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LEE    440    LEH

tain, near the river Gers, 16 m. N. of Auch.
Long. 0. 37. E., lat. 43. 56. N.

Ledbury, a town in Herefordshire Eng. with
a considerable manufacture of ropes and sacking.
The navigable canal from Gloucester to Hereford
passes by this town, which is situate near the S.
extremity of the Malvern Hills. 16 m. E. of
Hereford, and 129 W. N. W. of London.

Ledesma, a small but strong town of Spain, in
Leon, seated on the Tormes, 20 m. S. W. of

Lee, a river of Ireland, which rises on the con-
fines of Kerry, flows E. to Cork, and falls into
Cork Harbour.

Lee, a county of the W. District of Virginia.
Pop. 6,461. Jonesville is the capital. Also a
township of Strafford Co. N. H. Pop. 1,009.
ph. Berkshire Co. Mass. 140 m. W. Boston.
Pop. 1,825. ph. Oneida Co. N. Y. Pop. 2,514.
township in Athens Co. Ohio.

Leeds, a flourishing town in West Yorkshire,
Eng. It stands on the river Aire, over which is
a stately stone bridge. It is the principal of the
clothing towns in Yorkshire, and the mart for the
colored and white broad cloths, of which vast
quantities are sold in its two cloth halls, within the
space of an hour, without the least confusion.
Leeds has flourishing manufactures of carpets;
also some mills for the cutting of tobacco, and
several potteries. In the neighbourhood are
numerous collieries, and great quantities of coal
are sent to York and Hull. 3 m. N. N. W. of
the town, on the river Aire, stands the remains
of that venerable pile, Kirkstal Abbey, embower-
ed in groves of oak. A canal passes hence to
Liverpool, by which and the river this town has
a communication with the Irish Sea and the Ger-
man Ocean. 24 m. S. W. of York, and 189 N.
W. of London. Long. 1. 34. W., lat. 53. 48. N.

Leeds, a parish in Kent, Eng. which had form-
erly a castle and a priory : some ruins of the lat-
ter still remain. 5 m. S. W. of Maidstone and 40
from London.

Leeds, ph. Kennebec Co. Me. Pop. 1,685. Also
a village in Gloucester Co. N. J. on the coast.

Leedsto n, p.v. Westmoreland Co. Va. 105 m.
W. Washington.

Leefogo, the most fertile of the Hapaee islands,
i n the South Pacific. It is not above 7 m. in
length, and only 2 or 3 in breadth, but is superior
in many respects to Annamooka. The inhabi-
tants are treacherous, and have frequently attemp
ted to seize European vessels. Long. 185. 49. E.,
lat. 19. 49. S.

Leek, a town in Staffordshire, Eng. It has a
brisk trade, and manufactures of bandanna and
other handkerchiefs, ribands, twist, and buttons.
It is seated on the Churnet, 21 m. N, of Stafford
and 154 N. N. W. of London.

Leer, or Lehr, a town of Hanover, in East
Friesland, on the river Leda, which soon after
joins the Ems. 14 m. S. E. of Emden.

Leerdam, a town of the Netherlands, in South
Holland, seated on the Linghe, 11 m. S. of

Leerort, a fortress of Hanover, in East Friesland,
seated at the conflux of the Leda with the Ems,
10 m. E. by S. of Emden.

Leers, or Liers, a town of the Netherlands, in
the territory of Liege, near which the allies were
defeated by the French in 1746. 4 m. N. of

Leersiurg, ph. London Co. Va. 46 m. N. W.
Alexandria, also towns in Harrison Co. Ken.,

Washington Co. Ten., Tuscarawas, Champaign
and Highland Cos. Ohio.

Leeviile, p.v. Schoharie Co. N. Y., p.v. Camp-
bell Co. Va., p.v. Lexington Dis. S. C., p.v.
Lawrence Co. Indiana.

Leetakoo, or Lattakoo, a town of Southern Africa.
The old town of this name was until lately the most
remote place known in the Botshuana country.
The inhabitants, when visited by Mr. Campbell and
others in 1813, appeared to have made consider-
able progress in the arts and civilization. Soon
after they removed to a more suitable situation,
severaj miles distant, in a southern direction, and
founded New Leetakoo. On his return, in 1820,
he found this new town occupied by about
persons, collected from various tribes. The
women perform most of the agricultural labor;
while the men milk the cows, make the clothes,
and go to war. New Leetakoo is 800 m. N. E.
of Cape Town.

Leetown, p.v. Jefferson Co. Va.

Leeuwe, a fortified town of the Netherlands, in
South Brabant. It is seated in a morass on the
river Geete, 12 m. E. of Louvain.

Leeward Islands, such of the Carribee Islands
in the West Indies, as commence at Porto Rico,
and extend to Dominica.

Lefooga. See Leefogo.

Leghorn, a strong city of Italy in the grand
duchy of Tuscany, and a bishop’s see. It has a
good harbour, and is the greatest commercial
depot of Italy. The Jews, who are numerous
and rich, have a handsome synagogue and schools;
the Greeks and Armenians have churches of their
own; and no religion is disturbed. The inhabi-
tants are computed at 66,000. The town is sup-
plied with excellent water brought from the moun-
tains of Colognole by means of a long and expen-
sive aqueduct, constructed by government. The
streets are wide and straight, and almost all the
houses of the same height. There are so many
canals, that some have given it the title of New
Venice. At a little distance is a light-house, on
a small island. The trade consists of foreign
goods, as cotton, sugar, cocoa, spices, sulphur,
and alum; and in home productions, as essences,
oils, wine, straw hats, cloth, juniper berries,
oranges, lambs’ and goats’ skins, and coral. In
1741 this city suffered greatly by an earthquake.
The neighbouring marshes have been rendered
fit for culture by means of canals, which have al-
so been useful in dissipating the noxious effluvia :
but the air is still far from healthy. 140 m. N.
W. of Rome, and 46 W. of Florence. Long. 10.

17. E., lat. 43. 33. N.

Lcgnano, a town of Austrian Italy, in the
Veronese, with a fortress regularly constructed.
The town is populous, and carries on a considera-
ble trade, particularly in grain, which is greatly
facilitated by means of a canal from the Adige to
the Po. It is seated on the Adige, 22 m. S. E.
of Verona.

Leibnitz, a town of the Austrian empire, in Low-
er Styria, seated on the Sulm, 16 m. S. ofGnatz.

Lehigh, a river of Pennsylvania running into
the Delaware from the N. W. In this neigh-
bourhood are large coal mines, for an account of
which see

Lehigh, a county of the E. District of Pennsyl
vania lying upon the river above mentioned. Pop
22,266. Allentown is the capital.

Lehighton, a village of Northampton Co. Pa
on the Lehigh, 36 m. N. W. Easton.

Leicester, a borough and the capital of Leices


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