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and populous part of Egypt, being full of deserts.

Saida, a town of Syria, on the coast of the
Mediterranean, the remains of the ancient Sidon,
with a fort and castle. The name of Sidon still
subsists in a small village, about 2 m. from Saida.
To the W. of the castle is a shoal 200 paces lone,
and the space between them is a road for vessels,
but not safe in bad weather. The shoal, which
extends along the town, has a basin, enclosed by
a decayed pier ; this was the ancient port, but it
is now so choked up by sands that boats only can
enter its mouth, near the castle. Saida is a tra-
ding town, and the chief emporium of Damascus,
and the interior country. The manufacture of
cotton is the principal employment of its inhabi-
tants. 45 m. W. S. W. of Damascus. Long. 35.

Sahagun, a town of Spain, in Leon, with a rich    St. Helena. See Helena.

abbey ; seated in a fertile plain, on the river Cea,    St. Inigoes, p.v. St. Mary’s Co. Md. 93 m,

32 m. S. E. of Leon.    S. E. Washington.

Sahar. See Shahar.    St.    James, a Parish of Louisiana. Pop. 7,672.

Sahara. See Zahara.    Bringier’s is the capital.

Sahebgung, or Jessore, a town of Bengal, capi-    St. John’s, a river of Florida falling into the

tal of the district of Jessore, seated on the Boirah, Atlantic in lat. 30.

nearly 80 m. E. N. E. of Calcutta.    St.    John Baptist, a Parish of Louisiana. Pop.

Said, or Sahid, a province of Upper Egypt, 5,700. Bonnet Carre is the capital,
bordering on Nubia and tbe Red Sea, anciently    
St. Johnsburg, ph. Caledonia Co. Vt. 31 m. N

called Thebaid, celebrated for having been the E. Montpelier. Pop. 1,592.
retreat of a great number of Christians, who lived    
St. Johnsville, p.v. Montgomery Co. N. Y. 64

here in a solitarv manner. It is the least fertile m. N. \\!. Albanv.

20. E., lat. 33. 30. N.

St. Alban's, ph. Somerset Co. Me. 30. m. N. W.
Bangor. Pop. 911: a village of Licking Co. Ohio.

St.Bernard, a Parish of Louisiana. Pop. 3,356.

St. Charles, a county of Missouri. Pop. 4,332.
St. Charles is the capital. A Parish of Louisia-
na. Pop. 5,107.

St. Clair, a lake of N. America, between lake
Huron and Erie, communicating with both. It
is 90 m. in circumference. It recives a small
stream of the same name.

St. Clair, townships in Alleghany and Bedford
Cos. Pa; a village in Butler Co. Ohio.

St. Clair, a county of Illinois. Pop. 7,092.
Belleville is the capital; a county of Alabama.
Pop. 5,975. Ashville is the capital; a countv of
Michigan. Pop. 1,115. St. Clair is the capital.

St Clairsville, p.v. Chatauque Co. N. Y; p.v.
Belmont Co. Ohio. 11 m. W. W'heelinw; v. St.
Clair Co. Alab.

St. Clement's Bay, p.v. St. Mary's Co. Mary-
land. 74 m. S. Annapolis.

St. Croix, or Schoodic, a stream forming the
eastern boundary of Maine and falling: ipto Pas-
samaquoddy Bay.

St- Francis, a river rising in.Vermont and flow-
ing through Canada into the St. Lawrence. A
river of Missouri and Arkansas, flowing into the
Mississippi. 107 m. above the Arkansas.

St. Francois, a county of Missouri. Pop. 2,385.
Farmington is the capital.

St. Francisville, p.v. West Feliciana Parish Lou.
on the Mississippi. 170 m. above New Orleans.

St. Genevieve, a county of Missouri. Pop. 2,182,
St. Genevieve the capital of this county, stands
on the Mississippi. 82 m. below St. Louis. It con-
tains a catholic church and the inhabitants are
principally French.

St. George, ph. Lincoln Co. Me. Pop. 1,652.

St. George’s p.v. Newcastle Co. Del. 12 m. S.
W. Wilmington.

St. Helena,, a Parish of Louisiana. Pop. 4.027.
St. Helena the capital is 35 m. N. E. Baton Rouge.

St. Helena, an island on the Coast of S. Caro-
lina, in Beaufort District.

St. Landry, a Parish of Louisiana. Pop. 12,
552. Opelousas is the capital.

St. Laicrence,a great river of North America,
being the outlet to the chain of lakes separating
the United States from Canada. It bears this
name only from the sea to Lake Ontario. It is
navigable for ships of the line to Quebec and for
ships of 600 tons to Montreal. At its mouth it
expands into a broad gulf called the gulf of St.

St. Lawrence, a county of New York, on the
above river. Pop. 36,351. Potsdam is the capital.

St. Leonord’s, ph. Calvert Co. Maryl. on the
W. side of the Chesapeak, 58 m. from Washing-

St. Louis. See Louis St.

St. Martin's, p.v. Worcester Co. Md. 117 m. S.
E. Annapolis.

St. Martin's, a Parish of Louisiana.. Pop. 7,204.
St. Martinsville,, the capital is situated on the

St Mary's, a Parish of Louisiana. Pop. 6,542
Franklin is the capital.

St. Mary’s, a county ofMd. Pop. 13,455. Leon-
ardtown is the capital. A river of the U. States
between Georgia and Florida falling* into the
Atlantic. A river of Ohio and Indiana falling into
the Miami.

St. Mary 's, p.v. Camden Co. Geo. on St. Mary’s
river, 20 m. above its mouth. It was formerly a
place of some importance from its frontier position,
but since the acquisition of Florida by the United
States it has deciined. Lat. 30. 43. N. Long*. 81.

43. W.

St Mary's River, or Strait, forms the connection
between Lakes Superior and Huron. It has a fall
or violent rapid called the
Sault. three quarters of
a mile in extent: it is passable for boats.

St. Michael's ph. Talbot Co. Md. 25 m. S. E.
Annapolis ; p.v. Madison Co. Missouri. 35 in. S
W. St. Genevieve.

St. Simon’s, an island of Georgia, at the mouth
of the Alatamaha.

St. Stephen’s, ph. Washington Co. Alab. on the
Tombigbee, at the head of schooner navigation.
The houses are mostly built of stone. The neigh
bouring country is highly fertile.

St. Tammany, a Parish of Louisiana, ^op.
2,864. Covington is the capital; ph. Mecklen
burg Co. Va.

St. Thomas, ph. Franklin Co. Pa.

Other names beginning with St. will oc
found under the second initial.

Saintes, three of the Leeward Carribee Island*
in the W. Indies, between Guadaloupe and Do-
minica. The middle one seems nothing more
than a large barren rock, but contributes to form
a good harbour. Long. 61. 45. W., lat. 15. 52. N

Saintes, a town of I ranee, capital ofthe depart
ment of Lower Charente. Here are several
monuments of antiquity, of which the most famous


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