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NAT    531    NEA


eastern branch of the river Mississippi, 156 m.
ahove New Orleans by land, and 322 by the river.
It is the only large town in the state, and has a
great trade in cotton. Steam-boats and river ship-
ping frequent this place in great numbers, and
make it one of the busiest towns upon the river.
It is sifuated upon a bluff 300 feet above the river
and is surrounded by a level country. It is often
visited by the yellow fever. A branch of the
United States Bank is established here. Pop. 2,790.

Natchitoches, a parish of Louisiana. Pop. 7,926.
The capital is the following.

Natchitoches, ph. on Red River, Lou. 35 6 m. N.
W. New Orleans. It is the frontier town of the
United States toward Mexico, and the centre of
communication for the land trade with that coun-
try. It was settled above a century ago, and its
inhabitants are composed of French, Spanish and
Indian descendants intermingled with native and
emigrant Americans. Its trade with Mexico con-
sists in the exportation of manufactured goods,
sDirits and tobacco, for which it receives in re-
turn, silver bullion,horses and mules. This town
is the resort of many fugitives and desperate char
acters from the United States, but the stationary
Dopulation is respectable.

Natick, ph. Middlesex Co. Mass. 13 m. S. W.
Boston. Pop. 390.

Ntfo'ia. a country formerly called Asia Minor.
It is the most western part of the great continent
of Asia, bounded N. by the Black Sea. E. by the
Euphrates, S. by the Mediterranean, and W. by
the Archipelago and the Sea of Marmora. It is
crossed by a chain of mountains, formerly called
Taurus, from W. to E., and watered by a great
number of rivers. The soil is generally fertile,
producing fruits of various kinds, corn, tobacco,
cotton, and silk. The whole country has suffered
severely from Turkish oppression.

A attain, a town and fortress of Hindoostan, in
the district of Dindigal, 45 rn. S. S. W. of Trich-

Nattore, a town of Bengal, seated on the river
Attri, 47 rn. E. N. E. of Moorshedabad.

Natural Bridge, p.v. Rockbridge Co. Va. 176
m. W. Richmond. See

Nuucn, a town of Prussia, in Brandenburg, 18
m. W. X. W. of Berlin.

N’umberg. a town of Germany, in Hesse Cassel,
situate on the Eider, 16 in. W. S. W. of Cassel.

Ni: T‘-trg. a town of Prussian Saxony, in the
gorora.nent of Merseburg, formerly capital of a
duchy ofthe same name. It has a small citadel,
and its ? ithedra'. is remarkable for its line altars,
5. and subterranean chapels. The chief
mi .    ire leather, soap, starch, gunpowder,

tar::--. wires. Ac : and its town carries on a
brisk tr.Ie It is seated on the Saale, 18 m. AV.
S. W. -.f Mersebero-. Lon<r. 12. 0. E., lat. 51.
1L X.

.V <■ . ’ i~r. 3 town of Prussian Silesia, in the
government Leigintz, on the river Queis,
m. N. AV. of L.uvenbnrg.

Ahr-J.a. a town of Ireland, in the county of
Meatii. seated at tine conflux of the Blackwater
with the Boyne, 7 m. N. E. of Trim and 25 N.
W. of Dublin.

Navarino, a sea-port on the AV. coast of the
Morea, with
a large harbour defended by two
forts. It is memorable
for the destruction of the
Turkish and Egyptain fleet, hy the English,
French, and Russians, in 1827. It is seated on a
hill, 10 m. N. by E. of Modon and
88 S. AV. of
Corinth. Long. 21. 25. E , lat. 37. 5. N.





















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Navarre, a province of Spain, containing tna
greater part of the ancient kingdom of Navarre.
It is 75 m. long and 60 broad. Though a moun
tainous country, abounding in game and iron
mines, some valleys produce good com and ex-
cellent wine. Pampeluna is the capital.

Navarre, Neio, a former province of Mexico,
now divided into various modern intendancies.

Navarrems, a town of France, department of
Lower Pyrenees, on the Gave d’ Oleron, 26 m.
S. E. of Bayonne.

Navigator's Islands, a cluster of ten islands in
the Pacific Ocean, discovered by Bougainville,
and explored by Perouse in 1787. They are called
by the natives Opoun, Leone, Fanfoue, Maouna,
Oyalava, Calinasse, Pola, Shika, Ossamo, and
Ouero. Opoun, the most southerly and easterly
of these islands, lies in long. 169. 7. W., lat. 14.

7. S. Maouna, Oyalava, and Pola, may he num-
bered among the largest and most beautiful isl-
ands of the S. Pacific. They combine the ad
vantages of a soil fertile without culture and a
climate that renders clothing unnecessary. The
inhabitants are a strong and lusty race ; scarcely
a man is to be seen among them less than six feet
high, and the women are in proportion. In dis-
position they are thievish, treacherous, and fe-
rocious. Their villages are situate on creeks, by
the seaside, and have no paths between them ; so
that they pass from one to another in their canoes,
and thus are almost constantly on the water.
Their canoes, houses, Ac., are well constructed :
and they are much more advanced in internal
policy than any of the islands in this ocean. See
Mart taut.

Naxia, or Naxos, an island in the Grecian Ar-
chipelago, 15 m. in length and 50 in circumfer-
ence. It is fertile in grain, wine, oil, cotton, and
silk ; and its plains abound with orange, olive,
lemon, cedar, citron, pomegranate, fig, and mul-
berry trees. It has a great many villages ; but
the population of the whole island'does not ex-
ceed 10,000. The highest mountain is Zla,
which signifies the mountain of Jupiter: but
there are no antiquities, except some small re-
mains of a temple of Bacchus.

Naxia, the capital ofthe above island, and one
of the most beautiful places in the Archipelago.
It has two archiepiscopal sees, the one Greek and
the other Latin. Here is no harbour, but the trade
is considerable in barley, wine, oil, figs, cotton,
silk, flax, cheese, salt, oxen, sheep, and mules.
It stands on the S. side of the island, and is de-
fended by a castle. Long. 25. 32. E., lat. 37.

Naijakanahullij, a large square town of Hindoos-
tan, in Mysore, with a citadel in the centre, both
strongly fortified with mud walls. In the town
a wide street extends all round, and has short
lanes on each side. It has a manufacture of
coarse cotton cloth, and in the vicinity are many
palm gardens. It is 34 m. S. W. of Sera.

Nazareth, a town of Palestine, celebrated as
the residence of Christ, in the early part of his
life. It is now a small place, where the monks
of St. Francis have a convent. 50 m. N. N. E.
of Jerusalem.

Nazareth, Upper and Lower, two townships in
Northampton Co. Pa. 7 m. N. W. Easton. The
inhabitants are Moravians, and here was their
first settlement in the country.

Naze, or Lindeness, the most southern promon-
tory of Norway. Long. 7. 20. E., lat. 57. 30. N.

Neagh, Lough, a lake of Ireland, 20 m. long and


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