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LAN    434    LAN

at the mouth of the Elhorn, 23 m. N. E. of Brest.

Landeron, a town of Switzerland, in the canton
of Neufchatel, at the S. W. extremity of the lake
Neufchatel 7 m. N. E. of Neufchatel.

Landes, a department of France, bounded W.
by the Atlantic, and on its other sides by the de-
partments of Gironde, Lot-et-Garonne, Gers, and
Lower Pyrenees. It is divided into the three ar-
rondissements of Mont de Marsan, Dax, and St.
Sever, and has an area of 3,700 sq. m., with

250,000 inhabitants. The principal rivers are the
Adour and the Douze, which traverse it from E.
to W. To the S. of these rivers the soil is tolera-
bly fertile, producing wine, fruit, and corn, but
on the N. it is perfectly sterile. The forests are
* extensive; and the climate is generally warm.
The exports are wood, turpentine, tar, wax, cat-
tle, wool, and brandy.    .

Landisburg, p.v. Perry Co. Pa.

Landrecy, a strong town of France, in the de-
partment of Nord. It was vain by
prince Eugene, in 1712. In 1794 it was taken
by the allies ; but shortly after evacuated. It was
one of the barrier fortresses occupied by the al-
lies after the second treaty of Paris. It is seated
on the Sambre, 18 m. E. by S. of Cambray, and
19 S. by E. of Valenciennes.

Landriago, a town of Italy in the Milanese, 11
m. S. S. E. of Milan.

Landsberg, a town of Bradenburg, in the New
Mark, with a considerable trade in cloths and
wool. In 1758 it was taken by the Russians. It
is seated on the Warta, 23 m. N. E. of Custrin.

Landsberg, a town of Upper Bavaria, with a
castle near the river Lech, 30 m. S. of Augsburg.

Landseron, a town and fort of Poland, in the
palatinate of Cracow, 24 m. S. of Cracow.

Landscrona, a fortified seaport of Sweden, in
Schonen, seated on an island near the Sound,
with a good ha-rbour between the continent and a
small island. It is 20 m. N. W. of Lund, and 21
N. N. E. of Copenhagen. Long. 12. 51. £., lat.

55. 53. N.

Lands-end, a promontory in Cornwall, and the
most westerly point of Great Britian. It is a vast
aggregate of Moorstone, and on the outermost
rocks at low water are to be seen vains of lead
and copper. Long. 5. 42. W., lat. 50. 4. N.

Landsford. p.v. Chester District S. C.

Landshut, a town of Bavaria, with a palace, a
collegiate church, and a beautiful convent: the
last is now occupied by the university, which
was removed thither from Ingolstadt in 1800.
Brewing and distilling are carried on here to a
considerable extent, and there are manufactures
of cloth, leather, and watches. Upon an adjoin-
ing mountain is the ancient castle of Trausnitz.
lUis seated on an island in the river Iser, 32 m.
N. E. of Munich. Long. 12.
6. E., lat. 48. 30. N.

Landshut, a town of Prussian Silesia, in the
principality of Schweidnitz. It has a flourishing
linen trade, and is seated on the Bober, 22 m. S.
W of Scheweidnitz.

Landshut.a town of Moravia seated on the Mo-
rau, on the confines of Hungary and Austria, 36
m. S. E. of Brunn.

Landstraas, or Landtrost, a town of Austrian
Illyria, in Carnolia, with a castle and a Cister-
cian convent; situate on an island in the river
Gurk, 30 m. S by W. Cilley.

Lane, a river of Ireland, in the county of Ker-
ry, whose waters, being confined hy a great ledge
of rocks, from the lakes of Killarney. It runs
from Lough Lane, into Castlemain Bay.
















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Lanebourg, a town of the Sardinian states, in
Savoy, in the province of Marienne. It stands
on the Arve, at the foot of Mount CeDis, and is
so shut up with hills that the sun is scarcely visi-
ble from November to January, 20 m. N. N. W.
of Susa.

Lane-end, a town in Staffordshire, Eng. noted
for its extensive potteries, by which it has greatly
increased of late years. It contains two good
market houses, two churches, several meeting-
houses for dissenters, a catholic chapel, an Eng-
lish charity school, a mechanic’s institute, &c.

5 m. E. by S. of Newcastle-under-Lyne.

Lancmezan, a town of France, in the depart-
ment of Upper Pyrenees, 15 m. S. E. of Tarbe.

Lanepax, a town in the department of Gers, 11
m. S. S. W. of Condom.

La.nercost, a parish of England, in the county
of Cumberland, situate in a romantic valley, 13
m. N. E. of Carlisle.

Lanesborough, a town of Ireland, in the county
of Longford, situate on the Shannon, over which
is a fine stone bridge, 7 ill. S. of Longford, and 62
W. N. W. of Dublin.

Lamesborough, p.t. Berkshire Co. Mass. 14 m.
N. Lenox. Pop. 1,192. Here are valuable marble

Lanesville, p.v. Susquehannah Co. Pa.

Laaganieo the ancient Olympia., a town of
Independent Greece, in the Morea, situate on the
small river Carbon, the ancient Alptieus. It was
once a city of great note, near which the famous
Olympian games were celebrated ; and here was a
fine temple of Jupiter Olympus, with a celebrated
image of that god, 50 cubits high, which was reck-
oned one of the seven wonders of the world. It
is now an inconsiderable place. 32 m. S. S. E.
of Chiarenza, and 60 S. AV. of Co inth.

Langdon, p.t. Sullivan Co. N. H. on the Con
necticut. 40 m. AV. Concord. Pop. 667.

Langeac, a town of France, in the department
of Upper Loire, seated near the Allier, 12 m. S
of Brioud.

Langeais, a town of France, department of In
dre-et-Loire, noted for the culture of melons
seated on the Loire, 12 m. W. of Tours.

Langdand, a fertile island of Denmark, in the
S. part of the Great Belt. It is 33 m. long, but
scarcely 5 broad. The principal town is Rud-

Langgerum, a town of Bohemia, in the circle if
Konigingratz, on the Little Elbe, with some ex-
tensive manufactures of cambric and gauze.

Langcnau, Upper and Lower, two populous
vilages of Prussia, in Silesia, 11 m. S. of Glatz.

Langenau, a long and straggling village of Ger
many, in Wurtemberg. It contains 3,600 inhab
itants, are mostly weavers, 10 in. N. N. E. ofUlm.

Langenberg, a town of the Prussian province of
Cleves and Berg. 15 m. N. E.. of Dusseldorf.

Langenburg, a town of Germany, in AVurtero-
berg, with a magnificent castle; seated on the
river Jaxt. 32 m. AV. of Anspaeh    I

Lavgensalza, a town of Prussian Saxony, capita]
of Thuringia, with a castle, and manufactures
of silk, woolen, cotton, &c. It stands on the Sal-
za, near its conflux with the Unstrut, 14 m. W
by N. of Erfurth. Long. 10. 42. E., lat. 51. 5. N.

LangenLhal, a town of Switzerland, in the can
ton of Bern, in the neighbourhood of which are
some medicinal springs. 18 m. N. E. of Bern.

Langenzenn, a town of Germany, In Bavaria,
on the river Zenn, and near the Rednitz, 20 m.
N. E. of Anspaeh.


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