tarantaise, a province of Sardinia, in Savoy be-
tween Proper Aosta, Faucigny, and Maurienne. It
has an area of 730 square miles,with 40,000 inhab-
itants. The surface is rugged and mountainous.

Tarare, a town of France, department of
Rhone, situate at the foot of a mountain, 20 m.
W N. W. ofLyons.

Tarascon, a town in the department of Mouths
of the Rhone, with a castle, seated on the Rhone,
opposite Beaucaire, with which it communicates
by a bridge of boats. It has a trade in oil, brandy,
starch, and silk stuffs. 10 m. N. of Arles and 14
E. by. S. ofNismes.

Tarascon, a town in the department of Arriege,
7 m. S. S. E. ofFoix.

Tarub, a city of Western Tartary, and the cap-
ital of Turkestan. It is seated on a river, which
flows into the Sirr, 350 m. N. by E. of Samarcand.
Long. 66. 30. E., lat. 44. 20. N.

Tarrabona, a strong town of Spain, in Arragon,
and a bishop’s see. It is seated partly on a rock
and partly in a fertile plain, 60 m. W. N. W. of
Saragossa, and 130 N. E. of Madrid. Long. 1. 36.
W., lat. 42. 2. N.

Tarbat, a town of Scotland, in the county of
Cromarty, 6 m. E. ofTain.

Tarbat, East, a town of Scotland, in the county
of Argyle, 25 m. S. of Campbelton.

Tarbes, a town of France, capital of the depart-
ment of Upper Pyrenees, and a bishop’s see, with
an ancient castle, and a college, and manufactures
of linen, paper, and leather. It is seated on the
Adour, 42 m. S. W. of Auch and 112 S. by E. of
Bordeaux. Long. 0. 4. E., lat. 43. 14. N.

Tarborough, p.v. Edgecombe Co. N. C. on Pa-
milico River. 83 m. N. W. Newbern. It has a
considerable inland trade.

Tarento, a sea-port of Naples, in Terra d’Otran-
to, and an archbishop’s see. It is seated on a
peninsula, and defended by a strong castle; but
the harbour is become shallow, and its trade is
consequently diminished. 75 m. N. W. of Otranto,
and 150. m. E. by S. of Naples. Long. 17. 29.
E., lat. 40. 35. N.

Targa, a town of the kingdom of Fez, on the
Mediterranean, with a castle on a rock, 90 m. S.
E. of Tangier.

Tarifa (the Julia Traducta of the Romans), a
fortified sea-port of Spain, in Andalusia, with a
castle It is seated on an eminence, and on the
strait of Gibraltav, 52 m. S. E. of Cadiz. Long.
























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5. 36. W., lat. 36. 5. N.

Tariffmlle, p.v. Hartford Co. Conn. Here are
large manufactures of cotton and carpeting.

Turija, or St. Bernardo de Tarija, a town of
Tucuman, capital of the jurisdiction of Turija
which abounds in pastures that feed a vast num-
ber of cattle and sheep. It stands near the source
of the Tarija, which flows into the Vermejo, ly6
m. N. N. E. of St. Salvador de Jujui. Long. 64.

50. W., lat. 21. 40. S.

Tarlcu, the capital of the province of Daghes-
tan, seated on the W. coast of the Caspian Sea,
52 m. S. S. E. of Terki and 300 N. N. E. of Tau-
ris. Long. 47. 5. E., lat. 45. 50. N.

Tarlton, p.v. Pickaway Co. Ohio.

Tarma, a town of Peru, capital of a province of
its name, which has many mines of silver, and
feeds abundance of cattle. 120 m. N. E. of Lima.

Tarn, a department of France, including part
of Languedoc. It takes its name from a river,
which rises in the department of Lozere, and
flows by Mithoud, Alby, Guillac, Montauban,
and Moissac into the Garonne. The superficial
extent is estimated at 2,100 sq. m. with 300,000
inhabitants, of whom upwards of 40,000 are Pro-
testants. Castres is the capital.

Tarn-et-Garonne, a department of France,
formed of portions of the departments of Lot and
Upper Garonne, in 1808. It has an area of 1,500
sq. m. with 250,000 inhabitants, of whom about

30,000 are Protestants. Montauban is the capital.

Tarnopol, a town of Austrian Galicia, capital
of a circle of its name, with a brisk trade ; seated
on the Sereth. 84 m. E. of Lemberg.

Tamoio, a town of Austrian Galicia, capital of
a circle of the same name, and a bishop’s see,
seated on the Danajee, 47 m. E. of Cracow.

Tarnoicitz, a town of Prussian Silesia, with a
valuable iron mine. It stands near the frontiers
of Poland, 38.m. E. S. E. of Oppeln.

Taro, a town of Italy, in the grand duchy ol
Parma, on the river Taro, 28 m. S. W. of Parma.

Tarporley, a town in Cheshire, with a market
on Thursday, 11 m. E. S. E. of Chester and 173
N. W. of London.

Tarragona, a sea-port of Spain, in Catalonia,
and a bishop’s see. It was very powerful in the
time of the Romans, and has many noble monu-
ments of antiquity. The cathedral is worthy of
notice for its vast dimensions, the elegance of its
Gothic architecture, and a magnificent chapel
built with rich marble and jasper. The ordinary
exports are wine and brandy; but its harbour is
dangerous, and not much frequented. This town
was taken by storm, by the French, in 1810, when
it was nearly reduced to ashes. It is seated on a
hill, at the month of the Francoli, in the Medi-
terranean, 54 m. W. S. W. of Barcelona and 260
E. by N. of Madrid. Long. 1. 16. E. lat. 41. 10

Tarrega, a town of Spain, in Catalonia, situate
on a hill, on the river Cervera, 33 m. N. by W.
of Tarragona

Tarsus. See Terasso.

Tartary, a country of Asia, which, taken in its
utmost limits, reaches from the eastern ocean to
the Caspian Sea, and from Corea, China, Thibet,
Hindoostan, and Persia, to Russia and Siberia.
It lies between 55. and 135. E. ’ong., and between

35. and 55. N., lat., being 3,600 m. in length and
960 in extreme breadth, but not above 330 in the
narrowest part. It may be considered under two
grand divisions; namely, Eastern and Western


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