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599    PIL

mantled. It is seated ©n the Rhine, 17 m. N. of

Philipstadt, a town of Sweden, in Wermeland,
seated in a mountainous country, abounding in
iron mines, between two lakes, and watered by a
rivulet. 29 m. N. E. of Carlstadt and 1G0 W. by
N. of Stockholm.

PhUipstown, a town of Ireland, capital of King’s
county. 40 m. W. of Dublin. Long. 7. 13. VV.,
lat. 53. 13. N.

Phillipstown, ph. Putnam Co. N. Y. on the
Hudson, nearly opposite West Point. Pop.

Pkillipslon, ph. Worcester Co. Mass. 65 m. N.
W. Boston. Pop. 932.

Philone, p.v. Franklin Co. Ohio. 14 m. from

Phipsburg, ph. Lincoln Co. Me. on the Kenne-

bec. 20 m. S. W. W’iscasset.

Piacenza. See Piacenza.

Pianezza, a town and castle of the Sardinian
states, in Piedmont, seated on the Dora, 6 m. W.
of Turin.

Pianoza, an island off the coast of Tuscany, 6
m. S. of that of Elba. It is level and low, as the
name imports. Long. 10. 34. E., lat. 42. 46.

Piare, a river of Austrian Italy, which rises in
the delegation of Feltre, flows through, the Vene-
tian territory, and falls into the gulf of V enice,
16 m. N. E. of Venice.

Piazza, a town of Sicily, in Val di Noto. situ-
lte almost in the centre of the island, 35 m. W.
N. W. of Lentini.

Picardy, a former province of France, on the
English Channel, now chiefly included in the de-
partment of Somme.

Pickaway, a county of Ohio. Pop. 15,935, Cir-
cleville is the capital. Also a town in this Co.
on the Scioto.

Pickering, a town in N. Yorkshire, Eng. It
had a strong castle, in which Richard II. wa3
confined, now in ruins. The parish church is an
ancient and spacious building, with a fine lofty
spire; and here are meeting-houses for Indepen-
dents, Wesleyans, Primitive Methodists, and
Friends. 26 m. N. E. of York and 222 N. by W.
of London.

Pico, one of the Azores or Western Islands.
It has a volcanic mountain, called Pico, about

3.000 feet in perpendicular height, from the sur-
face of the sea to the summit of the peak ; on its
sides are numerous craters, several of which are
now almost concealed by trees. The last erup-
tion of the peak happened in 1718, and destroyed
several vineyards. The island is about 80 m. in
circumference, and produces
a great deal of wine.
Long. 28. 25. W.. lat. 38. 29. N.

PickixAu. a volcano in South America, 15,993
feet aboTe tbe sea. It is situated near Quito,
11 deg. S
of the equator.

PiA.ex-f. a county of Alabama. Pop. 6,620.
Pickens is the capital.

Pieiessrult. p v. Pendleton Dis. S. C.

Pitttni. a small island, between that of St. John
and tbe continent of Nova Scotia, at the E. end
of Northunfoeiiaad Strait. Long. 62. 15. W.p
lat. 45. 50. N.

Pcili' fTA., in England, a famous barrier against
the P'rcts, of which some remains are left. It be-
at the entrance of Sol war Frith, in Cumber-
land, and, passing E.
by Carlisle, was continued
the island to Tynemouth.

Pidaura, a town of the Morea, the ancient

Epidaurus. It is situate on the W. coast of the
gulf of Egina, 25 m. E. of Napoli di Romania.
Long. 23. 22. E., lat. 37. 40. N.

Piedmont, a principality of Italy, 150 m. long
and 90 broad ; bounded on the N. by the Valais,

E. by the Milanese, S. by the county of Nice and
the territory of Genoa, and W. by France. It
contains many high mountains, among which are
rich and fruitful valleys, as populous as any part
of Italy. In the mountains are rich mines of
several kinds, and the forests afford a great deal
of game. The principal rivers are the Po, Tana-
ro, Sturia, and Doria. This country has a great
trade in raw silk; and it produces corn, rice,
wine, fruits, hemp, flax, and cattle. It belongs
to the king of Sardinia, whose authority was re-
stored in 1814. Turin is the capital

Pienza, a town of Tuscany, 25 m. S. E. of

Piercy, a township of Coos Co. N. H. Pop.


Piermont, ph. Grafton Cp. N. H. Pop. 1,042.

Pierpont, ph. Ashtabula Co. Ohio.

Pierrepoint, p.v. St. Lawrence Co. N. Y. Pop.


Pierre, St., a small island near Newfoundland,
ceded to the French in 1763, for drying and
curing their fish. They were dispossessed of it
bv the English in 1793. Long. 56. 0. VV., lat.

46. 39. N.

Pimpe. St., a town of the island of Martinico,
situate on a round bay, on the W. coast, 15 m.

N. W. of FoPtroyal. Long. 61. 21. W., lat. 14.

44. N.    #

Pitrre le Mo'utier, St., a town of France, depart-
ment of Nievre, 15 m. N. W. of Moulins and 150
S. of Paris.

Pittola, a village of Austrian Italy, near Man-
tua, the birth-place of Virgil, to whose memory
an obelisk was erected in 1797, by Bonaparte.

Pietro, St., an island in the Mediterranean, 13
m. long and 3 broad, near the S. W. coasts of
Sardinia, taken by the French in 1763, bat reta-
ken soon after.

Pignerjol, or Pignerola, a town of Piedmont,
and a bishop’s see, with manufactures of woolen,
silk, paper, and leather, and a trade in corn,
wine, spirits, &c. It is seated on the Cluson,

20 m. S. W. of Turin.

Pike, a county of the E. District of Pennsyl-
vania. Pop. 4,843. Milford is the capital; a
county of Ohio. Pop. 6,024. Piketon is the
capital, a county of Kentucky. Pop. 2,677.
Pikeville is the capital; a county of Indiana.

Pop. 2,464. Petersburg is the capital; a county
of Missouri. Pop. 6,122. Bowling Green is the
capital; a county of Mississippi. Pop. 5,402.
Holmesville is the capital; also towns and villages
in Alleghany Co. N. Y. Pop. 2,016. Bradfoid
Co. Pa., Knox, Perry, Madison, Wayne, Starke
and Clark Cos. Ohio.

Pikdand, a township of Chester Co. Pa.

Pike Run, a township of Washington Co. Pa.

Pikesrille, p.v. Baltimore Co. Maryland.

Pikeville, p.v. Marion Go. Alabama.

Pilesgrove, a township of Salem Co. N. J.

Pilgram, a town of Bohemia, in the circle ol
Bechin, at the source of the Iglau, 28 m. E, of

Pillau, a sea-port* of Prussia, on the Baltic.

The harbour is good, and it is well fortified, be-
ing considered as the bulwark and key of the
kingdom. Here is a magazine for military stores;    )

and below the gate of the-castle is a stone eques-


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