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SEE    668    £EG

it is the chief station of the Black Sea fleet. The
city is built on the side of a hill, which divides
twe of its fine basins. The old Tartar houses are
small and ill-built; but along the quay are some
new buildings in a good taste. It stands on part
of the site of the ancient Greek city of Cherson,
where was the famous temple of Diana Taurica;
and considerable ruins of them are yet discover-
erable. 40 m. S. S. W. of Sympheropol and 350
N. E. of Constantinople. Lono*. 33. 22. E., lat.
44. 25. N.

Sebec, a townsiiip of Penobscot Co. Me. Pop.

Sebmieo, a strong sea-port of Austrian Dalmatia,
and a bishop's see, with four-citadels. The cathe-
dral is a magnificent fabric, and its roof is com-
posed of large flat pieces of marble. The Turks
have often attempted in vain to take this town.
It is sealed near the mouth of the Cherca, in the
gulf of Venice, 30 m. S. E. of Zara. Lono-. 16.
46. E., lat. 44.17. N.

Sebourg, a town of France, department of Nord,
5 m. E. of Valenciennes.

Sebu. See Zebu.

Sechura, a town of Peru, inhabited by Indians,
who are chiefly employed in fishing or driving of
mules. Here commences a sandy desert, which
extends southward about 80 m. The town stands
on a river of the same name, 3 m. from the ocean
and 180 N. N. W. of Truxillo. Long. 81.10. E.,
lat. 5. 55. S.

Scckau, a town of the Austrian states, in Sty-
ria, seated on the Gayle, 9 m. N. of Judenburg.

Seckingen, a town of Baden, the smallest of the
Four Forest Towns. Here is a convent of Noble
nuns, whose abbess was a princes of the empire.
It is seated on an isle, formed by the Rhine, over
which is a bridge, 11 m. W. of Basel.

Seckington, a village in Warwickshire, Eng. fa-
mous for a battle, in 757, between Cuthred, king
of the W. Saxons, and Ethelbald, king of the
Mercians. On the N. side of its church are the
ruins of a fort, and near it an artificial hill, 45
feet high. 3 m. N. L. of Tamworth.

Second Moon, a township of Beaver Co. Pa.

Sedan, a strong town of France, capital of the
department of Ardennes, and formerly the seat of
a Protestant university. It is deemed one of the
keys of the country and has a strong castle, an
arsenal, a canal foundry, and a manufacture of
fine cloth. The famous' marshall Turenne was
born in the castle. Sedan is seated on the Meuse,
30 m. S. E. of Charlemont.
Lono-, 4. 58. E., lal.

49. 42. N.

Scdasivagur, a town of Hindoostan, the most
nothern on the coast of Canara. It is seated on
the N. side qf the estuary of a river, which enters
into a deep bay, sheltered by three islands, one of
them fortified, and the entrance defended by a
fort on a lofty hill. 3 m. up the river, on the op-
posite bank, are the remains of Carwar, formerly
a noted place of European commerce, but totally
ruined during the reign of Tippo Sultan. 50
in. F. of Gn and 95 N. N. W. of Kundapu-
ra. Long. 74. 15. E. lat. 14, 51. N.

Sedhergh, a town in AV. Yorkshire, Eng. with
a manufacture of cotton. 10 m. E. of kendal, 269
N. W. of London.

Sedgwick, p.t Hancock Co. Vie. Pop. 1,606

Seehausen, a town of Prussia, in the Old Mark
of Brandenburg, nearly surrounded by the river
Aaland, 12 m. W. of Havelberg.

Seehonlt, p.t Bristol Co. Mass. 38. m. S. W.
Boston, on Providence River. Pop. 2,134.

Seellurg, a town of Russia, in the gove>rnmeSn
of Ccurlr-nd, cn the river Dwina, 58 m. S. E of

Seelzw, a town of Brandenburg, 10 m. S. W. of

Sedysiugh. p.v. Cattaraugus Co. N. Y. 310. m.
W. Albany.

Seer, a seaport of Arabia, capital of a principali-
ty in the province of Oman. It has a good har-
bour, and the navy of the prince is one of the
most considerable in the gulf of Persia. 108 m.
W. S. W. of Julfar. Long. 54. 58. E., lat. 25. 10.

Seesen, a town of Germany, in the duchy of
Brunswick, 14 m. S. W. of Goslar.

Seez, a town of France, department of Orne.
and a bishop’s see. It is seated in a fine country ,
near the source of the Orne, 14 m. N. of Aleneon
and 120 W. by S. of Paris. Long. 0. 11. E., lat
48. 36. N.

Segeberg, a town of Denmark, in the dutchy of
Holstein, with a castle on a high mountain, con-
sisting of Lime-stone, large quantities of which
are carried to Hamburgh and Lubec. It is seat-
ed on .the Trave, 15 m. W. N. W. of Lubec.

Scgedin, a strong town of Hungary, with a cas-
tle, taken from the Turks in 1686. It is seated
near the Teisse, opposite the influx of the Maros,
105 m. S. S. E. of Pest. Long. 20. 35. E., lat. 46
18. N.

Segeswar, a town of Transylvania, capital of a
county of the same name. It is built in the form
of an amphitheatre, on the side of a hill, near the
river Kodel, 47 m. N. of Hermanstadt. Lon. 24.
55. E., Iat. 47. 4. N.

Segna, a seaport of Morlachia, capital of Hun-
garian Dalmatia, with a fort. It was declared a
free port, and erected into a bishopric, In 1785.
It is seated on the gulf of Venice, 100 m. N. W.
of Spoleto. Long. 15,21. E., lat. 45. 22 X.

Segni, a town of the papal states, in Campagna
di Roma, and a bishop’s see. Organs are said- to
have been invented here. It is seated on a moun-
tain, 30 m. S. E. of Rome.

Scgo,a city of Negroland, the capita] of Bam-
barra. It consists of four walled towns, two on
each side the river Niger, which contain about

30,000 inhabitants; and, as the Moors form a con-
siderable proportion, their mosques appear in ev-
ery quarter. The houses are built of clay, of a
square form, with flat roofs ; some of them have
two stories, find many of them are white-washed
The current money consists of cowries. 290 m
W. S. W. cf Tombuctoo. Long. 2. 46. W., lat

14. 15. N.

Segorbe, a town of Spain, in Valencia, and a
bishop’s see. It is seated on the side of a hill, by
the river Morvedro, 35 m. N. by W. of Valencia.

Segovia, a city of Sprin, in Old Castile, capital
of a province of its name, and a bishop’s see, witli
a castle. It stands on two hills, and the vallev
by which they are separated, on the S. W. side
of the Erasma; and is surrounded by a strong
wall, flanked with towers and ramparts. It is
supplied with water by a Roman aqueduct, 3,000
paces in length, supported by 177 arches of a pro-
digious height, in two rows, one above the other
Here the best cloth in Spain is made. The other
branches of industry are dyeing, and the manu
facture of paper, pottery, and lead. The cathe
dral stands on one side of the great square, and is
one of the handsomest Gothic structures in Spain ,
besides which there are 27 other churches. The
castle is seated in the highest part of the town


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