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MLL    491    MEM

Melgaza, a town of Portugal, in Entre Douero e
Minho, with a strong castle; seated on the Min-
ho, 27 m. N. by E. of Braga.

Melida, an island of Dalmatia, in the gulf of
Venice, with a benedictine abbey,
6 villages, and
several harbours. It is 30 m. in length, and
abounds in oranges, citrons, wine, and fish.

Mdilla, a sea-port of Fez, on the coast of the
Mediterranean. In 1496 it was taken by the
Spaniards, who built a citadel. It is 115 m. N.
E. of Fez. Long. 2. 57. W., lat. 34. 58. N.

Melinda, a kingdom of E. Africa, on the coast
of Zanguebar. Its products are gold, elephants’
teeth, ostriches’ feathers, wax ; and aloes, senna,
and other drugs; also plenty of rice, sugar, cocoa-
nuts, and other tropical fruits.

Melinda, the capital of the above kingdom, is a
large and handsome place, surrounded by fine gar-
dens. It has a good harbour, defended by a fort;
but the entrance is dangerous, on account of the
great number of shoals and rocks under water.
The inhabitants are said to amount to above

200,000, principally negroes. 470 m. S. W.
Magadoxa. Long. 41. 48. E., lat. 2. 15. S.

Mdipilla, a province of Chile, extending about
25 leagues from E. to W , and abounding in
grain and wine. Logrono is the capital.

Melita. See Malta.

Mditdlo, a town of Sicily, in Val di Xoto, 8 m.
AV. of LeontinL

Melitopol, a town of Russia, government of Tau.
rida, situate on a lake,
12 m. from the sea tf
Asoph and 103 S. of Catharinenslaf.

Mdksham, a town in Wiltshire, Eng. with a
market every other Thursday for cattle, and a
manufacture of broad cloths. It has a large par-
ish church and three meeting houses. 99 m. W.
of London.

Melle, a town of Hanover, seated on the Hase,
15 m. E. by S. of Osnaburg.

Melle, a town of France, department of Deux
Sevres, 12 m. S. W. of Niort.

Metier. See Mader.

Mellingen, a town of Switzerland, in the canton
of Aargau, seated on the Reuss, 9 m. S. by W.
of Baden.

Mdlville, a township of Cumberland Co. N. J.

Mdnick, a town of Bohemia, with a castle. Its
vicinity yields excellent red and white wine, and
near it stands the Augustine convent of Schopka.
It is seated on the Elbe, opposite the influx of the
Muldaa. 15 m. N. of Prague.

Mdoui. a town of Egvpt, with a remarkable
mosque ; seated on the Nile, 3 m. S. of Ashmu-

Mdrost. a town of Scotland, in Roxburgshire,
with manufactures of linen and woolen cloth.
At some distance from the town, on the S. side
of the Tweed, are the magnificent remains of
Melrose AbS?v. fonnded by David I., part of
which is still used far divine service. Alexander

II. is said to be buried under the great altar. Ab-
botsford, the seal of Sir Walter Scott, is in the
vicinity of the abbey. Melrose is 11 m. N. W. of
Jedbnrg and 35 S. of Edinburgh.

Melton Mowbray, a town in Leicestershire, Eng.
The fine cheese called Stilton is chiefly made in
its neighbourhood. The church is a fine Gothic
edifice, and here are two meeting-houses, a char-
ity school, a national school, and
12 almshouses,
Bix of which were erected in 1827. It is seated
in a rich grazing country, on the river Eye, over
which are two handsome stone bridges, 15 in. N.
E. of Leicester and 106 N. by W. of London.

Mdtonsmtie, p.v. Anson Co. N. C. 130 m. S.
W. Raleigh.

Mdun, a town of France, department of Seine
et-Marne. It has a trade with Paris in corn
meal, wine, and cheese; and is seated on the
Seine, 25 m. S. E. of Paris. Long. 2. 35. E., lat.

48. 30. N.

Melville Island, one of a group of islands in the
Polar Sea of the western continent, called the
Georgian Archipelago, where the English discov-
ery ships under Capt. Parry wintered. It lies
between 74. 25, and 75. 50. N. lat. and 106. and
114. W. long. 240 m. long and 100 broad. It is a
mass of rocks without a tree or shrub, but in the
ravines or valleys the soil affords grass, moss and
salads. A few Esquimaux resort hither in sum-
mer, and the wild animals of the north also make
it their abode in the same season. Herds oi
musk oxen were seen at Winter Harbour in this
island early in the spring. These animals have a

singular appearance owing to the shortness of
their limbs, their broad, flattened and crooked
horns and their long hair which hangs nearly
down to the ground. AVhen full grown they
weigh about 700 pounds. The flesh of the young
cow and calves is tolerably good, but the old ones
have so strong a scent of musk that they cannot
be eaten. They are found in great numbers
within the Arctic Circle, and go in herds of eighty
or an hundred.

Memel, a strong town of E. Prussia, with a cas-
tle, a fine harbour, and an extensive commerce.
It is seated on a river of the same name, at the
N. extremity of the Curische Haff; and on the
N. E. side of the entrance into the harbour is a
lighthouse. It is 70 m. N. N. E. of Konigsberg
and 130 N. E. of Dantzic. Long. 21. 26. E., lat.
55. 46. N.

Memmingen, a town of Bavaria, defended by
art, and surrounded by a morass. It has a con-
siderable trade in fine linen, fustian, cotton, paper,
salt, tobacco, and hops. Near this place, in 1795,
the French republicans defeated the emigrants
under the prince of Conde; and in 1800 the
French defeated the Austrians, and took the town.
It is seated in a fertile plain, near the river Uler,
28 m. S. by E. of Ulm. Dong. 10. 12. E., ’at. 48.
0 N.

Memphis, p.t. Shelby Co. Ten. on the Missis-
sippi, on the site of old Fort Pickering. It has a
fine situation at a point where the great western
road strikes the river.    ยป

Memphremagog, a lake of N. America, in Can-
ada and Vermont, 35 m. long and 3 broad. Its
outlet is the river St. Frances, running into the
m. Lawrence. On an island in this lake is a
quarry of oil stone equal to the best Turkey oi

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