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MIC    498    MIC

other. The working of goto and silver has long
been carried to great perfection here, and here
are also manufactures of calico, cloth, soap, and
tobacco. This city has heen frequently inundated
by the overflowing of the lakes in its vicinity,
particularly in 1029, when 40,000 persons are said
to have been drowned. To prevent the recur-
rence of such calamities, a vast conduit was con-
structed to turn the course of the waters which
formerly flowed into the lake Tezcuco through
the mountains. 200 m. E. N. E. of St. Juan de
Ulhua. Long. 100. 40. W., lat. 20. 4. N.

Mexico, Gulf of, an immense gulf of N. America
lying between the S. coast of E. Florida and the
N. E. point of Yucatan.

Mexico, p.t. Oxford Co. Me. Pop. 344; p.t. Os-
wego Co. N. Y. on a bay of Lake Ontario, 15 m.
E. Oswego. Pop. 2,671; p.t. Mifflin Co. Pa. on
the W. branch of the Susquehanna.

Meyahoun, a city of Pegu, with numerous gild-
ed temples and spacious monasteries. Its vicinity
is uncommonly fruitful in rice ; and here are ca-
pacious granaries always kept filled with grain
ready to be transported to any part of the empire
in which there happens to be a scarcity. It
stretches 2 m. on the S. W. bank of the Irrawad-
dy, and is 85 m. N. W. of Pegu. Long. 95.
8. E ,
lat. 18. 18. N.

Meyenftld. See Mayenfeld.

Meyrvies, a town of France, department of
Loze’-e, 23 m. S. of Mende.

Mezemna, a sea port of Fez, on the coast of the
Mediterranean 80 m. E. of Tetuan. Long. 4. 1.
W., lat. 35. 22. N

Mezieres, a town of France, department of Ar-
dennes, with a citadel; seated on an island in the
river Meuse, 12 m. W. by N. of Sedan.

Mezin, a town of France, department of Lot-et-
Garonne, 9 m. N. W. of Condom.

Mhendigaut, a town of Hindoostan, in the pro-
vince of Agra, on the W. bank of the Ganges.
Long. 79. 57. E., lat. 27. 3. N.

Miaco. See Meaco.

Miami, Little and Great, two rivers of the state
of Ohio, which run S. into the Ohio, the former
just above Columbia and the latter 21 m. below
Cincinnati. The Little Miami is 60 m. to its
source, but generally so shallow as to afford no
navigation. The great Miami has a navigation,
like the Muskingum, that approaches near the
navigable waters of Lake Erie. The country be-
tween these two rivers was called the Miamis, and
is reckoned among the richest belonging to the
United States.

Miami, a county of Ohio. Pop. 12,806. Troy is
the capital; a township in Cooper Co. Missouri,
and townships in Hamilton, Champaign, Greene,
Clermont, Montgomery, Oxford and Logan Cos.

Miana, a town of Persia, in Aderbeitzan. Here
the celebrated traveller M. Thevenot died, onhis
return from Ispahan. It is 57 m. S. E. of Tauris.

Micha, a cape of Dalmatia, which advances into
the gulf of Venice, near the town of Zara.

Michael, St., the most extensive and populous
island of the Azores. It is 54 m. long and from
6 to 15 broad, and contains nearly 80,000 inhabi-
tants. In a valley on the eastern side are a num-
ber of boiling fountains : also many sulphureous
springs, some of a hot, and others of a cold tem-
perature. The principal towns are Punta del
Guda (the canital of the island) and Villa Franca.
Long. 25. 42. W., lat. 37. 47. N.

WcJuul St a borouvh in Cornwall, Eng. with

180 inhabitants. 8 m. S. S. W. of St. Columb ana
250 WT. hy S. of London.

Michael, St., a town of France, department ol
Meuse, with a fine hospital, and the rich library
of a Benedictine abbey. It is surrounded hy
mountains, and is seated on the Meus?, 20 m. N.
E. of Bar le due.

Michael, St., a town of Mexico, in the province
of Nicaragua, on the river St. Michael, 110 m. N
W. of Leon. Long. 87. 45. W., lat. 12. 25. N.

Michael, St., a town of Mexico, province of Cu
liacan, near the mouth of the Siguatlan, 30 rn E.
S. E. of Culiacan. Long. 107. 40. W., lat. 24 10. N.

Michael, St., a city of Yucuman, situate in a
fruitful valley, at the foo* of a range of rugged
mountains, 150 m. N. AV. of St. Jago del Estero.
66. 45. W., lat. 27. 0. S.

Michael de Ibarra, St., a town of Colombia, in
the presidency of Quito, capital of a jurisdiction
of its name. It has a large and elegant church, a
college, and several convents ; and is 70 m. N. E.
of Quito. Long. 77. 30. W., lat. 0. 25. N.

Michael de Piura, St., a town of Quito, seated
near the mouth of the Piura, 325 m. S. S. AV. of
Quito. Long. 80. 40. W., lat. 5. 10. S.

Michael, Gulf of, St., to the E. of Panama, that
part of the Pacific Ocean which was first discov-
ered by the Spaniards, after their march across
the isthmus of Darien

Michigan, a territory of the United States, the
western part of which is sometimes called the
Territory of Huron. It was formerly limited to
the peninsula enclosed between Lakes Michigan
and Huron, but now comprising also that tract
called the Northwest Territory. It is bounded
N. by Canada and Lake Superior, E. by Lakes
Huron, St. Clair and Erie, and S. by Ohio, India-
na and Illinois. It extends from 41. 31. to 49. N
lat. and from 82. to 98. W. long, containing about

180,000 sq. m. This territory is intersected in
the eastern part hy Lake Michigan and washed
on the western limit by the Mississippi. Except
the peninsula,the country has been little explored.
It is everywhere level except in the western part,
south of Lake Superior, where are some mountain
ranges call the Ocooch Mountains and Porcupine
Hills. The peninsula is a complete level with
but just sufficient elevation in the centre to give
the rivers a direction to the shores of the lakes.
The country consists mostly of prairies and for-
est, but the greater part is covered with wood.
It is watered by numerous rivers, as the Quiscon-
sin, Chippeway, St. Francis, Missisagaigon, St.
Croix, St. Louis, Wolf, Fox, Menomenies, Sa-
ginaw, Grand, Kallimazo, St. Joseph, Raisin,and
others. The western parts abound with wild ani-


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