Brookes Universal Gazetteer (1850) Page 483 Left Column

Brookes’ Universal Gazetteer (1850), Page  483  Left Column
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Martin's Creek, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, United States (main entry)
    Easton (directional)
Cape Martin (main entry)
    Gulf of Valencia
    Gulf of Alicant
St. Martin, Isle of Re, France (main entry)
    Rochelle (directional)
St. Martin (Island), Leeward Carribee Islands (main entry)
    Anguilla (directional)
Martinach, Valais, Switzerland (main entry)
    Dranse River
    Sion (directional)
Martinsville, Henry County, Virginia, United States (main entry)
    Martinsville, Guilford County, North Carolina, United States
    Martinsville, Morgan County, Indiana, United States
Martinique (Island), Windward Carribee Islands (main entry)
    Fort Royal, Martinique (Island), Windward Carribee Islands
Martock, Somerset, United Kingdom (main entry)
    London (directional)
Martorano, Calabria Citra, Naples (main entry)
    Cosenza (directional)
Martorel, Catalonia, Spain (main entry)
    Noya River
    Lobregat River
    Barcelona (directional)
Martos, Andalusia, Spain (main entry)
    Jaen (directional)
Maru, Khorasan, Persia (main entry)
    Morga River
    Mesched (directional)
Marvao, Alemtejo, Portugal (main entry)
    Portalegre (directional)
Marvejols, Lozčre, France (main entry)
    Colange River
    Mende (directional)
Marville, Meuse, France (main entry)
    Oshein River
    Jametz (directional)
St. Mary, Camden County, Georgia, United States (main entry)
    St. Mary River
    Newport (directional)
St. Mary River (main entry)
    Georgia, United States
    West India
    Okefonoko Swamp
    Florida, United States
    St. Mary
    Amilla (Island)
    Cumberland (Islands)
St. Mary Strait (main entry)
    North America
    Lake Superior
    Lake Huron
Maryborough, Queen's County, Ireland (main entry)
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