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Jtis23m.E. ofExeter,and 143 S. W. ofLondon.

Lyme,ph. Grafton Co. N. H. on the Connecticut,

8 m. N. Dartmouth College. Pop. 1.804. ph. N.
London Co. the mouth of the Connecticut
Pop. 4,098; a township of Jefferson Co. N. Y. on
L. Ontario. Pop. 2.872 : and a township in Huron
Co. Ohio.

Lymford, a gulf of Denmark, in N. Jutland,
which has a narrow entrance from the Cattegat,
and extends 80 m. across the country, widening
gradually, and forming several branches ; the W.
end is 20 m. long, and separated from the North
Sea only by a narrow bank.    *

Lymington, a borough in Hampshire, Eng. It
is seated on a river of its name, a m. from the sea,
and the harbour will admit vessels of 300 tons
burden. The chief trade is in salt; and it is much
resorted to in summer for sea-bathing. Near it
are the remains of a Roman camp; and in 1744
200 lbs. weight of their coins were discov- *
ered here in two urns. It is 18 m. S. S. AV. of
Southampton, ancTSS S. W. ofLondon.

Lynchburg, ph. Campbell Co. Va. on James
River, 118 m. W. Richmond. Also villages in
Oldham Co. Kea. and Lincoln Co. Ten.

Lyndeborough, ph. Hillsborough Co. N. H. 10
m. N. AV. Amherst. Pop. 1,147.

Lyndhurst, a village in Hampshire, Eng. on the
N. side of the New Fc-rest, 9 m.
AV. S. AAr. of
Southampton. Here are the king's house and the
king's stables, the latter very large;. and all the
forest courts are held here.

Lyndon, ph. Caledonia Co. Vt. 32 m. N. E.
Montpelier. Pop. l,

Lyneville, p.v. Granville Co. N. C. 60 m. N.

Lynn, or Lynn Regis, a borough and sea-port in
Norfolk, Eng. By the Ouse, and its associated
rivers, it supplies most of the midland countries
with coal, timber, and wine; and, in return, ex-
ports malt and corn in great quantities : it also par-
takes in the Baltic trade and Greenland fishery.

. Lynn has a large market-place, with an elegant
cross. It is 42 m. W. N. W. of Norwich, and 96
N. by E. of London. Long. 0. 24. E., lat. 52.

46. N. •

Lynn, ph. Essex Co. Mass. 10 m. N. E. Boston.
Pop. 6,138. This town is noted for its manufac-
ture of shoes, of which between one and two
million pair are made annually. It lies upon the
coast, and is connected by a long beach with the
peninsula of Nahant.

Limn, a township of Lehigh Co. Pa. bordering
on Berks and Schuylkill Cos.

Lynn Creek, p.v. Giles Co. Ten 68 m. AV.

LynniLlA, p.t. Essex Co. Mass. 11 m. N. Boston
Pop. 617.

Lifonnois. a former province of France, lying
on the W. side of the Saone and Rhone, 30 m. in
length, and 17 in breadth. This province, with
Forez and Beanjolois, now forms the department
of the Rhone and the Loire.

Lyons, a city of France, capital of the depart-
ment Rhone, and the see of an archbishop.
Many antiquities are still observed, which evince
its Roman origin. It was long considered as the
second city of France in beauty, size, ami popula-
tion, and superior to Paris in trade, commerce, and
manufactures. The quays were adorned with
magnificent structures; the cathedral was a ma-
jestic Gothic edifice ; and the tovvn-house was one
of the most beautiful in Europe. The other prin-
cipal public buildings were the exchange, the
custom-house, the palace of justice, the arsenal,
a theatre, a public library, two colleges, and two
hospitals. The bridge which unites the city with
the suburb de la Guillotiere is 1,560 feet long;
and there are three other principal suburbs, six
gates, and several fine churches. Such was Lyons
in June 1793, when it revolted against the national
convention. Being obliged to surrender, in Oc-
tober, the convention decreed that the walls and
public buildings should be destroyed, and the name
of the city changed to that of Ville Affranchie
The chiefs of the insurgents had fled, but several
of them were afterwards taken; and of 3,528 per-
sons, who were tried before the revolutionary tri-
bunal, 1,682 were either shot or beheaded. In
1794, however, on the destruction of the faction
of the jacobins, the convention decreed that the
city should resume its ancient name, and that
measures should be taken to restore its manufac-
tures and commerce. In 1795 the friends of those
who were so wantonly put to death in 1793 aveng-
ed their fate by a general massacre of the judges
of the revolutionary tribunal, and of all the ja-
cobins who were then confined in the prisons of
Lyons. Notwithstanding, Lyons has begun to
resume its ancient celebrity, and is now a place
of very great trade, which is extended not only
through France, but to Italy, Switzerland, and
Spain; and there are four celebrated fairs every
year. The chief article of manufacture now is
that of silk : the others are gold and silver bro-
cade, plain, double, and striped velvet, richly em-
broidered taffeta, and satin; also gold and silver
laces or galoons, gauze, hats, ribands, leather, car-
pets, and colored paper. The printing and book-
selling of this place are the next to Paris in im-
portance. It was the scene of several actions
between the French and Austrians in 1814 ; and
on the return of Bonaparte from Elba in 1815 the
princes of the house of Bourbon were obliged to
withdraw. It was also the scene of dreadful riots
in the latter part of 1831. This city is seated at
the conflux of the Saone with the Rhone, 15 m.
N. of Vienne, and 280 S. E. of Paris. Long. 4.

49. E., lat. 45. 46. N. Pop. 145,675.

Lyons, ph. Wayne Co. N. Y. 16 m. N. Geneva.
Pop. 3,603.

Lysander, ph. Onondaga Co. N. Y. 20 m. N.
W. Onondaga. Pop. 3,223.

Lythe, a village in N. Yorkshire, Eng. on the
sea-coast, 4 m.
AV. N. W. of Whitby, noted for
its extensive alum works.

Lytham, a town in Lancashire, Eng. 5 m. from
Kirkham. and
230 from London.


MA ALMORIE, a promontory and small island
of Scotland,
on the S. E. coast of the isle of

Maartensdyke, a town of the Netherlands, in
the province of Zealand, on the island of Tholm,
9 m. W. N. W. of Bergen-op-Zoom.

Mabra, a town of Algiers, seated on the golf of
Bona 10 m. W. of Bona.

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