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by William the Conqueror, and was then 10 m.
longer than it is now. His son William Rufus
was killed in this forest by an arrow7, shot by
Walter Tvrrel, that accidentally glanced against
a tree, the site of which is now pointed out by a
triangular stone. Several considerable towns and
\ illages are now included in the forest.

JYeio River, an artificial river of England, origi-
nally brought from Amwell, in Hertfordshire, to
Islington, for the supply of the metropolis with
water. It was finished in 1613, by Sir Hugh Mid-
dleton, a citizen of London, who expended his
whole fortune in the undertaking. It has since
been carried up to a spring near Hertford, called
Chad well, where the stream is also increased by
a cut from the river Lea. The river, with all its
windings, is 42 rn. in length, and is under the
management of a corporation called the New
Biver Company.

New Year Harbour, a good harbour on the N.
coast of Staten Land. Long. 64. 11. W., lat. 54.

49. S.

New Year Islands, small islands in the S. Pa-
cific, near New Year Harbour, the resort of vast
numbers of slions, seals, and a species of vulture.

New Albany, ph. Floyd Co. Indiana, on the
Ohio. 4 m. below Louisville. Also a village in
Bradford Co. Pa.

New Alexandria p.v. Westmoreland Co. Pa. and
a town of Columbiana Co. Ohio.

New Amsterdam, a town of South America, in
Guiana, the capital of Berbice. It stands on the
Berbice near its mouth.

New Antrim, ph. Orange Co. N. Y. 34 m. N.
W. New York

Newark, a borough in Nottinghamshire Eng.
with a good trade in malt, corn, and coals, manu-
factures of coarse linens and lace, iron and brass
founderies, extensive roperies, &c. Gypsum of
a superior quality is found in the neighbourhood.
It is seated on the Trent, over which is a bridge,
120 in. N. by W. ofLondon.

Newark, a town of Upper Canada, on the W.
side of the river Niagara, at its entrance into Lake
Ontario, and opposite the town and fort of Niagara,
27 m. N. by E. of Fort Erie.

Newark. ph. Essex Co. N. J. on the Passaic,
9 m. W. New York. Pop. 10,953. This town is
regularly and handsomely built, and has consider-
able manufactures. The river is navigable to the
sea for vessels of 50 tons. The neighbourhood
produces excellent cider. Also
a ph. Tioga Co.
N. Y. Pop 1.02U: p.v. Ontario Co. X. Y; ph.
Newcastle C;-. D-L 14 m. S. W. Wilmington;
p.v. Worcester Co. Miry land; p.v. Louisa Co.
Va. 25 m. N. W. Richmond ; ph. Licking Co.
Ohio. Pin
1 _1 i 2.

Newark Be :, l.r-s N. of Staten Island and com-
municates witj Newark harbour on the E. and
the ocean on the S.

New .L'ri'intu : Berkshire Co. Mass. 20 m. N.
Lenox. Pop. 2~5.

New A: I is. r*r. Hzwison Co. Ohio. Here As
a seminary calLe i Franklin College, founded in
1824. It
his 3 i vstrarters and 40 students. Also
a ph. Bradford C > Pa.

New Ba'timo-t. ph. Green Co. N. Y. on the
Hudson, 18 m. below Afrsaay. Pop.2,370. Also
a p.v. Fauquier Co. Va.

New Barbadoes. a township of Bergen Co. N. J.

New Bedford, p.t. Bristol Co. Mas. with a good
harbour on Buzzards
Bay. It enjoys an active
commerce and is largely
engaged in the whale
fishery, in which it employs 40,000 tone of ship-
ping, with
20,000 additional in other fisheries and
coasting. Here are 10 churches, 3 hanks, 3 in
surance offices, and 7 manufactories of spermaceti
candles. In the neighbourhood are large salt
works wrhich make annually above 500,000 bush
els. Pop. .7,592.

New Bedford, p.v. Mercer Co. Pa. 15 m. S. W.
Mercer; ph. Coshocton Co. Ohio. 60 m N. E.

New Berlin, ph. Chenango Co. N. Y. Pop.
2,643; p.v. Union Co. Pa.

Newbern, ph. Craven Co. N. C. is the largest
town in North Carolina. It is seated upon the
Neuse, 30 m. above its entrance into Pamlico
Sound. The river is navigable to this place, and
secures it a considerable commerce in the expor
tation of flour, naval stores and lumber. It wins
once the seat of government for the state. Pop.

Newbern, p.v. Montgomery Co. Va.

NewbernviUe, p.v. Oneida Co. N. Y.

Newberry, a District of S. Carolina. Pop. 17,
441. Also a ph. capital of this district, 40 m. N.
W. Columbia ; p.v. Burlington Co. N. J.; p.v. Ly-
coming Co. Pa. and a village in Christian Co. Ken.

Newbiggen, a fishing towin in Northumberland,
Eng. situate on the X. side of a bay to which it
give name. 7 m. E. of Morpeth.

Newborough. or Gorey. a town of Ireland, in the
county of Wexford, 25 m. N. by E. of Wexford.

.AYic Boston, ph. Hillsborough Co. N. H. 17 m.
S. Concord. Pop. 1,680 ; p.v. Madison Co. N. Y.

New Bourbon, a village in St. Genevieve Co.

AVir Braintree, ph. Worcester Co. Mass. 18 in.
N. W. Worcester. Pop. 825.

New Britain, a township of Bucks Co. Pa.

New Brownsville, a town in Wiyne Co. Ohio.

New Brunswick, ph. Middlesex Co. N. J. on the
Raritan, 30 m. N. E. Trenton and 36 S. AV. New
York. It stands at the head of sloop navigation
with a considerable trade in flour and grain. Pop

7,831. Rutgers College at this place was founded
in 1770. It has 5 instructers and 70 students.

New Brunswick. See Brunswick.

Newburg, ph. Orange Co. N. Y. on the Hudson
84 m. S. Albany, and 70 N. New York. Pop
6.424. It is finely situated on the side of a hill
close to the river, and has considerable trade.

Newburgh, a town of Scotland, in Fifeshire, with
a good harbour on the frith of Tay. Here the
large vessels belonging to Pertli unload their goods
into lighters. The principal manufacture is linen.
10 m. S. E. of Perth.

Newburgh, a town of Wales, in the isle of An-
glesey, 250 m. N. W. ofLondon.

Newbury, a town in Berkshire, Eng. its manu-
factures of druggets, shalloons, and broad cloths,
formerly very extensive, are greatly declined;
but a considerable trade is carried on by means of
the Kennet and Avon Canal. Here are 65 alms-
houses. Two battles were fov'ghl near this town
between Charles I. and the parliament in IL43
and 1644. It is seated on the KĀ°nnet, 2d m. S.
of Oxford and 56 W. of London.

Newbury, a township in Penobscot Co. Me. Pop.
626; ph. Cuyahoga Co. Ohio. Pop. 869.

NewBurlington, p.v. Hamilton Co. Ohio.

Newbury, ph. Orange Co. Vt. on the Connecti-
cut, 30 m. S. E. Montpelier. Pop. 2,252; ph. Essex
Co. Mass. at the mouth of the Merrimack, 32
N. E. Boston. Pop. 3,803; towns in York Co. Pa..
Geauga and Miami Cos. Ohio.

Newburyport, ph. Essex Co. Mass. on the Mer

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