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Jjiurenceourg, villages in Armstrong Co. Pa.
Franklin Co. Ken. and Dearborn Co. Indiana.

Laurens, a district of South Carolina. Pop.
20,863. Also a county of Georgia on the Oconee
river. Pop. 5,578. Dublin is the capital.

Laurens, a township of Otsego Co. N. Y. Pop.

Laurensville, p.v. Laurens Dis. S. C.

Lauirnuen, a town of Germany, on' the river
Laur, 11m. N. E. of Schweinfurt.

Laurington, a village of Marlborourgh Dis.S. C.

Laurvin, a town ofNorway, in the province of
Aggerhuys, 55 m. S. of Christiania.

Lausanne, a city of Switzerland, capital of the
canton of Pays de Vaud, and a bishop’s see, with
a famous college. It stands on a very uneven
tract of land, formed by three small hills; and
lofty parts afford the most subline views in na-
ture. The cathedral, the town-house, and other
public buildings, are magnificent, 30 m. N. E.
of Geneva, and 42 S. W. of Bern. Long.
6. 45.

E., lat. 46. 31. N.

Lausanne, a township of Northampton, Co. P.a.
on the Lehigh.

Lautenburg, a town of W. Prussia, in the pala-
tinate of Culm, 4 m. E. by S. of Culm.

Lauter, a river which rises in the Vosges moun-
tains, and forms the boundary between France
and Germany, on the VV. of the Rhine, into
Which it falls at Lauterburg.

Lauterbach, a town of Bohemia, in the circle
of Saatz, noted for excellent tin mines. 9 m. S.

S. W. of Carlsbad.

Lauterbach, a town of Germany, in the grand
duchy of Saxe-Weimar, with a trade in linen and
woolen cloth ; seated on the Vogelsberg, 15 m.

W. N. W. of Fulda.

Lauterbrunn, a village of Switzerland, in the
canton of Bern,
6 m. S. of lnterlachen. It is
seated in a romantic valley of the same name,
celebrated for its cataract, called Staubbach.

Lauterburg, a town of France, department of
Lower Rhine. It stands on the Lauter, near its
conflux with the Rhine. 14 m. S. of Laudau.

Laugerte, a town of France, in the department
of Lot, 20 m. S. W. of Cahors.

Laugun, a town of France, in the department
of Lot-et-Garonne, 17 m. N. E. of Marmande.

Laval, a town of France, capital of the depart-
ment of Mayenne. It is surrounded by an old
wall, and has two old castles, five churches, and
three hospitals, with a monastery established in
1815. Linen of all kinds and qualities is manu-
factured here; and the neighbouring quarries
produce green marble,or black, veined with white.

It is seated on the Mayenne, 40 m. W. of Mans.
Long. 0. 45. W., lat. 48. 5. N.

Lavamunde, a small town of Austrian Illyria, in
Lower Carinthia, seated on the Drave, 23 m. E.
of ClagenfuH.

Laveld, or Lafeld, a village of the Netherlands,
in the province of Liege, 4 in. W. of Maestricht.

In 1747 the French obtained a victory here over
the allies, commanded by the duke of Cumber-

Lavdlo, a town of Naples, in Basilicata, 90 m.

E. by N. of Naples.

Lavenham, a town in Suffolk, Eng. with manu-
factures of hempen cloth and woolen yarn. Here
is a spacious market place, with a cross in the
centre; but the market has long been disused.
The town is situate on an eminence, at the foot
of which runs the river Breton, 12 m. S. by E. of
Bury St. Edmund, and 62 N. E. of London.

Lavenza, a town of Italy, in the principality o
Massa, with a citadel; seated at the mouth of the
Lavenza, on the gulf of Genoa,
6 m. W. N. W
of Massa.

Lavington, a town in Wiltshire, Eng, 4 m. S
of Devizes, and 90 W. by S. of London.

Lavis, a town of the Austrian states, in Tyrol,
at the conflux of the Lavis with the Adige, 7 m.
N. of Trent.

Lavoro, Terra di, a province in the N. W. part
pf Naples, bordered on the W. by the Tuscan
Sea; and containing 1,720 square m. with520,000
inhabitants. It is proper for tillage, whence it
took its name; and is fertile in excellent wines
and fruits. There are also mineral springs, and
mines of sulphur. Capua is the capital, and Gae-
ta is the chief sea-port.

Lawrence, a county of Ohio. Pop. 5,366 Bur-
lington is the capital. A county of Indiana Pop.
9,237. Bedford is the capital. A county of W.
Tennessee Pop. 5,412. Lawrenceburgh is tiie
capital. A county of Arkansas. Pop. 2,806.
Jackson is the capital. A county of Mississippi.
Pop. 5,321. Monticello is the capital. A county
of Alabama. Pop. 14,984. Moulton is the capital.
A country of Kentucky. Pop. 3,897. Louisa is the
capital. A county of Illinois. Pop. 3,661. Law-
rence ville is the capital.

Lawrence, towns and villages in Stark, Tuscar-
awas and Washington Cos. Ohio. Hunterdon Co.
N. Y. and Clearfield Co. Pa.

Lawreneelmrg, towns in Armstrong Co. Pa. and
Dearborn Co. Indiana.

Lawrenceville, villages in Tioga, Alleghany Co.
Pa. Nansemond Co. Va., Montgomery Co. N. C.
Gwinnett Co. Geo., Madison Co. Ohio.

Lawrence, St., a large river of North America,
proceeding from Lake Ontario, from which it runs
700 m. to the gulf of St. Lawrence, in the Atlan-
tic. Its mouth is 100 ro. wide; and it is navigable
for ships of war as far as Quebec, which is 360
m. and vessels from Europe ascend to Montreal
which is 180 m. further. In its course it forms a
great variety of hays, harbours, and islands, many
of which are fruitful and extremely pleasant
Quebec, Montreal, &c.

Lawrence, St., Gulf of, is formed between the
western part of Newfoundland, the eastern shores
of Labrador, the eastern extremity of the province
of New Brunswick, part of the province of Nova
Scotia, and the island of Cape Breton. It com-
municates with the Atlantic Ocean by three dif-
ferent passages.

Lawrence-krk, a town of Scotland, in Kincar-
dineshire, with manufactures of lawn, cambric,
thread, &c., and a large bleach-field. It is seated
on the small river Leulher,
8 m. N. of Montrose.

Lawsville, p.t. Susquehanna Co. Pa. 10 m. N
Montrose.    ,

Lawgersville, p.v. Schoharie Co. N. Y.

Luxemburg, a town of Austria, with a palace,
seated on the Suechat, 17 m. S. of Vienna.

Laybach. See Laubach.

Lea, a river of England, which rises near Lu-
ton, in Bedfordshire, flows to Hertford and Ware,
and, dividing Essex from Hertfordshire and Mid-
dlesex, enters the Thames below Blackwall.

Leacock, p.t. Lancaster Co. Pa. 56 m. W. Phil-

Lead mines. This name is given to a tract of
country on the Upper Mississippi which contains
inexhaustible quantities of lead ore. The tract
is more than 200 m. in extent. The chief mines
are in the neighbourhood of Galena in the North


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