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HUE    387    HUN

of 1,300 or 1,400 geographical m. by a medial
breadth of 350 m. Animated by a prospect of
gain, the company have pushed their discoveries
into the interior, and thus has a knowledge of
these vast wilds been obtained, beyond what any
other motives would have supplied. In Decem-
ber, 1770, Mr. Hearne set out from Prince of
Wales Fort to explore a river that the Esqui-
maux, who came to the company’s factories to
trade, had brought to their knowledge, and which,
on account of much copper being found near it
had obtained the name of Copper-mine River.
Under the convoy of those Indians, he arrived
at this river in June 1771, and traced it till he
came in sight of the ^gfctic Ocean, finding it
encumbered with shoals and a bar at its mouth,
which is in long. 119. W., lat. 72. N. In 1789
Mr. Mackenzie, another officer of the company,
explored the country still more to the W.; and
entering a river (now called after his name),
which is the outlet of the Slave-lake, he traced
it to its mouth in the Arctic Ocean, where it
forms a wide estuary in long. 135. W., lat. 71.
N. Farther discoveries have been made by
Capt. Franklin.

Hudson, a city of New York, in Columbia
county with considerable manufacturing busi-
ness. The streets are spacious, and cross each
other at right angles: and the houses are sup-
plied with water brought in pipes from & spring
2 m. distant. The trade is considerable, and
vessels of the largest size can unload here. It is
seated on an eminence, on the E. side of Hud-
son River. Pop. 5,392. 30 m. S. of Albany, and
120 N. of New York.

Hudson, villages in Caswell Co., N. C. and
Portage Co. Ohio.

Hudson, a river of the United States, which
passes its whole course of 300 m. in the state of
New York. It rises between the lakes Ontario
and Champlain, and flows S. hy Albany, and
Hudson, and enters the Atlantic Ocean at New
York. It is navigable for ships to Hudson, and
for sloops to Albany, and is one of the finest nav-
igable streams in the world.

Hudxcicksicald, a seaport of Sweden, the chief
town of Helsingia, with a good harbour, on the
gulf of Bothnia. The inhabitants carry on an
advantageous trade in timber, flax, linen, butter,
fish, &c. 185 m. N. by W. of Stockholm. Long.
17. 46. E., lat. 62. 6. N.

Hue, or Hutfo. the capital of Cochin China,
with a royal palace. The inhabitants blacken
their teeth, thinking it a shame to have them
white, like dogs. It is seated in a beautiful
plain, and divided into two parts by a large river,
30 m. from its mouth An the China Sea. Long.
107. 25. E., lat. 16.25. N.

Hudra. a town of Spain, in Andalusia, on the
coast of the Atlantic, between the mouths of
the Odiel and Tinto, 53 m. W. of Seville.

Huen. an island in the Baltic, with one scat-
tered village. 3 m. from the coast of Sweden, and
9 S. S. E. of Elsinore. It is 6 m. in circumfer-
ence, and was ceded by the Danes to the Swedes,
in 1658. See

Huesca, an old fortified town in the N. of Ar-
ragon, in Spain, situated in a plain on the Isuela.
Its works have gone into ruins,but it is still a bish-
op’s see, has a university, two large schools, a ca-
thedral, and 6,800 inhabitants, with manufactures
of cloth and leather. 30 m. N. E. of Saragossa.

Huescar, a town of Spain, in Granada, with a
castle, 42 m. N. E. of Guadix

Huessen, a town of Holland, in Guelderland
seated on the Rhine, 7 m. N. E. of Nimeguen.

Hueta. See Gaeta.

Huetinberg, a town of the Austrian States, in
Carinthia, 20 m. N. N. E. of Clagenfurt.

Huffingen, a town of Baden, in the principal-
ity of Furstenburgh 4 m. N. N. W. of Furs

Hull, ph. Plymouth Co. Mass. on a peninsula
at the extremity of Nantasket Beach, on the S. side
of Boston Bay. Pop. 1Q8

Hughesburgh. See Cdtawissa.

Hull, or Kingston upon Hull, a borough and sea-
port in East Yorkshire, Eng. The commerce of
this place is considerable, and it is deemed the
fourth port in the kingdon. Besides itsvsommu-
nication with the Yorkshire rivers and canals, it r
has access also to the Trent, and all its branches , j
so that it has the import and export trade of many (
of the northern and midland counties. The for- '
eign trade is chiefly to the Baltic; but it is also ■,
one of the privileged ports for trading to tfie East
Indies, and has traffic with the southern parts
of Europe, and with America. More ships are sent
.hence to Greenland than from any other part, that
of London excepted. The harbour is artificial;
and here tire docks for building and repairing
ships. Among the public buildings are the Trini-
ty-house, for the relief of seamen- and their wid-
ows, an armoury, a naval storehouse, a custom-
house and an exchange. It is seated on the north-
ern side of the Humber about 20 in. from its
mouth, the town extending almost in a direct line
along the river Hull, and lying on a level tract
of ground, washed on two of its sides by the Hull ‘
and the Humber. It is now well secured from
inundations by embankments. 38 m. S. E. of
York, and 171 N. of London.

HuRedyepura, a town of Hindoostan, in Cans
ra, seated in a plain of rice-ground to the E. of is
considerable creek, which rune N. from the en
trance into Honawera Lake, 55 m. N. by W. of

Hulmsville, ph. Bucks Co. Pa.

Hu/pen, a town of the Netherlands, in Brabant
10 m. S. E. of Brussels.

Hulst, a town of the Netherlands, in Dutch
Brabant, strong by its situation and fortifications.

It was shamefully surrendered to the French in
1747, and taken by them in-1794. It is seated on
a plain, which may be overflowed, and on a ca-
nal that communicates with the Scheldt, 15 m
W. N. W of Antwerp.

Hultsehin, a town of Silesia, near the river Op-
pa, 13 m. E. of Troppau.

Humber, a river formed hy the junction of
the Trent and Ouse. It is a large estuary, which
divides Yorkshire from Lincolnshire, and enters
the Gorman Ocean at Spurn Bead.

Hummdstoicn, a township of Dauphin Co.

Humphreys, a county of W. Tennessee. Pep.
6,189, Reynoldsburgh is the capital.

Humphreysrille, ph. New Haven Co. Conn. It
has manufactures of woolen. Also villages in
Chester Co. Pa. and Union Dis. S. C.

Hundsmarck, a town of the Austrian States, in
Styria, near the river Muehr, 17 n. W. by S. of

Hunefdd, a town of Germany, in the district
of Fulda, with a collegiate church. 10 m. N. of

Hungary, a country of Europe, forming an im
portant part of the Austrian dominions. At differ*






















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