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MAU    487    MAY

Matthew, St., a small island in the Indian Ocean.
Long. 123.51. E., lat. 52. 3. S.

Matthews, a county ofthe E. District of Virginia.
Pop. 7,663.

Mattapoiset, a village on Buzzard’s Bay in Ply-
mouth Co. Mass.

Mattituck, p.v. Suffolk Co. N Y. on Long

Muito Grosso, a province of Brazil, bounded N.
by the province of Para, S. by that of St. Paul,
VV. by that of La Plata, and E. by that of Goias,
and lying between 52. and 64. of W. long., and
between 10. and 23. of S. lat. It was first visited
bv the Portuguese in search of gold, which abounds
near the sources of many of its rivers. The coun-
try is generally fertile.

Muntumay, a sea-port in the island of Jeso, cap-
ital of a province of the same name, tributary to
JaDan. Long. 138. 55. E., lat. 42. 0. N.

Matura, a sea-port of Ceylon, with a small fort.
The country round is exceedingly wild, and
abounds in elephants, which are here principally
caught for exportation. It is seated at the mouth
of the Melipu, near the southern extremity of the
island, 25 m. E. S. E. of Galle. Long. 80. 23. E.,
lat. 5. 53. N.

Matura, a town of Hindoostan, in the province
of A*ra, 22 m. N. E. of Agra and 70 S. S. E. of

Maubtugt. a fortified town of France, depart-
ment of Nord, with manufactures of arms and
woolen stuffs. In 1793 the Austrians formed the
blockade of
this place, but were so in driven from
their position. It was one of the fortresses occu-
pied by the allies from 1315 to 1318. Seated on
the Sambre, 13 m. S. of Mons.

Mauch Chunk, a village of Northampton Co. Pa.
on the I.ehig^i, 35 in. S. W. Easton and 103 by
the river above Philad. Here are large coal
mines, for an account of which See

Mauldah, a town of Hindoostan, in Bengal, sit-
uate on a river that communicates with the Gan-
ges. It arose out of the ruins of Gour, which are
in its neighbourhood ; and is a place of trade, par-
ticularly in silk. 170 m. N. of Calcutta. Long.

88. 16. E., lat. 25. 3. N.

Maule, a province of Chile, 132 m. long and 120
broad. The soil is fertile, and the province is well
watered. The capital is Talca. Lat. 34. 47. S.

Maule. a river of the above province, which
rises in the Cordillera, and enters the Pacific in
lat. 34. 50. S.

Maul ton. a town of France, department of Ven-
dee. with an ancient castle on a rock. It is seated
near the river Oint. 52 m. N. E. of Rochelle.

McAern. a town of France, department of Lower
Pvrenees. 2? m. W. S. W. of Pau.

a town of France, department of Up-
per Pvreaees.
23 m. S. E. of Tarbes.

Msxov*. a river of Indiana, flowing into the
Ohio. Also i village in Wood Co. Ohio, on the
same river.

Maurc. St-, an island in the Ionian Sea, on the
W. coast of
Greece J5 m. N. ofthe island of Ceph-
alonia, about 5*} m. in circuit. Its surface is
mountaineer* and ragged, and it is subject to fre-
quent earthquakes
Tne chief products are wine,
olives, citrous, poor-grantes. almonds, and other
fruits. It
forms part of the Ionian republic, and
four deputies to the assembly. There are
good ports ; bwt no town of consequence
except uie
capital, of the same name, situate at
the N. extremity of the island. Long. 20. 46. E.,
lat 38.40. N

Maurepas,a lake in the eastern part of Louisiana
which discharges its waters into Lake Pontchar
train by a strait 7 m. long ■ the lake is 12 in. in
length and 7 in breadth, with a depth of 12 feet

Mauriac, a town of France, department of Can
tal, famous for excellent horses ; seated near the
Dordogne, 29 m. E. of Tulle.

Maurice, St., a town of Switzerland, in the Va-
lais, situate on the Rhone, between two high
mountains, 16 in. N.‘ W. of Martigny.

Maurice, St., a river of Lower Canada, flowing
into the St. Lawrence. Also a county lying upon
the same river.    '

Maurice, p.v. Cumberland Co. N. J. on a rtream
of the same name, falling into Delaware Bay.

Mauritius. See France, Isle of.

Maurua, one of the smaller Society Islands, in
the S. Pacific, 14 m. W. of Bolabola. Long. 152.
32. W., lat. 16. 25. S.

Maury, a Co. of W. Tennessee. Pop. 28,153.
Columbia is the capital.

Mautern, a town of Austria, on the S. side of
the Danube, opposite Stein, with which it is con-
nected by a long wooden bridge. It is 11 m. N
by W. of St. Poften.

Mates, St., a borough in Cornwall, Eng. It
has no church, but a chapel has been erected at
the expense of the late marquis of Buckingham.
Henry VIII. built a castle here, opposite to Pen-
dennis, for the better security of Falmouth. It
is seated on the E. side of Falmouth Haven.
12 m. S. S. W, of Grampound and 260 W. by S.
of London.

Maiatauny, a township of Berks Co. Pa. 20 m.
N. E. Reading.

Maxen, a town of Upper Saxony, celebrated for
a victory obtained by the Austrians over the
Prussians, in 1759, when 20,000 Prussians sur-
rendered themselves prisoners of war. It .s
m. S. of Dresden

Maxfield, ph. Penobscot Co. Me. Pop. 186.

Maximin, St., a town of France, department of
Var, seated on the Argens, 21 m. N. of Toulon.

May, a small island of Scotland, at the mouth
of the frith of Forth, with a light-house,
6 m. S
E. of Anstruther.

May, Cape, a cape of N. America, on the N
side of the mouth of the Delaware. Long. 75. 4
W., lat. 39. 0. N.

Mayamba, or Majumba, a sea-port of Africa, in
Loango. The chief trade is in logwood. It
stands at the mouth of the Banna, 110 m. N. W
of Loango. Long. 10. 20. E., lat. 3. 40. S.

Maybole, a town of Scotland, in Ayrshire, with
a manufacture of blankets; seated on an emi-
nence, surrounded by hills,
8 m. S. of Ayr.

Mayen, a town in the Prussian province of Low-*
er Rhine, with a castle and a collegiate church ,
seated on the Nette, 15 m. W. by N. of Coblentz ,

Mayence. See Mentz.

Mayenfield, a town of Switzerland, in the Gnsoti
country, chief place of the League of the Ten Ju
risdictions, with 900 inhabitants; seated on the
Rhine, in a romantic valley, 22 m. S. by E. of

Mayenne, a department of France, including
part of the former province of Maine. It takes
its name from a river, which flows S. by the
cities of Mayenne and Laval, to that of Angers
where it receives the Sarthe, and soon after joins
the Loire. Laval is the capital.

Mayenne, the chief place of an arrondissement
in the above department, with a castle on a rock
It has manufactures of linen, woolen, and thread

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