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621    QUI

Queen Charlotte Sound, a sound at the N. ex-
tremity of the S. island of New Zealand, near
Cook Strait. Long. 174. 14. E., lat. 41. 6. S.

Queenborough, a borough in Kent, Eng. in the
# Isle of Sheppey. It had once a strong .caste, re-
mains of which are still to be seen. The chief
employment of the inhabitants is fishing, and
oysters are here in great plenty. The town is
seated near the mouth of the Medway, 15 m. N.
W. of Canterbury and 45 E. by S. of London.
Long. 0. 49. E., lat. 15. 23. N.

Queensborough, a town of S. Carolina, on the
W. side of the Great Pedee River, 32 m. N. N.
W. of Georgetown.

Queensborough, a village in Tuscarawas Co. Ohio.

Queen’s County, a county of Ireland, in the
province of Leinster, about 30 m. long and 29
broad ; bounded on the N. by King’s county, E.
by Kildare, S. E. by Carlow, S. by Kilkenny,and
VV. by Tipperary and King’s county. It is di-
vided into nine baronies and 50 parishes, contains
about 134,000 inhabitants, and sends three mem-
bers to parliament. It was formerly full of woods
and bogs, but is now much improved in cultiva-
tion. Maryborough is the capital.

Queens County, a county of New York, in the
W. part of Long Island. Bop. 22,276. N. Hemp-
stead is the chief town.

Queensferry, a borough of Scotland, in Linlith-
gowshire, seated on the frith of Forth, where it is
not more than 2 m. wide. It has a trade in soap,
and a much frequented ferry. It is 9 m. W. of

Queenstadt,.a town of Prussian Saxony, 5 m.
N. E. of Halberstadt.

Queenstown, a town of Upper Canada, on the
river Niagara, 7 miles below the falls. Here all
the merchandise and stores received from Kings-
ton for the upper part of the province are sent in
waggons to Chippewa, a distance of 10 m. the
falls and broken course of the river rendering the
navigation impracticable for that space. It is 7
m. above Fort Niagara and 20 N. by E. of Fort

Queenstown, p.v. Queen Ann’s Co. Maryland.
33 m. S. E. Baltimore.

Queic-h, a river of Bavaria, which passes by
Anweiller and Landau, and enters the Rhine near

Quei-ling, a city of China, capital of the pro-
vince of Quang-si. It has its name from a flower
called quei, which grows on a tree resembling a
laurel, and emits such a sweet odor that it per-
fumes the whole country. It stands on a rivers
that runs into the Ta, but with such rapidity as
not to be navigable. It is 180 m. N. by W. of
Canton and 587 S. of Pekin. Long. 109. 51. E.,
lat. 25. 12. N.

Quemahoming, a township of Somerset Co. Pa.

Quentin, St., a strong town of France, depart-
ment of Aisne, with a considerable manufacture
of lawns and cambrics; also gauze, linen, and
thread. Near this place, in 1557, Philip II. of
Spain gained a signal victory over the' French,
and afterwards took the town by storm, but it
was restored to France in 1559. It is seated on
an eminence, on the river Somme, 21 m. S. of
Cambray and 83 N. by E of Paris. Long. 3 20.
E., lat. 49. 50. N.

Quercy, a province of France, now forming the
department of Lot.

Queretaro, a city of Mexico, capital of a pro-
vince of the same name. Pop. 35,000. 95 m. N.
W. Mexico.

Querfort, a town of Prnssian Saxony, in the

government of Merseberg, formerly the capital of
a principality of its name, with a castle, 14 m.
W. of Merseberg. Long. 11. 50. E., lat. 51. 23.

Querimba, a cluster of small islands on the
coast of Mozambique, fertile in fruits and pastures
The principal one, cf the same name., is in long.

41. 30. E., lat. 11. 40. S.

Qucsnoy, a fortified town of France, department
of Nord, with an old castle. In 1793 it was taken
by the Austrians, but retaken the next year. It
is seated in an extensive plain, on the rivulet
Ronelle, 9 m. S. E. of Valenciennes and 122 N.
E. of Paris. Long. 3. 40. E., lat. 50. 15. N.

Quiberon, a town in the departme nt of MorbiliaJti
with a fort, situate at the extremity of a peninsula,
to the N. of Belleisle. In 1795 it was taken by
some French royalists in the pay of Great Britain ;
but, owing to the desertion and treachery of some
of the soldiers, the republicans soon took it by sur-
prise. It was taken by the English in'1800, but
evacuated soon afterwards. 17 m. S. S. E. of
Port Louis.

Quiearo, an island in the Pacific Ocean, near
the coast of Veragua, about 20 m. long and 6’broad
Long. 82. 39. W., lat. 7. 50. N.

Quilimancy, a sea-port of Zanguehar, in the
kingdom of Melinda. It stands at the mouth of a
river of the same name, 26 m. S. S. W. of Melinda.
Long. 41. 40. E., lat. 3. 10. S.

Quillan, a town of France, department of Aude,
25 m. S. S. W. of Carcassone.

Quillebosuf, a town of France in the department
of Eure, seated on the Seine, 37 m. W. of Rouen,
and 42 N. W. of Evreux.

Quiloa, a sea-port of Zanguehar, capital of a
kingdom of the same name, with a small citadel.
This country was for some time in the possession
of the Portuguese, from whom it was wrested by
the imam of Mascat. It produces abundance ofirice,
millet, fruits,cattle, and poultry. The inhabitants
are Mahomedans partly black and partly tawny.
The capital is well built, and stands on an island,
at the mouth ofthe river Coava. Long. 40. 0. E.,
lat. 8. 38. S.

Quimper, a city of France, capital of the depart-
ment of Finisterre, and a bishop’s see. It is seat-
ed at the conflux of the Oder and Benaudet, 34.
m. S. S. E. of Brest and 112 W. by S. of Rennes.
Long. 4. 6. W., lat. 47. 58. N.

Quimperle, a town of France in the department
of Finisterre, seated on the Isolle, 30 m. E. S. E.
of Quimper.    '>

Quincy, ph. Norfolk Co. Mass. 9 m. S. E. Bos-
ton. Pop. 2,192. Here is a quarry of excellent
granite much used for building in Boston and the
neighborhood. The
Quincy Railroad extends from
this place to Neponset river. It is 3 m. in length
with a single track. It was constructed in 1826,
and was the first undertaking of the kind in Amer-
ica. On an elevated rock at the commencement of
the railroad, stands a square tower of stone with an
inscription commemorating the foundation of the
work. The view from the summit of the tower is
exceedingly fine, embracing Boston Bay, its
islands, and a wide extent of country.

Quincy, p.v. Morgan Co. and Adams Co

Quingey, a town of France, in the department
of Doubs, seated on the Louve, 12 m. S. W. ot

Quin-nog, or Chin-chi, a bay on the coast of
Cochin-China, much freouented by the vessels ol

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