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RAB    622    RAD

tbe country, being an excellent harbour. The
entrance is narrow, and ships of burden can get
in only at high water. At the head of the har-
bour is the city of Quin-nong. Lon<r. 109. 15.
E., lat. 13. 52. N.

Quinson, a town ofFrance, department of Low-
er Alps, 29 m. S. of Digne.

Q'lintin, a town in the department of Cotes du
Nord, seated in a valley, on the Goy, 10 m. S. S.
W. of St. Brieuc.

Quinziaa, a chain of mountains in the kingdom
of Fez, 100 m. in length, extending from the de-
sert of Gret to the river Nocor.

Quirpon an island in the Atlantic, near the N.
of Newfoundland. Long. 53. 22. W., lat.
5*. 40. N.

QaisteUo, a town of Austrian Italy, famous for
an action between the French and Austrians in
1734, when marshal Broglio was surprised in his

bed. It is seated or the Seccia, 15 m. S. of Mantua.

Quito, a presidency of the republic of Colombia,
lying between two chains of the high mountains
called the Andes. The eastern governments are
chiefly immense tracts, thinly scattered with mis-
sionary villages. The vegetable productions vary
with the elevation ofthe ground. The champaign
country produces abundant crops of maize ; and
the deep ravines,where the temperature is hot,pro-
duce sugar-cane. The elevated lands possess a
colder climate, and produce wheat, barley, &c.*
Immense flocks of sheep are reared in the moun-
tain plains, and their wool furnishes materials for
the manufactures of this province. The lands are
generally well cultivated, and there are a great
number of towns and villages inhabited almost
entirely by Indians. The streets are generally
straight and in the direction of the four cardinal
points ; and the roads are laid out in aline, cros-
sing each other, so that the aspect of the country
i3 that of a large garden. Although this country
is situate on both sides the equator, yet it lies so
high, and so near the snow-clad mountains, that
the air is very temperate. There are no noxious
animals ; for the tigers and serpents are below in £
the forests. The state of society in this province
has undergone considerable improvement since its
deliverance from Spanish domination, and the
manufactnres are in a flourishing state. Hats,
cotton stuffs, and coarse woolen cloths, are made
here in great quanities, and exported to other parts
of S. America.

Quito, the capital of the above country, is seat-
ed on the skirts of the volcanic mountain of Pin-
chincha, in a pleasant valley, but on high ground.
9,510 feet above the level of the sea. Having m
mines in its neighbourhood, it is chiefly famous
for manufactures of cotton, wool, and flax. The
town is plentifully supplied with water, and enjoys
a delightful climate; but it is subject, together
with the whole country, to the awful calamity of
earthquakes. Of these a very destructive one was
experienced in 1755. In 1797 the face of the
whole district was changed by a most dreadful
concussion, and 40,000 persons were in one mo-
ment hurled into eternity. Violent shocks of
earthquakes have since been frequently experi-
enced. It is notwithstanding very populous, and
inhabited by several families of distinguished rank.

400 m. S. W. of. Bogota. Long. 77. 55. W., lat.

0. 13. S.

Quizama, a province of Africa in the S. part of
Angola. It is mountainous and badly cnltivated,
but produces abundance of honey, wax, and salt.

The inhabitants are warlike, and have never sub-
mitted to the Portuguese.

Quoja, an inland country of Africa, lying E
of Sierre Leone. It is well cultivated, but has
little commercial intercourse.

Quovedo, a town of Austrian Illyria, in Istria
Quorra, See Niger.


RAAB, a town and fortress of Hungary, capi-
tal of a county of its name, and a bishop’s see.
It is a strong frontier bulwark against the Turks,
and is seated at the conflux ofthe Raab and R.ab-
nitz, not far from the Danube, 38 m. S. S. E. cf
Presburg. Long. 17. 7. E., lat. 47. 38. N.

Raajegur, a town of Hindoostan, in the prov-
ince of Malwa, 74 m. N E. of Ougein and 214

5. S. W. of Agra. Long. 76. 56. E., lat. 24. 2. N.
Rgaza, one of the Hebrides of Scotland, between

the mainland of Ross-shire and the Isle of Skye.
It is annexed to the parish of Portree, in the
county of Inverness, and is about 12 m. long
and 4 broad, rising with a gentle ascent from the
W side to a great height on the E. side, which is
nearly perpendicular. It is famous for its mill-
stone quarries, and at the N. E. end stands Cas-
tle Broiehin, which is a noted sea-mark. Long.

6. 0. W., lat. 57. 32. N.

Rabasteins, a town of France, department of
Tarn, with a castle, seated on the river Tarn, 18 m.
N. E. of Toulouse.

Rabat, a sea-port of Algiers, inTremecen, with
a castle. It has fine mosques and handsome
palaces, and is seated at the mouth of the Burigrig,
between Fez and Tangier. Long. 5. 28. W.. lat.
30. 40. N.

Rabenstein, a town of Bohemia, on the river
Ottava, 21 m. W. S. W. of Rakonitz.

Rabun, a county of Georgia. Pop. 2,175.
Clayton is the capital.

Racea, a town of Turkey, in Diarbekir, at the
conflux of the Bcles with the Euphrates. Near
it are the ruins of Old Racca, once a magnificent
city. It is 110 m. S. by W. of Diarbekir.

Rachore, a city of Hindoostan, in the province
of Bejapore, capital of a district of its name, sub
ject to the nizam of the Deccan. It is seated on
the S. bank of the Kistna, 80 m. S. W. of Hydra
bad. Long. 78. 3. E., lat. 16. 22. N.

Raeketon, a village of St. Lawrence Co. N. Y

Raeonigi,a town of Piedmont, with a magnifi-
cent castle belonging to the prince of Cangnano ;
seated in a plain, 18 m. S. of Carignano.

Radeberg, a town of Saxony, near which is a
bath, called Augustus bath, discovered in 1717
It is seated on the Roder, 8 m. E. N. E. of Dres-

Rodeburg, a town of Saxony, with a castle. It
is celebrated for earthen ware, and seated on the
Roder, 14 m. N. of Dresden.

Rodicofani, a town of Tuscany, in the formei
province of Sienna, seated on a steep hill, 40 m
S. E. of Sienna.



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