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REG    627    REW

in Tennessee, a branch of the Kentucky in Ken
and of White river in Arkansas.

Red River, a town of Pulaski Co. Arkansas.

Red Shoal, p.v. Stokes Co. N. C.

Red Stone, a township of Fayette Co. Pa.

Reedsborough, t. Bennington Co. Vt. Pop. 662.

Reedy Island, in the Delaware 50 m. below
Philadelphia, it is 3 in. long; the principal chan-
nel is on the E. side.

Reepham, a town in Norfolk, Eng. with a trade
in malt; situate on the Eyre, over which it has a
ford, 11 m. N. E. of Dereham and 112 N. by E.
of London.

Rees, a town of Westphalia, in the duchy of
Cieve, seated on the Rhine, 10 m. N. W. of

Rees, or Rens, a town of the Prussian states, in
the province of Lower Rhine. Hard by it, on the
Rhine, is the
Konigstuhl, or Tkronus Regains, a
remarkable piece of antiquity, consisting of a
round vault, built of freestone, and resting on
nine stone pillars, one of which stands in the
middle. The vault is 80 feet in circumference,
and has two stout doors, the ascent to which is
by 28 stone steps. It is furnished with seven
seats, agreeably to the number of electors at that
time ; and on this regal chair the electors of Ger-
many formerly held consultations relative to the
election of a king and emperor, and other weighty
matters of the empire. Rees is seated near the
Rhine. 5 m. S. by E. of Coblentz.

Reesville, p.v. Montgomery Co. Pa.

Reetz, a town of Brandenburg, 18 m. E. S. E.
of New Stargard.

Regen, a circle of Bavaria, adjacent to Bohemia,
with the circle of Upper Maine on the N. W. and
that of Lower Danube on the S. W. Ratisbon
and Alenburg are the chief towns.

Regen, a town of Bavaria, on a river of the
same name, 12 m. N. N. E. of Deckendorf and 49
E. of Ratisbon.

Regensbcrg, a town of Switzerland, in the can-
ton of Zurich, capital of a bailiwic of the same
name, with a strong castle. It is seated on a
rock called the Lagerberg, 9 m. N. W. of Zurich.

R'oensburg. See Ratisbon.

Reaenstauf, a town of Bavaria, in the principal-
ity of Neuburg, on the river Regen, 8 m. N. by
E. of Ratisbon.

R.-g'n-'cin, a town of Germany, in Saxony, 6
m. S. of Haiberstadt.

R'g'nncalde. a town of Prussian Pomerania,
with a castle, seated on the Rega, 24 m. E. S. E.

a sea-port of Naples, in Calabria Ultra,
an J or, archbishop’s see. The churches, convents,
a : 1 :v, .ny houses, are built of stones from ancient
e-ilfaand numerous inscriptions are to be met
v, n lie walls. The environs produce the
b-r-t ^ ir. Calabria; and on the coast is found
a ?r-w\ *s ’-f muscle, that yields a kind of wool, of
whfar. wes and stockings are made. Reggio
was n- -iv rtostroyed by an earthquake in 1783.
I* is - .t-d on tne strait of Messina, 12 m. E. S.
E. of Mess ina and 95 S. by W. of Cosenza. Long.
16. 5.(. E . fat. 33. 4. N.

R'gj'o. a city of Italy, capital of a duchy of
the same name, included in that of Modena, and
a bishop's see, with a strong citadel. In the
cathedral are paintings, bv the greatest masters ;
and in the square is the statue of Brennus, chief
of the Gauls. The principal trade is in silk. It
was taken by prince Eugene in 1706, and by the
king of Sardinia in 1742. In 1796 the inhabi-
tants were the first Italians that renounced alle-
giance to their sovereign, and solicited the pro-
tection of the French. Reggio is the birthplace
of the potet Ariosto. It is seated in a fertile coun-
try, on the river Tessone, 13 m. N. W7. of Modena
and 80. S. E. of Milan. Long. 11. 5. E., lat. 44.
43. N.

Reghebil, a town of Negroland, in Wangara,
situate on a lake at the influx of a branch of the
Niger, 240 m. E. by S. of Chanara. Long. 19.

10. E., lat. 13. 20. N.

Regina, a town of Naples, in Calabria Citra, 14
m. N. of Cosenza.

Regis, St., a town of Lower Canada, situate on
the boundary line that separates Canada from the
United States, and on a river of its name, at its
junction with the St. Lawrence, 50 m. S. W. of
Montreal. Long. 74. 10. W., lat. 45. 0. N.

Regnano, a town of the papal states, seated
near the Tiber, 17 m. N. of Rome.

Rehoboth, ph. Bristol Co. Mass. 37 m. S. W.
Boston. Pop. 2,163, also a hundred of Sussex
Co. Del.

Reichenau,nn island in the Zeller Zee, or lower
lake of Constance, 3 m. long and 1 broad, aboun-
ding with vines and other fruit-trees. 4 m. W.
of Constance.

Reichcnau, a town of Bohemia, with a castle,
18 in. E. N. E. of Konigingratz.

Rcichenbach, one of the four governments into
which Prussian Silesia was divided in 1815. It
comprises the county of Glatz, the principalities
of Munsterberg, Brieg, and Schweidnitz, and a
considerable part of that of Jauer; and has an
area of 2,500 sq. rn. with 470,000 inhabitants.

Reichenbach, the capital of the foregoing gov-
ernment, has considerable manufactures of linen,
canvas, and fustian, and is seated on the rivulet
Peil, 10 m. S. E. of Schweidnitz.

Reichenbach, a town of Saxony, in Voigtland.
The inhabitants are principally clothiers; and
their method of dyeing, particularly scarlet, is
brought to great perfection. 10 m. S. S. W. of

Reicbenburg, a down of Bohemia, in the circle
of Buntzlau, with a considerable manufacture of
cloth. 28 m. N. of Jung Buntzlau.

Reichenfels, a town of the Austrian states in
Carinthia, 24 m. N. E. of Clagenfurt.

Reichenhall, a town of Bavaria, with a rich salt
spring. Some salt is made here ; but, for want
of fuel, most of the brine is carried over the hills
to Traunstein, a distance of 14 m. by engines and
pipes. Seated on the Sala, 9 m. S. W. of Salz-

Reichshofen, a town of France, department of
of Lower Rhine,witha castle,9m. N. of Haguenau.

Reifferscheid, a town of the Prussian states,
formerly the capital of a county in the duchy of
Juliers. It is seated on the Effel^O m. S. S. W.
of Cologne and 52 N. by W. of Treves.

Rein, a town of the Austrian states, in Styria
on the River Save, 25 m. S. S. E. of Cilly.

Reiner, a town of Prussian Silesia, in the gov
eminent of Reichenbach, with a mineral spring,
and manufactures of cloth and paper, 11 in. W.
of Glatz.

Reisenburg, a town ofE. Prussia, 78. m. S. AV.
of Konigsberg.

Reisterstoion, p.v. Baltimore Co. Maryland. 15
m. N. W. Baltimore.

Rembertstown, p.v. Sumter Dis. S. C.

Rem.sen, ph. Oneida Co. N. Y. 35 m. N. Rome
Pop. 1,400.

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