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OLT    563    ONE

Europe as the ground and substruction of all their
marine constitutions.

'Oleion, a town of France, department of Lower
Charente, with a castle ; sealed on the E. side
of the island of Oleron, 13 m. W. S. VV. of Roche-
fort. Long. 1. 15. W., lat. 45. 48. N.

Oleron, a town in the department of Lower
Pyrenees, on the Gave, 10 m. S. W. of Pau.

Olika, a town of Poland, in Volhinia, with a
citadel, 20 m. E. of Lucko.

Olinda. See Pernambuco.

Olita, a town of Spain, in Navarre, formerly
the residence of the king of Navarre, but now
much reduced. It is seated in a fertile country,
20 m. N. of Tudela,

Oliva, a sea-port of W. Prussia, where a peace
was concluded, in 1660, between the emperor of
Germany and the kings of Sweden and Poland.
It is situate on a bay of the gulf cf Dantzic, 10
m. W. N. W. of Dantzic. Long. 18. 32. E., lat.
54.24. N.

Oley, a township of Bucks Co. Pa.

Olive,townships in Morgan and Meigs Cos.Ohio.

Olivenea, a town and fortress of Spain, in Es-
tremadura, which, with its territory, formerly be-
longed to Portugal, but was ceded to Spain in
1801. It is 16 m. S. S. AV. of Badajoz.

Ollorton, a town of Nottinghamshire, Eng.
seated on the river Maun, and surrounded by hop
plantations, which contribute greatly to its pros-
peritv. 14 m. N. AA’. of Newark and 137 S. by
AV. of London.

Olmedo, a decayed town of Spain, in Leon, seat-
ed near the Adaja, 25 m. S. o. A’alladolid.

Olmutz, a district or circle ofthe Austrian prov-
ince of Moravia, containing 2,000 sq. m. with 347,
300 inhabitants. The N. part is mountainous,
but the S. level and fertile.

Olmutz, the capital of the above district, and
formerly of Moravia, is a-n archbishop’s see, and
has a famous university. It is fortified, well
built, and almost surrounded by the river Morau.
In 1741 it was taken by the king of Prussia who
attempted it again in 1758, but was obliged to
raise the siege. The emperors of Russia and
Austria met here in 1805, previously to the battle
of Austerlitz. It is 80 m. N. by E. of Vienna,
and 97 S. of Breslau. Long. 17. 15. E., lat. 49.
33. X.

O’ney. a town in Buckinghamshire, Eng. with
a manufacture of bonelace ; seated on the Ouse,
12 m. S. E. of Northampton and 55 N. N. W. of

Oloneiz. a government of Russia, formerly in-
cluded in the government of Novogorod. In this
district are mines of copper and iron. The capital
is Petr:zav:dsk.

Olos.ctz. a town of the foregoing government
near which are a mineral spring and an iron forge.
It is siiii-te on the river Olonzo, near its entrance
into the lake >_■: Lidga, 100 m. across the lake,N.
E. of Petersburg.

Olonrtz Jfcxxis'ns, a chain of mountains in
the X. AV. nart •:■? Russia, which runs in a direc-
tion almost due X. for the space of
1,000 m. form-
ing part of ifr? boundary between this country and

Oloniu, a town ofFrance. department of Ven-
dee, 35 m. W. of Fontenay le Comte.

Olphcn, a town of Prussian Westphalia, 17 m.
S. S VV. of Munster.

Ollen, a town of Switzerland, in the canton of
Soleure ; seated on the Aar, 17 ml
E. N. E. of
Soleure.    *























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Olympian Springs, in Bath Co. Ken., near
the source of Licking river; they are considera-
bly frequented by invalids. The water contains
iron, sulphur, and carbonic acid.

Dlympus, a celebrated mountain of Natolia.
The ancients supposed its top reached the heavens,
and from that circumstance placed the residence
of the gods there, and made it the court of Jupiter.
It is 10 m. S. E. of Bursa. Also a mountain in
Thessaly, separated from Ossa hy the celebrated
vale of Tempe; it is 6,000 feet in height. There
is beside a mountain in the island of Candia wjth
this name.

Omagh, a town of Ireland, in the county of
Tyrone, 14 m. S. of Strabane.

Oman, a province of Arabia, bounded on the
N. W. hy the Persian Gulf, N. E. and S. E. by
the ocean, and S. W. by extensive deserts. It is
possessed by a number of petty sovereigns, the
most considerable of whom is the imam of Ros-
tak. The chief town is Mascat.

Ombo, a town of Egypt, on the right bank of
the Nile, 26 m. N. of Esne.

Ombrone, a town of Tuscany, in the Siennese,
at the mouth of the river Ombrone, 5 m. S. of

Omegna, a town of the Sardinian states, prov-
ince of Novara, on the N. E. side of Lake Orta,
25 m. N. X. AV. of Novara.

Omer, St., a fortified town of France, depart-
ment of Pas de Calais. It owes its name and
importance to a saint, who bnilt a grand monaste-
ry here in the 7th century. The cathedral and the
church of St. Bertin are magnificent structures.
About a league from the town is a great morass,
in which are some floating islands. St. Omer is
seated on the Aa. on the side of a hill,
8 m. N.
AV. of Aire and 135 N. of Paris. Long 2. 15. E.,
lat. 50. 44. N.

Ommen, a town of the Netherlands, in Ove-
ryssel, seated on the Vecht, 17 m. N. E. of De

Ommirabih. See Morbeys.

Omqa, a town of Honduras. It is seated on
the bay of Honduras, 80 m. N. N. W. of Val-

Omsk, a town and fortress of Russia, in the
government of Tobolsk, situate at the conflux of
the Om with the Irtysh, 350 m. S. E. of Tobolsk.
Long. 74. 54. E., lat. 54. 14. N.

Oneeote, a village in Staffordshire, Eng. 8 m. E. of Cheadle, noted for the rich copper
mines in its vicinity.

Oneehoio, one of the Sandwich Islands, in the
N. Pacific, 5 leagues AV. of Atooi. Its eastern
coast is high, and rises abruptly from the sea,
but the other parts consist of low ground, except
a round bluff head on the S. E. point. Ii produ-
ces plenty of yams, and a sweet root called hee.
Long. 161. 0. AA’., lat. 21. 50. N.

Onfg. a town of Russia, in the government of
Archangel, on the river Onega, near the White
Sea, 80 m. S. S. AV. of Archangel. Long. 37. 54.
E., lat. 63. 53. N.

Onega, a river and lake of Russia, in the gov-
ernment of Olonetz. The lake is 100 m. long
and 40 broad, and has a communication with the
lake Ladoga. The river gives its name to a
country full of woods,and flows into theWhiteSea.

Oneglia, a province of the Sardinian states, ir
Piedmont, surrounded by the territory of Genoa
and the sea. It abounds in olive-oil, fruits, as

Oneglia, or OneiUe, a sea-port of Piedmont


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