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SCH    663    SCH

of the great Eric Canal has diverted the trade in
another direction. Here is a bridge across the
Mohawk. Union College at this place was found-
ed in 1795. It has 10 instructors and 205 stu-
dents. The libraries have 13,600 volumes. It
has 3 vacations in April, July and Decem-
ber of 13 weeks. Commencement is in July.
The spot where this town stands was on the
head quarters of the Mohawk tribe of Indians.
Schenectady was settled at an early period, and
in 1690 a body of French and Indians from Cana-

most of the inhabitants. The Mohawk and Hud-
son Railroad is designed to extend from this
place to Albany, it was begun in 1830. Pop. of
Schenectady, 4.258

Schening, a town of Sweden, in E. Gothland,
seated in a fertile country, 10 m. S. E. of Was-
te na.

Schening en, a town of Germany, in the duchy
of Brunswick, near which is a Lutheran convent,
and a salt-mine. 18 m. E. of Wolfenbuttel.

Scheppmstadt, a town in the duchy of Bruns-
wick, 12 m. E. of Wolfenbuttel.

Sckerpecheu. See Montaigne.

Scliesburg, a fortified town of Transylvania, with
• castle, 60 m. N. E. of Weissenburg.

Schiedam, a town and harbour, in S. Holland,
noted for its numerous distilleries of gin (Hol-
lands). It is seated on a canal, called the Schie,
which communicates with the Meuse, 6 m. W.
by S. of Rotterdam.

Sehierling, a village of Bavaria, noted as the
scene of an obstinate conflict, in 1809, between
Bonaparte and the archduke Charles, generally
called the battle of Abensberg. 11 m. S. of Ratis-

Schicvelbei/n, a town of Prussian Pomerania,
with a castle; seated on the Rega, 17 m. N.

Scldltaeh,a town of Germany in the kingdom of
Wurtemberg, on the river Schiltach, 14 m. N, N.
W. of Rothweil.

Schinta, a town of Hungary, on the river
Waag, 28 m. E. of Presburg.

Schintznach, a town of Switzerland, in the can-
ton of Aargau. Here are some tepid mineral wa-
ters ; and near it, on a lofty eminence, are the
ruins of tha famous castle of Hapsburg. It is
seated on the Aar, 10 m. W7. ofBaden and 20. S.
E. of Basel.

Schiras. See Shiras.

Schirvan, a province of Persia, 150 m. long
and 90 broad , bounded on the N. by Daghestan,
E. and, S. E. by the Caspian Sea, S. W. by Ert-
van and W. by Georgia. The soil is very fertile,
producing abundance of rice, wheat, and barley ;
and t> ,i pastures feed numerous cattle. Vines are
planted along the hedges, and fastened to the
trees. Here are vast quantities of wild fowls
particularly pheasants; also hares in abundance.
Schamachie is the capital.














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Schlackenweld, a town of Bohemia, with a good
tin mine, 5 m. S. of Carlsbad.

Scklackenwerth, a town of Bohemia, with a
fine castle, seated on the Weisseritz, 7 m. N.N.E.
of Carlsbad.

Schladen, a town of Hanover in the province
of Hildesheim, 28 in. E. S. E. of Hildesheim.

Scldan, a town of Bohemia, in the circle oi
Rakonitz, with a castle. It is surrounded by
walls and vineyards, and is 16 m. N. E. of Ra-

Schiawa, a town of the Prussian states in the
principality of Glogau, 18 m. N. of Glogau.

Schlawe, a town of Prussian Pomerania, on the
river Wipper, 10 m. W. S. W. ofStolpe.

Schleusingen, a town and castle of .Saxony, in
the county of Henneburg, seated on the Schleus,
18 m S. E. of Smalkald and 19 N. N. E. of

Schlitz, a town of Germany, in the principality
of Fulda, on a small river that runs into the Ful-
da, 7 m. N. N. W. of Fulda.

Schlitz, a town of Germany, in Voigtland, with
a castle, 13 m. N. W.of Plauen.

Schlusselburg, a town and fortress of Russia,
situate on the Neva, near Lake Ladoga. The
fortress stands on an island in the river, and has
frequently been used as a state prison. 34 m. E.
of Petersburgh. Long. 39. 55. E.. lat. 59. 55.

Schmalkalden. See Smalkalden.

Sefimalenberg, a town of Westphalia, on the
river Lenne, 14 m. E. of Altendorn.

Schmiedeberg, a town of Prussian Silesia, in the
principality of Jauer. The vicinity abounds in
iron ore, and almost all the inhabitants are smiths.
It is seated at the foot of a mountain, near the
source of the Bauber, 25 m. W. S. W. of

Schmiedeburg, a town of Prussian Saxony, 14
m. S. of Dresden.

Schmollen, a town of Germany, in the princi-
pality of Altenburg, on the river Sprotta, 7 m. S.
W. of Altenburg.

Se/tneelmrg, a town of Saxony, with manufac-
tures of thread, silk, gold and silver lace, &c.;
and in the neighbourhood are silver mines. It
is situate on an eminence near the Mulda, 9 m.
S. S. E. of Zwickau.

Schodack, ph. Rensselaer Co. N. Y. on the E.
bank of the Hudson, 9 m. below Albany. Pop.

Schoharie, a county of New York. Pop. 27,910.
Schoharie is the capital.

Schoharie, ph. the capital of the above county,
32 m. W. Albany, on a stream of the same name
flowing into the Mohawk. Pop. 5,146.

Schoharie Kill, p.v. Greene Co. N. Y. 61 m. S.
W. Albany.

Schonbeck, a town and castle of Prussian Saxo-
ny, in the duchy of Magdeburg, with some salt-
works ; seated on the Elbe, 9 m. S. S. E. of Mag

Sckoneck, a town of Saxony, in Voigtland, 15
m. S. E. of Plauen.

Schonecken, a towin of Germany, in the territo-
ry of Treves, seated on the Nyrhs, 28 m. N. by
W. of Treves.

Schonen, or Scanic, a province of Sweden, in
Gothland, almost surrounded by the Sound and
the Baltic. It is 70 m. long and 50 brosds


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