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There are few Roman Catholics, but the Protes-
tant Dissenters are numerous. With respect to
the trade and manufactures, they are noticed
under the respective cities and towns. Edinburgh
is the capital.

Scotland JSeek, p.v. Halifax Co. N. C.

Scotland Society, p.v. Windham Co. Conn. 34
m. E. Hartford.

Scott, a county of the W. District of Virginia.
Pop. 5,702. Estillville is the capital; a county
of Kentucky-. Pop. 14,677. . Georgetown is the
capital; a county of Indiana. Pop. 3,097. New
Lexington is the capital.

Scott, ph. Cortland Co. N. Y. on Skeneateles
Lake. 170 ra. W. Albany. Pop. 1,452; p.v.
Adams Co. Ohio.

Scottsburg, p.v. Halifax Co. Va.

Scottsville, p.v. Genesee Co. N. Y. 252m. W.
Albany ; p.v. Powhatan Co. Va. 30 m. W. Rich-
mond; p.v.Allen Co. Ken. 160 S. W. Frankfort.

Scriba, ph. Oswego Co. N. Y. on L. Ontario at
the mouth of Oswego river. Pop. 2,073.

Scriven, a county of Georgia. Pop. 4,776.
Jacksonborough is the capital.

Scroon, a river of New York flowing through a
lake of the same name into the Hudson.

Scull Camp, p.v. Surry Co. N. C.

Scull Shoals, p.v. Greene Co. Geo.

Scutari, a strong town -f Alba win,and a bishop’s
see, seated on the lake Zcta, near its outlet, the
river Boiana, 70 m. N. by W. of Duravro. Long.

19. 16. £., lat. 42. 33. N.

Scutari, a town of Asiatic Turkey, in Natolia,
which may be considered as a suburb of Con-
stantinople. It stands on the strait opposite that
city ; and presents itself in the form of an amphi-
theatre, affording a very picturesque view from
the mixture of trees, houses, misques, and mina-
rets. This town serves as an emporium and a
rendezvous to the caravans ol usia, and has some
manufactures of silk and cotton stuffs. Here are
extensive burying grounds, shaded with lofty cy-
presses. The rich Turks of Constantinople pre-
fer being interred here ; for they consider Asia as
a land belonging to the true believers, and believe
that the land of Europe will one day fall into the
hands of Christians, and be trodden on by infidels.
Scutari is 1 m. E. of Constantinople.

Scylla, a rock near the entrance of the strait of
Messina, on the coast of Calabria, opposite the
celebrated Charybdis. It forms a small promon-
tory in the narrowest part of the strait, and is the
famous Scylla of the ancient poets. It does not
come up to the formidable description given by
Homer, nor is the passage so narrow7 and difficult
as he represents it; but it is probable that its
breadth is greatly increased since his time. The
rock is nearly 200 feet nigh
'f and on the side of
it stands the town of Scigiio, whence the promon-
tory is sometimes called Cape Seiglio.

Seabrook, ph. Rockingham Co. N. H. on the
coast, 7 m. N. Newburyport. Pop. 1,096.

Scaford, a borough in Sussex, Eng. and one of
the Cinque Ports. The inhabitants are chiefly
employed in fishing, but of late it has been much
resorted to as a bathing place. It is seated near
the English Channel, 10 m. S. S. E. of Lewis
and 61 S. by E. of London.

Seaford, p.v. Sussex Co. N. J.

Seal, a township of Pike Co. Ohio. Pop. 1,173.

Searsborouah, a township of Bennington Co.
Vt. Pop. 40.

Searsmont, a towinship of Waldo, Co. Me. Pop.

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SearsviUe, p.v. Sullivan Co. N. Y. 103 m. S,
W. Albany.

Seaton, a town cf Scotland, in Haddingtonshire.
Here is a ruinous palace, in which Mary queen of
Scots occasionally kept her court, after her re-
turn from France. It has a considerable trade in
salt and coal, and is situate on the frith of Forth,
9 m. E. of Edinburg.

Sebago Pond, in Cumberland Co. Me. IS m
N. W. Portland. It is 12 m. long and is connect-
ed with the sea at Portland by a canal.

Scbastia, a town of Palestine, the remains of
the ancient city of Samaria. 34 m. N. N. E. of

Sebastian, St., a sea-port of Spain, in Biscay,
seated at the foot of a mountain, on the top of
which is a strong citadel. The harbour is secured
by two moles, and a narrow entrance for the ships.
The town is surrounded by a double wall, and
fortified towards the sea. It carries on a great
trade, particularly in iron, steel, and w7ool. St.
Sebastian was taken byhhe French in 1719, in
1794, and again in 1808. On the 31st of August,
1813, it was taken by storm, by the allied forces,
under general Graham, after a short siege, during
which it sustained a most heavy bombardment,
which laid nearly the whole town in ruins. It
has since been rebuilt. 50 in. E. of Bilbao and
50 N. W. of Pamplona. Long. 1. 56. W., lat. 43.

24. N.

Sebastian, St., the capital of the provnice of
Rio Janeiro, and of all Brazil, with p. citadel on a
hill, and numerous forts. The city stands 4 m.
W. of the harbour, and behind it are high hills
crowned with woods, convents, houses, and
churches. It is 3 m. in circumference ; the streets
are straight and most of them narrow, intersecting
each other at right angles; and the houses, in
general, are of stone, and twin stories high. The
churches are very fine, and there is more religious
parade in this city than in almost any other town
in Europe. The harbour is very commodious,
with a narrow entrance defended by two forts.
Here are manufactures of sugar, rum, and cochi-
neal. The different mechanics carry on their
business in distinct parts of the town ; particular
streets being set apart for particular trades. On
the S. side of a spacious square is a palace ; and
there are several other squares, in which are
fountains, supplied with winter by an aqueduct,
of considerable length, brought over a valley by
a double tier of arches. The mint is one of the
finest buildings existing, and furnished with aL
the conveniences necessary for coining with the
greatest expedition. A Benedictine convent and
a fort are on the extreme point, jutting into the
harbour, opposite which is Serpent Island, where
there are a dock-yard, magazines and naval store-
houses. In another part of the harbour, at a place
called Val Longo, are warehouses, formerly ap-
propriated for the reception, and preparation for
sale, of slaves imported from Africa. St. Sebas-
tian is a bishop’s see, and seated near the mouth
of the Rio Janeiro, in the Atlantic. Long. 42. 44.
W.. lat. 22. 54. S.

Sebastian. Cape St., a cape at the N. W. ex
tremitv of Madagascar. Long. 46. 25. E., lat. 12
30. S."

Sebasticook, a river of Maine, flowing into the
Kennebec from the east.

Sebastopol, a sea-port of Russia, and the first
maritime town of the Crimea. It has one of the
finest and most secure harbours in the world,
capable of containing all the Russian fleets ; and


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