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Italy. Here are many other churches, numerous
convents, a synagogue for the Jews, who live in
a distinct quarter, a university,-the ancient ducal
palace, with its gallery of paintings, Ac. Virgil
was born at a village near this city. Mantua sur-
rendered to the French in 1797 (after a siege of
eight months), was taken by the Austrian and
Russian army in 1799, again ceded to France in
1801, and finally delivered up to the Austrians in

1814. It is 35 m. N. £. of Parma and 70 E. S.
E. of Milan.- Long. 10 50. E., lat. 45. 10. N.

Mantua, a village in Blockley township adjoin-
ing Philadelphia.

Maniua, p.t. Portage Co. Ohio, on the Cuyaho-
ga, 148 m. N. E. Columbus. Pop. 949.

Maouna,one of the Navigator’s Islands, in the S.
Pacific. Here, in 1787, La Perouse met with his
first fatal accident; captain Langle, Lemanon the
naturalist, and 9 sailors being massacred by the
natives. Long. 169. 0. W., lat. 14. 19. S.

Maracaibo, a province of S. America nowforming
part of the Venezuelan province of the Colombian
republic, and extending N. to the Carribean Sea.
The soil is in many places exceedingly fertile,
and the climate, although excessively hot, is not
on the whole unhealthy. The inhabitants are es-
timated at about

Maracaibo, the capital of the above province.with
a harbour which can only admit small vessels, ow-
ing to the obstruction of a sand bar. It bias a
mean appearance, some of the houses being cover-
ed with tiles, others with reeds. The climate is
hot, and the storms of thunder and lightning that
frequently occur are accompanied with tremend-
ous rains. It is seated on the outlet of the lake
of its name, 60 m. W. S. W. of Caracas. Lontr.
71. 46. W., lat. 10. 30. N.

Maracaibo, a lake of Caracas in the province of
Venezuela. It is 150 m. long and 90 where broad-
est, with a circumference of450 ; and is naviga-
ble for vessels of the greatest burden. The banks
are sterile, and the air insalubrious ; but the wa-
ter is fresh, except in .stormy weather, when the
waters of the sea are forced into it. It communi-
cates with the gulf of Venezuela, by a strait
which is defended by strong forts, and has several
Spanish towns seated on its borders.

Maracay, or Maracao, a town of Colombia, in
the province of Venezuela, in the neighbourhood
of which are plantations of cotton, indigo, coffee,
corn, Ac. ; seated on the E. side of the lake Val-
encia, in the valley of Aragoa.

Maraga, a well built city of Persia, province
of Aderbijan, with a spacious bazaar, a glass man-
ufactory, and a handsome public bath; situated
at the extremity of a well cultivated plain, open-
ing to the lake of Urumea, from which it is dis-
tant 10 or 12 m., and
68 m. N. of Tabreez. Lonar.
46. 25. E.. lat. 37.20. N.

Marankam. a northern province of Brazil, which
comprehends a fertile and populous island of the
same name, 112m in circumference. The French
settled here in 1612; but they were soon expqlled
by the Portoguese. St. Luis de Maranham is
the chief town.

Maranon. See Amazon.

Marano, a sea-port of Austrian Italy, in the
province of Udina ; seated on the gull of Venice,
27 m. S. by E. of Udina. Long. 13.5. E., lat. 45.
52. N.

Mararts, a town of France, department of Lower
Charente, with a brisk trade in salt, malt, corn,
and meal; seated on the Sevre, in the midst of
salt marshes, 12 m. N. N. E. of Rochelle

Marant, or Amarant, a town of Persia, in t,
province of Adirbeitzan, containing 2,500 houses,
each with a garden ; situate near a river, and wa
tered by canals. Cochineal is found in its neigh-
bourhood. The inhabitants say that Noah was
buried here. It is 50 m. N. of Tauris. Lonar. 47.
46. E., lat. 39. 7. N.

Marasa, a town of W7. Africa, in Wangara, on
the N. side of the Niger, 160 m. N. E. of Ghan-
ara. Long. 17. 10. E., lat. 15. 50. N

Maraschf a town of Asiatic Turkey, in Carama
nia, the capital of a s^giacate and the see of a
bishop. It is 180 m. E. by S. of Cogni. Long. 37.
25. E., lat. 37. 24. N.

Marathon, a village of Attica, formerly a city,
famous for the victory obtained by Miltiades with

10,000 Athenians over 500.000 Persians, B. C.
490. It is a few m. N. N. E. of Athens.

Marathon, p.t. Lawrence Co. Alab. on the Ten-
nessee, 35 m. W. Huntsville.

Maravi, a lake of Eastern Africa, W. of Mo
zambique; reported to be about 40 in. in breadth,
and of much greater length. At its S. extremity
is a district with a town of the same name. Long.

3. 10. E., lat. 13. 10. S.

Maraicar, a country of Hindoostan, situated on
the eastern coast, opposite Ceylon, and between
9. and 10. of N. lat. It is
66 m. in length by 40 in
breadth ; and is included in the collectorship of
Dindigul. The chief towns are Ramnad and Tri-
patore.    <

Maraicina.a river of Guiana, noted for a curious
pebble, known by the name of the Marawina dia-
mond, which, when polished, is often set in rings,
Ac. It enters the Atlantic in long. 53. 48. W.,
lat. 5. 58. N.

Marazion, or Market Jew, a town in Cornwall,
Eng. The parish church of St. Hilary is about 2
m. distant; but the town has a chapel of ease
beside several meeting houses for dissenters. It
is seated on Mount Bay, 4 m. E. of Penzance and
279 W. by S. of London.

MarbeUa, a town of Andalusia, seated at the
mouth of the Rio Verde, with a harbour, defended
by a castle, 28 m. S. W. of Malaga.

Marblehead, p.t. Essex Co. Mass. 19 m. N. E.
Boston and 4. S. E. Salem. Pop. 5,150. This town
lies close to the sea and has a safe but small harbour.
It carries on a very active fishing business. Here
is a bank, an academy and 5 churches.

Marbletown, p.t. Ulster Co. N. Y. on Esopus
creek, 70 m- S. W. Albany. Pop. 3,223.

Marbceuf, a town of France, department of
Eure, 12 m. N. of Conches.

Marboz, a town of France, department of Ain,
12 m. N. of Bourg.

Marbrook, a river in Shropshire, Eng. which
joins the Severn below Bridgenorth.

Marburg, a town of Germany, capital of that
part of Upper Hesse which belongs to the elector
of Hesse-Cassel. It has a fortified castle on the
top of a mountain, a university, an academy, a
Lutheran, a Calvinist, and a catholic church, art
hospital, two infirmaries, and an orphan house.
It was taken by the French in 1757 ; surrendered
to the allies in 1759; and again taken by the
French in 1760, It is seated on the Lake, 47 m.
S. W. of Cassel. Long.
8. 50. E., lat. 50. 48. N

Marburyville, p.v. Feliciana Co. Lou. 83 in. N.
W. New Orleans.

MareeUin, St., a town of France, department of
Isere; seated on the Isere, at the foot of a hill
an excellent wine country, 30 m. S. S. E. of

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