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MAR    480    MAR

landed and burnt the town and castle, since
which it has greatly declined. Its chief import-
ance arises from its situation, as all vessels from
Eutope bound for Cumana, Barcelona, and La
Guilin, must pass through the channel which sep-
arates it from Cumana. Its ports are Fampatar,
Pueblo de la Mar, and Pueblo del Norte. It was.
the scene of several sanguinary battles between the
independants and the royal troops under general
Morillo, who was defeated with great loss near
Pampatar, and obliged to retire to the continent.
Ascension is. the capital. Long. 64. to 65. WI,
lat. 10. 56. N.

Margate, a town in Kent, Eng. on the isle of
Thanet, with a brisk trade in corn, coals, fish, tim-
ber, iron, tar, &c. It is a member of the port of
Dover, and owing to the great resort to it, for sea
bathing, for which its situation is wTell adapted,
it has rapidly increased in population and wealth.
The harbour has been greatly improved, and the
town is protected from the inroads of the sea by
a stone pier. There are regular passage «boats to
and from London, and during summer a number
of steam packets. It is situate on the side of a
hill, 17 m. E. E. N. of Canterbury and 71 E by S.
ofLondon. Long. 1.22. E., lat.51. 24. N.

Marcellas, ph. Onondago Co. N. V. 4 m. N. E.
from Skeneateles Lake. Pop 2.026.

March, a town in Cambridegshire, Eng. with a
considerable trade in com, coals, and timber.
Near this place three urns full of burnt bones
and some small Roman coins were dug up in 1730.
Tt is seated on the Nen, in the isle of Ely, 26 m.
N. N. W. of Cambridge ar.h 81 N. ofLondon.

Marchburg, or Mahrhurg, a town of the Aus-
trian States in Styria, capital of a circle of its
name, with two castles. In its vicinity are good
vinevards. It is seated»n the Drave, 36 m. S. S
E. of Gratz. Long. 15.    E.,    lat. 46. 48. N.

Marche, a town of France, department of Vos-
ges : situate near the source of the Mouzon, 20
m. S. of Neufchateau.

Marcktck, a town of Lower Austria, with an
old castle ; seated on the March, on the frontiers
of Hungary, 23 m. E. by N. of Vienna.

Marciennes, a town of the Netherlands, prov-
ince of Hainault; seated on the Sambre, 18 m.
t. by S. of Mons.

Marehiennes, a town of France, department of
Nord, seated in a morass, on the river Scarpe, 9
m. W. N. W of Valenciennes.

Marcianisi, a town of Naples, in Terra di Lavo-
ro, 13 m. N. N. E. of Naples.

Marcigny, a town of France, department of
Saone-et-Loire, near the river Loire, 32 m. W.
of Macon.

Marco, St., a town of Naples, in Calabria Citra,
seated on the Senito, 22 m. N. of Cosenza.

Marcou, St., two small islands ii» the English
Channel, near the coast of France, 7 m. S. E. of
La Hague.

Marcus Hook, p.v. Delaware Co. Pa. on the Del-
aware, 20 m. below Philad.

Mardike, a village, of France department of
Nord, seated on a canal, to which it gives name,
4 m. W. by S. of Dunkirk.

Mardin, a town of Asiatic Turkey, in the dis-
trict of Bogdad. It stands on a high and steep
hill and is surrounded by a wall.

March, the capital of a district of Arabia, in Ye-
men. It is 100 m. S. E. of Sanaa. Long. 47. 20.
E., lat. 15. 44. N.

Marengo, a village Austrian Italy, in the gov-
ernment of Milan, famous for a decisive victory
gained by the French over the Austrians, June 14,
1300. It is 3 m. S. E. of Allessandria.

Marengo, a county of Alabama. Pop. 7,742.
Linden is the capital.

Marengo, p.v. Seneca Co. N. Y.

Marennes, a town of France, department of
Lower Charente, remarkable for the green-finned
oysters, found near the coast. It is 25 m. S. of
La Rochelle and 270 S. W. of Paris.

Maretimo, an island in the Mediteranean, on
the W. coast of Sicily, 12 m. in circumference,
it has a castle, with a few farm-houses, and pro-
duces much honey. Long. 12. 15. E., lat. 33. 5. N.

Margarettn, a township of Huron Co.Ohio. 110
m. N. E.Columbus.

Margaret's IAand, in the N. Pacific, was discov-
ered by captain Magee, in the ship Margaret, of
Boston, in his vovage from Kamtschatka, in
1780. Long. 141. 12. E., lat. 24. 40. N.

Margarita, an island near the coast of Cumana,
about 40 m. long and 15 broad, discovered by
Columbus in 14C^. The continual verdure ren-
ders it pleasant; hut it has no fresh water. The
inhabitants are principally mulattoes and the orig-
inal natives. The pearl fishery, was once prose-
cuted to a great extent, fliit in 1620 the Dutch

Marguerite, a small uncultivated island on the
S. E. coast of France, opposite Antibes, with a
strong castle, in which
44 the man with the iron
mask ’ was for some time confined. Long. 7. 3.
E., lat. 45. 31. N.

Mari, Loch, a lake of Scotland, in Ross-shire,
16 m. long, and from 1 to 2 broad. There are 24
small islands in it.

Maria, a river of N. America, which rises in
the Rocky. Mountains, and, after a course of 500
m. falls into the Missouri, 54 m. below the Great

Maria, Cape, a small island on the N. coast of
New Holland, in the gulf of Carpentaria. Long.
135. 53. E., lat. 14. 50. S.

Maria, St., an island in the Indian Ocean, near
t the E. side of Madagascar. It is 45 m. long and
7 broad, well watered, and surrounded by rocks.
The air is extremely moist; for it rains almost
every day. It produces rice, sugar-canes, legu-
mes, pine-apples, tobacco, &c., and oil the coasts
are found white coral and ambergris. Long. 50.

20. E., lat. 17. 0. S. .

Maria, St., the most southern island of the
Azores, which produces plenty of wheat, and has
about 5,000 inhabitants. It has a town of the same
name. Long. 25. 9. W., lat. 36. 57. N.

Maria, St., a towin of Congo, capital ofthe king-
dom of Matamba. It stands on a river that flows
into the Coa.nzo, 310 m. E. of Loanda. Long. 18
0. F.., lat.
8. 50. S.

Mariagalwnte, one of the Carribee islands, be-
longing to the French. It extends 16 m. from N.
to S. and 4 from E. to W. On the E. shore are
lofty perpendicular rocks ; and about half its sur-
face is barren mountains. It is indifferently wa-
tered, but produces tobacco, cotton, coffee, and
sugar. It wins taken by a British frigate in 1808.
The S. end is 30 m. N. by E. of Dominica. Long
61. 12. AV., lat. 15. 52. N.

Marian Islands. See Ladrone.

Marie aux Mines, a town of France, department
of Upper Rhine, divided into two parts by the river
Laber. It is 14 m. N. W. of Colmar.

Marienburg, a strong town of AV. Prussia, in
the government of Dantzic, with a brisk trade
It is seated on the E. branch of the Vistula, 24
m. S. E. of Dantzic. Long. 19.1. E., lat. 54.2. N.

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