Brookes Universal Gazetteer (1850) Page 516 Left Column

Brookes’ Universal Gazetteer (1850), Page  516  Left Column
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    Protestant university
    Louis XIV
    Tarn River
    Toulouse (directional)
    Cahors (directional)
Montbeliard, Doubs, France (main entry)
    Savoureuse River
    Luzine River
    Doubs River
    Befort (directional)
Montbrison, Loire, France (main entry)
    Vezize River
    Lyons (directional)
Montdidier, Somme, France (main entry)
    Amiens (directional)
    Paris (directional)
Monte Alcino, Tuscany (main entry)
    Muscatella di Monte Alcino (wine)
    Sienna (directional)
Monte Alto, Ancona, Italy (main entry)
    Fermo (directional)
Monte Christo, St. Domingo (main entry)
    Monte Christo River
    Monte Christo (Bay)
    Monte Christo (Cape)
    Cape La Grange
    Monte Christo (Mountains)
    Samana (Bay)
Monte Falco, Papal States, Italy (main entry)
    Clitumno River
    Spoleto (directional)
Monte Fiascone, Papal States, Italy (main entry)
    Bolsena (Lake)
    Viterbo (directional)
Monte Fossoli, Pisano, Tuscany (main entry)
    Leghorn (directional)
Monte Leone, Calabria Ultra, Naples (main entry)
    Nicotera (directional)
Monte leone, Principato Ultra, Naples (main entry)
    Benevento (directional)
Monte Marano, Principato Ultra, Naples (main entry)
    Cahore River
    Benevento (directional)
Montre Peloso, Basilicata, Naples (main entry)
    Basiento River
    Acerenza (directional)
Monte Santo (main entry)
Monte Verde, Principato Ultra, Naples (main entry)
    Conza (directional)
Monte Video, Banda Oriental (main entry)
    Rio de la Plata (River)
    Buenos Ayres (directional)
Montechio, Brescia, Austrian Italy (main entry)
    Brescia (directional)
Montego Bay, Jamaica (Island) (main entry)
    Montego Bay
Montelimart, Drôme, France (main entry)
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