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SHA    674    SHE


bordering on the country of Serinagur and the
province of Dehli.

Sewiekly, North and New, two townships in
Beaver Co. Pa. on the Ohio.

Seyssel, a town ofFrance, departmenr of Ain,
divided into two parts by the Rhone, which here
begins to be navigable. 14 m. N. by E. of Bel-

Sezanne, a town in the department of Marne.
27 m. N. W. of Troyes and 65 S. E. of Paris.

Sezza, a town of Naples, in Terra di Lavoro, 14
m. N. W. of of Capua.

Shabur, a town of Egypt, on the W. branch
of the Nile,48 m. S. E. of Alexandria and 50 N.
N. W. of Cairo.

Shackleford, p.v. King and Queen’s Co. Va.

Shade Mountain Gap, p.v. Huntingdon Co. Pa.

Shade Works, p.v. Somerset Co. Pa.

Shady Grove, p.v. Franklin Co. Va. 228 m. S. W.
Ri chmond.

Shafferstown, p.v. Lebanon Co. Pa. 32 m. E. Har-

Shaftsbury, ph. Bennington Co. Vt. Pop. 2,143.

Shnftsbuny, a borough in Dorsetshire, Eng.
It stands on a hill where water is so scarce that
the poor get a living by fetching it from a great
distance. 100 m. W. by S. of London.

Shahar, or Sahar, a sea-port of Arabia, in Had-
ramaut, 110 m. S. S. W. of Shibam. Long. 48.
40 m. E., lat. 13. 50. N.

Shahjehanpore, a town of Hindoostan, capital of
a district of its name, in the province of Malwa,
20 m. N. E. of Ougein and 196 S. of Agimere.

Shahjenanpore, a town in the province of Dehli,
district of Bareilly, seated on the Gurrah. Long.
79. 50. E., lat. 27. 52. N.

Shakertown, a village of Knox Co. Indiana.

Shalerville, ph. Portage Co. Ohio.

Shamokie, a township of Northumberland Co.

Shandaker, p.t. Ulster Co. N. Y. Pop. 966.

Shanesville, p.v. Tuscarawas Co. Ohio.

Shannon, the largest river of Ireland, which is-
sues from Lough Allan, in the county of Leitrim,
and running S. divides the provinces of Leinster
and Connaught; it then turns S. W.. passes by
the city of Limerick, and enters the Atlantic-
Ocean between the counties of Clare and Limer-

Skannonsville, p.v. Montgomery Pa.

Shap, a village in Westmoreland, Eng. at the
source of the Loder, between Orton and Penrith.
It had once a famous abbey, which stood about a
mile W. from the church, of which little remains,
except the tower of its church, and the ruins ot a
bridge. In the vicinity are some great stones,
like pyramids, from 10 to 12 yards apart, placed
almost in a direct line for a mile together, of such
immense weight that carriages now in use could
not support them.

Shapinsha. one of the Orkney Islands, lying
3 m. from the N. E. part of Pomona. It is 7 m.
long and 5 broad. The coasts are level and pro-
duce grass and corn, but the middle part is high
and fit only for sheep pasture.

Shapleigh, ph. York Co. Me. Pop. 1,480.

Sharon, a township of Hillsborough Co. N, H.
Pop. 271; ph. Windsor Co. Vt. Pop. 1,459; ph.
Norfolk Co. Mass. 18 m. S. Boston, with a manu-
factory of cotton. Pop. 1024 ; ph. Litchfield Co.
Conn. Pop. 2,613; ph. Schoharie Co. N. Y.
Pop. 4,247; towns and villages in Mercer Co. Pa.
Ashtabula, Franklin, Richland and Hamilton Cos.

Sharpsburg, p.v. Washington Co. Maryland
p.v. Hamilton Co. Ohio; p.v. Bath Co. Ken.

Sharpstown, p.v. Salem Co. N. J. 26 m. S. E

Sharronville, p.v. Hamilton Co. Ohio.

Shawangunk Mountains, a branch of the Apala
chian chain in N. Y

Shawangunk, ph. Ulster Co. N. Y. Pop

Shawneetown, p.v. Gallatin Co. Illinois on the

Shawsheen River, a branch of the Merrimack in

Sheepscut, a river of Maine flowing into the sea
near the mouth of the Kennebec.

Sheerness,a maritime town in Kent,Eng. on the
point of the Isle of Sheppey, at the mouth of the
Medway, 3 m. N. of Queenborough. A fort was
built here by Charles II., after the insult of the
Dutch, who burnt the men of war at Chatham in
1667; and it has since been considerably aug
mented and strengthened. There are also an ord
nance office, a dock-yard, and a chapel.

Sheffield, a town in W. Yorkshire, Eng., situ
ate on an eminence surrounded by a beautiful val-
ley, with a range of romantic hills in the perspec-
tive. The houses are well built, and many of
them elegant; and few places can boast of more
handsome or regular streets. This town has long
been celebrated for its various hardware manufac-
tures which consist particularly of cutlery ware,
plated goods, buttons, &c., immense quantities of
which are now exported to all parts of the habita-
ble globe. In the town and neighbourhood are
founderies for iron, brass, and white metal; and
numerous works are established on the hanks ot
the rivers for the purpose of preparing the iron
and steel for the manufactures. Here are also
lead works, a considerable carpet manufacture and
a cotton mill; and the neighbourhood abounds in
coal. Sheffield'is seated at the conflux of the
Sheaf with the Don, which is now rendered nav-
igable up to the town. 53 m. S. S. W. of York
and 163 N. N. W. of London. Long. 1. 29. W..
lat. 53. 20. N.

Sheffield, ph. Berkshire Co. Mass. 125 m. W.
Boston. Pop. 2,392; ph. Caledonia Co. Vt. 38
m. N. E. Montpelier. Pop. 720; p.v. Lorain Co.
Ohio, 155 m. N. E. Columbus. Pop. 215.

Shcfford, a town of Bedfordshire, Eng. seated
on the Ivel, 9 m. S. E, of Bedford and 41 N. by
W of London.

Shelburne, ph. Coos Co. N. H. Pop. 312; ph.
Chittenden Co. Vt. on L. Champlain, 7 m. S.
Burlington. Pop. 1,123; ph. Franklin Co. Mass.
100 m. N. W. Boston. Pop. 985.

Shelburne, a town of Nova Scotia, at the head
of a bay called Port Roseway. It extends two
miles on the water side, and one mile backward,
with wide streets crossing each other at right-
angles. The harbour is deep, capacious, and se-
cure. About a mile from Shelburne, and sepa-
rated from it by a small river, is the Black Town,
peopled by about 1,200 free blacks, who served on
the royal side during the American war. Shel-
burne is 100 m. S. W. of Halifax. Long. 65. 0.
W., lat. 43. 46. N.

Shelby, a county of Kentucky. Pop. 19,039.
Shelby ville is the capital; a county of W. Ten-
nessee. Pop. 5,652. Memphis is the capital
; a
county of Alabama. Pop. 5,521. Shelby ville is tne
capital; a county of Ohio. Pop. 3,671, Sidney
the capital ; a county of Indiana. Pop. 6,294.
Shelbyville is the capital.


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