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land and Wayne Cos. Pa , Queen Anne Co. Ma-
ryland, Shenandoah, Spotsylvania and Halifax
Cos. Va., Rockingham Co. N. C., Fairfield Dis.
S. C., Baldwin Co. Geo., Jefferson Co. Ohio, Mar-
ten Co. Ind., Maury Co. Ten., Wilkinson Co. Mis-
sissippi, Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.

Mount Prospect, p.v. Edgecombe Co. N. C.

Mount Republic, p.v. Wayne Co. Pa.

Mount Solus, p.v. Hinds Co. Mississippi.

Mount Sterling, p.v. Switzerland Co. Ind.; p.v.
Montgomery Co. Ken.

Mount Upton, p.v. Chenango Co. N. Y.

Mount Vernon, ph. Kennebec Co. Me. 14 m.
N. W. Augusta. Pop. 1,439 a township of Hills-
borough Co. N. H. Pop. 793 ; p.v. Chester Co.
Pa; ph. Knox Co. Ohio ; p.v. Rockcastle and Bul-
litt Cos. Ken.; p.v. Posey and Jefferson Cos. In-

Mount Vernon, once the residence of Washing-
ton, and the spot where his remains are entomb
ed. It is on the south side of the Potomac, in Fair-
fax Co. Va., 15 m. from the city of Washington.
The house is a plain wooden building surrounded
by handsome lawns and gardens. The tomb is a
rustic excavation in the earth with a front of
brick and totally devoid of ornament.

MountviUe, p.v. Loudon Co. Va

Mount Vintage, p.v. Edgefield Dis. S. C.

Mount Washington. See White Mountains.

Mount Washington, a township of Berkshire Co.
Mass. 130 m. S. W. Boston. Pop. 34-5. It forms
the S. W. corner of the state of Massachusetts.
Within its limits stands Mount Washington, one
of the summits of the Tagkannuc ndge, about

3,000 feet high.

Mount Zion, p.v. Union Co. Ken., Hancock Co.
Geo., and Monroe Co. Missouri.

MountmeUick, a town of Ireland, in Queen’s
county inhabited principally by Quakers. The
wool-combing, malting, and tanning business,
the cotton manufacture and bleaching are carried
on here. It is seated on a stream which falls in-
to the Barrow, 5 m. N. of Maryborough and 42, W.
S. W. of Dublin.

Mountrath, a town of Ireland, in Queen’s coun-
ty. In its neighbourhood are some iron works ;
but the woolen manufacture forms the principal
trade. 23 m. N. of Kilkenny and 47 W. S. W.
of Dublin.

Mountsorrd, a town of Leicestershire, Eng.
seated on the Soar, at the foot oft a high mount
or rock, of a sorrel-coloured stone, with which the
town is chiefly built and paved. It is 7 m. N. of
Leicester, and 102 N. W. ofLondon.

Moura. a town of Portugal, in Alemtejo, with
an old castle, 34 m. S. S. E. of Evora.

Mouraon. a town of Portugal, in Alemtejo,
with a castle, on tbe borders ot Spain, 23 m. £.
by S. of Evora.

Mourzouk. the capital of Fezzan, with a fort-
ress, in which ts tbe saltan’s palace. It is situate
on a rivulet, and supplied with water from a mul-
of springs ar.d wells. The medley which
is present to the eve. of the vast ruins of ancient
buildings and
the hassle cottages of earth and
sand that
fonn the dwelling of the present Arab
inhabitants, is
singularly grotesque and strange.
It is surrounded by
a high wall, with three gates,
at which is collected
a tax on all goods (provisions
excepted) that
are brought into the city. Its
commerce, which is
considerable, consists of for-
eign merchandise
brought by the caravans from
Cairo, Bornou,
Mesurata, and other smaller troops
of traders. Mouraook is 290 m. S. Mesurata.

and 700 N. W. ofBornou. Long. 15. 35. E., 1st.
27. 54. N.

Moustiers, a town ot France, in the department
of Lower Alps, with a manufacture of porcelain ;
seated between two craggy mountains, 9 m. E. of

Mouzon, a town in the department of Ardtnnes,
with a manufacture of serges; seated on the
Meuse, 9 m. S. E. of Sedan.

Mowee, one of the Sandwich islands, 162 m. in
circumference. A low isthmus divides it into
two circular peninsulas, of which the eastern is
double the size of the western. The mountains
in both rise to a great height, but the country
presents an appearance of verdure and fertility.
Near the W. point of the smaller peninsula is a
spacious bay, with a sandy beach shaded with
cocoa-nut trees. Lon*. 175. 56. W., lat. 20. 53.

Moya, a mountain of S. America, from which,
during the great earthquake in February, 1797,
such a flood of water hurst forth that it totally
swept away Pelile, and the celebrated plantation
of St. Udefonso, where 1,000 persons perished.

Moyallen, a town of Ireland, county of Down,
with a manufacture of linen. 3 m. from Porta-
down and 63 from Dublin.

Moyatnntsing, t. Philadelphia Co. Pa. It is a
suburb of the city on the south.

Moyznzic, a town of France, department of
Meurthe, noted for its salt spring, 2 m. E. S. E.
of Vic and
16 E. of Nancy.

Mozyr, a town of Russian Lithuania, in the
government of Minsk, on the river Pryiiee, 150
m. S. S. E. of Minsk. Lon*. 29. 30. E., lat. 52.
10- N-

Moscislaic, a town of Russian Lithuania, in the
government of Mohilef, formerly tiie capital of a
palatinate. It is seated on the Sofz. 30 m. S. ol
Smolensko and 64 E. by N. of Mohilef. Long.
32. 32. E., lat. 54. 28. N

Mucidan, a town of France, m tne department
of Dordogne, on the river Ille, 18 m. S. W. of

Muck, one of the Hebrides of Scotland, 4 m. S.
W. the isl. of Egg. It is 3 m. long and a m. broad ,
the soil in general is good, and the black cattle
thrive well. Kelp is burnt on its shores, and
much oil extracted from the livers of the sunflsh.

Mudania, or Mundania, a town of Turkey, in
Natolia, on a gulf of the sea of Marmora. The
commerce is very considerable in grain, fruit,
wine, saltpetre, silk, and the manufactures of
Bursa, which are brought here for exportation.
It is 17 m. N. of Bursa. Long. 29. 10. E., lat. 40.
27. N.

Mugeln, Neto, a town of Saxony, in Meissen,
with a castle called Rugethal- 18 m. W. by N
of Meissen.

Mugia, a town of Spain, in Galicia, on the W.
coast, 40 m. W. N. W. of Compostella.

Muglia, a town of Austrian Illyria, in Istria,
with a castle, and a harbour for barges, 5 m. S. E.
of Trieste.

Muglitz, a town of Moravia, in the circle of
Olmutz, 22 m. N. N. W. of Olmutz.

Muhlberg, a town of Prussian Saxony, in the
government of Merseberg, with a castle, situate
on the Elbe, 30 m. N. W. of Dresden.

Muhldorf, a town of Bavaria, on the Inn, 23
m. S. S. E. of Landshut.

Muhlenberg, a county of Kentucky. Pop. 5,341.
Greenville is the capital.

Muirkirk. a town of Scotland, in Ayrshire, with

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