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RUD    643    RUN

Roxbury, a township of Orange Co. Vt. 45 m.
N .Windsor, a township of Cheshire Co. N. II. 37
m. S. W Concord. Pop. 322; ph. Litchfield Co.
Conn. 35 in. N. W. New Haven. Pop. 1,122 ; ph.
Delaware Co. N. Y. Pop. 3,214, and townships
in Morris Co. N. J. Philadelphia Co. Pa. and
Washington Co. Ohio.

Royal, a village of Sampson Co. N. C.

Royal, Isle, the largest island in Lake Superior
40 m. long and 13 wide. It belongs to the Unit-
ed States.

Royal Oak, p.v. Oakland Co. Mich.

Royalstim, ph. Worcester Co. Mass. 70 m W
Boston. Pop. 1,494.

Royalton, p.v. Windsor Co. Vt. 28 m. N. Wind-
sor. Pop. 1,893; ph. Niagara Co. N. Y. Pop.
3,138 ; townships in Cuyahoga and Fairfield Cos.

Royan, a town of France, department of Lower
Charente. It was fortified by the Huguenots,
and vigorously defended against Louis XIII. in
1622. It is seated at the mouth of the Garonne,
18 m. S. W. of Saintes.

Roye, a town in the department of Somme, 26
m. S. E. of Amiens.

Royston, a town in Hertfordshire, Eng. Part
of the town extends into Cambridgeshire. Un-
der the market-place is a kind of subterranean
crypt, dug out of the solid chalk, supposed to be
of Saxon construction. 14 m. S. of Cambridge
and 37 N. of London.

Ruatan, an island in the bay of Honduras, 30
m. long and 9 broad, with a fine harbour. Long.
86. 45. W., lat. 16. 23. N.

Rubicon, the ancient name of a small river of
Italy, which runs into the gulf of Venice, to the
northward of Rimini, celebrated in history as the
limit prescribed to Caesar by the Roman senate,
when the ambitious views of that commander be-
came suspected.

Ruckersville, p.v. Elbert Co. Geo.

Ruckingen, a town of Germany, in Hesse-Cas-
sel, which was the scene of an obstinate engage-
ment between the French and Bavarians in 1813.
It is seated on the Kinzig, 5 m. E. ofRanau.

Rudaw, a town of E. Prussia, formerly fortified
with a castle, now in ruins. It is remarkable for
the victory obtained by the Teutonic knights over
Kinstud, great duke of Lithuania, in 1370; in
memory of which a stone pillar was erected which
is still remaining. 12 m. N. N. W. of Konigs-
berg. •

Ruddstadt, or Rudolstadt, a town of Germany,
capital ofthe county of Schwartzburg-Rudolstadt,
with a fine castle on a mountain. It has manu-
factures of flannel and stuffs, and is seated on the
Saale, over which is a stone bridge, 22 m. S. E.
of Erfurt. Long. 11. 50. E., lat. 50. 44. N.

Ruddstadt, a town of Prussian Silesia, in the
principality of Schweidnitz, with a mine-office,
and copper-works; seated on the Bober, 18 m.
W. of Schweidnitz.

Rudesheim, a town of Germany, in the duchy
of Nassau, celebrated for its wine. 3 m. N. of

Rudisto. See Rodoslo.

Rudkioping, a sea-port of Denmark, in the isl-
and of Langeland. It has a considerable trade
in corn and provisions. Long. 11.0. E,, lat. 55.

Itudolfsioerd, a town of Austrian Illyria, in Car-
nolia, with a large collegiate church ; seated on
the Gurck, in a country fertile in wine, 45 m. S.
E of Laubach.

Rue, a town of France, department of Somme,
17 m. N. W7. of Abbeville.

Ruffach, a town in the department of Upper
Rhine, 7 m. S. of Colmar.

Rujfec, a town in the department of Charente,
24 m. N. of Angouleme.

Rufia, a river of Greece, in the Morea, which
falls into the gulf of Arcadia, opposite the island
of Zante.

Rugby, a town in Warwickshire, Eng. cele-
brated for its well endowed grammar school. It
has a commodious church - and two meeting-
houses, and is seated on the Avon, 13 m. S. E. of
Coventry and 85 N. N. W. of London.

Rugdy, or Rudgley, a town in Staffordshire,
Eng. with manufactures of felts and hats, sheet
iron, and of verdigris. It is seated on the Trent,
9 m. E. S. E. of Stafford and 126 N. W. of London.

Rugen, an island in the Baltic, on the coast of
Pomerania, opposite Stralsund, the channel be-
tween which town and the island is not above a
mile in breadth. Including the indentations of the
sea, which are considerable, the (island is 23 m.
long and 18 broad. It abounds in corn and cattle
and contains numerous gardens and plantations.
This island became subject to Prussia, with the
rest of Pomerania, in 1814. The chief town is

Rugmwald, a town of Prussian Pomerania, in
the government of Coslin, with a castle. Here is a
good salmon fishery and a trade in linen. It is
seated on the Wipper, 3 m. from the Baltic and
35. N. E. to Colberg. Long. 16. 17. E., lat. 54.

25. N.

Ruggles, ph. Huron Co. Ohio.

Rutland, a town of Prussia, in Upper Lusatia,
with a trade in fish and beer; seated on the El-
ster 25 m. E. by N. of Dresden.

Rum, one of the Hebrides, 7 m. W. of the S.
extremity of Skye. It is 9 m. long and 6 broad,
the surface hilly and rocky ; but it feeds a con-
siderable number of small sheep, whose flesh and
wool are valuable. The only harbour is Loch
Scresort, on the E. coast. Long. 6. 20. W., lat.

57. 10. N.

Rumford, ph. Oxford Co. Me. Pop. 1,127; p.v.
King William Co. Va.

Rumigny, a town of France, department of
Ardennes, 12 m. S. W7. of Rocroy.

Rumilly, a town of the Sardinian states in Sa-
voy, situate on an elevated plain, at the conflux
of the Seram and Nepha, 7 m. W. S. W. of An-

Rummdsburg, a town of Prussia, in Pomerania,
with manufactures of cloth, seated on the Wip-
per, 14 m. N. of New Stettin.

Rumney, or Rhyney, a river of Wales, which
rises in Brecknockshire, and, separating the coun-
ties of Glamorgan and Monmouth, enters the
Bristol Channel, to the S. E.of Cardiff

Rumney, ph. Grafton Co. N. H. Pop. 993.

Rungpour, a town of Bengal, capital of a fertile
district governed by a judge, collector, &c., and
subservient to the court of circuit and appeal
Dacca. The chief produce of the district is rice,
but there is also much tobacco and some indigo.
The inhabitants carry on considerable trade with
Assam, Bootan, and Calcutta. 124 m. N. N.
E. of
Moorshedabad. Long. 89. 4. E., lat. 25.

Runkel, a town of Germany, in the duchy ot
Nassau, with a citadel on a high hill,
the residence ofthe count of Wied Runkel. It u
seated on the Lahn 14 m. E. N. E. of Nassau
















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