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surrection. After two years of varied success he
was, however, surprised and taken prisoner to-
gether with his family, who were all executed.
Peru now remained in subjection to Spain, and in
a comparative state of tranquillity for some time ;
and in 1809, when juntas were established in La
Paz and Quito, Peru, sent out troops which sup-
pressed their rising efforts. In 1817 the Peru-
vian army was compelled to evacuate Chile ; and
Chile in return sent an army into Peru, under
general San Martin, who in 182?, in conjunction
with the fleet under Lord Cochrane succeeded
in liberating it from the Spanish yoke. The
country has since undergone so many changes
that it cannot at present be considered as in a set-
tled state. Lima is the capital.
See America.

Peru, ph. Bennington Co. Vt. 30 m. N. E. Ben-
nington. Pop. 455. This town produces the best
iron in the United States; ph. Berkshire Co.
Mass. 118 m. W. Boston. Pop. 729; ph. Clinton
Co. N. Y. on Lake Champlain opposite Burling-
ton. Pop. 4,949; p.v. Huron and Delaware Cos.

Perugia, a province of Italy, in the pope’s do-
minions comprehending the ancient province of
Perugino. It is 25 m. long and 24 broad; and
is bounded W. by Tuscany, S. by Orvieto, E. by
Spoleto and Urbino, and N. by Citta di Castello.
The soil is fertile in corn and good wine.

Perugia, the capital of the above province, and
a bishop's see, with a strong citadel and univer-
sity. The churches, and many other buildings,
public and private, are Terv handsome. It is
seated on a hill, near the Tiber,
85 m. N. of
Rome. Long. 12. 20. E., lat. 43. 6. N.

Perugia, a lake of Italy, 3 m. W. of the citv of
its name. It is almost round. 5 m. in diameter,
and in it
are three islands.

Peruvian Mountains,a range in the north-eastern
part of New York running parallel with Lake
Champlain. The highest summit is called White-
face.and is 3.000 feet above the lake.

Ptsuro, a sea-port of the ecclesiastical states,
the delegation of Urbino, and a bishop’s see ;
the cathedral is magnificent, and it has several
handsome churches, with exquisite paintings.
The environs are remarkable for producing olives
excellent figs. It is seated on an eminence,
the month of the Foglia, on the gulf of Venice,
17 m. E. N. E. of Urbino. Loner. 13. 2. E., lat.

45. 52. N.

Pescara, a strong town of Naples, in Abruzzo
at tbe month of a river of the same name,
on the gulf of Venice, 9 m. N. N. E. of Chieti.

Peschicra, a strong town of Austrian Italy, in

the Veronese. It was taken by the French in
1796; and the garrison surrendered to the Aus-
trians in 1799. It is seated on the river Mincio,
where it proceeds from the lake Garda, 16 m. W
of Verona.

Pescia, a town of Tuscany, in the province of
Florence, celebrated fo7- its fine oil, 25 m. N. E
of Florence.

tears of the people The royal authority, thus
established, continued without interruption till
1781, when a descendant of Amaru began an in-

Peseina, a town of Naples, in Abruzzo Ultra,
near the Lake Celano, 20.m. S. by E. of Aquila.

Pesenas, a town of France, department of He-
rault, on the river Herault, 12 m. N. E. of Be-

Pest, a town of Hungary, capital of a palatinate
of the same name, with a fortress, a royal palace,
and a university, the only one in the kingdom
Here are many Greek merchants, who conduct
the Levant trade to Germany and the northern
nations. It is seated on the E. side of the Danube
opposite Buda, 96 in. E. S. E. of Presburg. Long,

19. 8. E., lat. 47. 30. N.

Pesti, a town of Naples, in Principato Citra,
seated near the magnificent ruins of the ancient
Pffistum, 20 m. S. E. of Salerno.

Petapa, a town of Mexico, 25 m. S. E. of

Petagud, a province on the N. coast of Brazil,
between the provinces of Seara and Rio Grande.
It contains mines of silver.

Pe-t^fti, the principal, province of China,
boum^^m the N. by the Great Wall and part of
Tartary, E. hy the Yellow Sea, S. by Chang-tong
and Ho-nan, and W. by the mountains of Chan-
si. It contains nine cities of the first class, which
have many others under their jurisdiction. Al-
though Pe-tche-li extends no further than 42. N.
lat. yet all its rivers are so much frozen during
four mouths in the year that waggons with the
heaviest loads may safely pass them. The soil is
sandy, and produces very little rice; but it abounds
with all other kinds of grain, and with the greater
part of the fruit trees common in Europe. Bat,
what renders this province the most considerable,
is that the riches of the whole empire are brought
hither, the southern provinces furnishing it with
every thing they produce that is most uncommon
and delicious. The inhabitants, in general, are
reckoned not so polite, nor so apt to learn the
sciences, as those of the southern provinces ; but
they are stronger and more warlike. Their num-
ber is estimated at 38,000,000. Pekiri is the capita],

Peter and, Paul, St., or Petropauloskoi, a sea-port
of Russia, in Kamtschatka. The town consists
of some log-houses and a few conical huts. Cap-
tain Clerke, who succeeded captain Cook, and
died at sea, was interred here. It is seated on the
E. side of Awatska Bay. Long. 158. 48. E., lat.
53. l.N.

Peter le Port, St., a market town in the island
of Guernsey, with an excellent harbour, defended
by two castles.

Peterborough, a city in Northamptonshire, Eli*.
It is a bishop’s see, and contains 8,558 inhab-
itants ; the cathedral was formerly a monaste-
ry. The market-place is spacious, the streets re-
gular, and many of the buildings extremely neat.,
The manufacture of stockings is extensive, and
considerable trade is carried on in corn, coal, and
timber. 81 m. N. of London. Long. 0. 4. W
lat. 52. 30. N.

Peterborough, ph. Hillsborough Co. N. H 40
m. S. W. Concord. Pop. 1,984. Here are man
ufactures of cotton, woolen, paper, oil,
&«.; ph.
Madison Co. N. Y. 122 m. W. Albany.

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