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of landgrave, to the younger branch of the house
of Hesse Darmstadt. Pop. about 21,000.

Hettstadt, a town of Upper Saxony, on the
Wipper, 9 m. N. ofEisleben.

Hudtelem, or Hoekdun, a town of South Hol-
land, seated on the Linghe, 5 m. N. E. of Gorcum.

Heusden, a strong town of South Holland, seat-
ed on the Meuse, with a castle. It was taken by
the French in 1795; and is 8 m. N. W. of Bois
le Due.

Hexham, a town in Northumberland, Eng. with
a trade in tanned leather, shoes, and gloves. It
iiad formerly a famous abbey, some parts of
which yet remain. Near this place, in 1463, was
fought a battle, between the houses of York and
Lancaster, in which the latter was defeated.—
Hexham is seated on the river Tyne, a little be-
low the junction of the North Tyne with the
South, 22 m. W. ofNewcastle, and 235 N. N. W.
of London. Pop. in 1811, 4,855.

Hiydenheim, a town of Suabia, in the duchy
of Wirtemburg, with a castle, on the river Brenz,
16 m. N. N. E. of Ulm.

Heydensfeld, a town of Franconia, on the river
Maine, 3 m. S. of Wurtzburg.

Heymertsen, a town in the circle of Lower
Rhine, situate on the Erfft, 11 m. S. of Cologne.

Hcyst-op-aen-Berg. a town of the . Netherlands,
in South Brabant, on the Neetbes, 11 m. N. E.
of VIechlin. Pop. 5,300.

HAtstctcn. a village of Middlesex Co. X. J.

Hibernia, p.v. Callaway Cm Missouri.

Hickman, a countv of E. Tennessee, bounded
on the N. by Duck river. Pop. 8.132. Vernon
is the capital.

Hickman, a county of Kentucky. Pop. 5,193.

Hicksford, p.v. Greenville Co. Va.

Hidmar, a iake^in Sweden, 40 m. in length.

Hieres, a town of France, in the department of
Var, seated near the Mediterranean sea; but its
harbour being choked up, it is now much decay-
ed. It is 9 m. E. of Toulon. Lat. 43. 7. N.,
long. 6. 7. E.

Hieres, a cluster of islands, in the Mediterrane-
an, on the coast of France, opposite the town of
Hieres. The four principal ones are called Por-
querollos, Porteros, Bagueau, and Titan.

Hierro. See Ferro.

Hig.'iam Ferrers, a borough in Northampton-
shire, Eng. It had formerly a castle, now in
ruins : and is seated on an ascent, near the river
Nen. 2"> m. E. S. E. of Coventry, and 65 N. N.
W. of London.

g-Ei. a village in Middlesex, Eng. con-
tiguous to Lmdon. seated on a hill, five miles
and a halt X. W. of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Here
lord chiefbtron Cholmondely built a free-school
in 15r2. wmch was enlarged in 1570, by Sandys,
bishop of Lmdon. who also added a chapel. In
the Tic.nuy are several elegant villas, the resi-
dences wealthy citizens.

Higdan-r. i township of Muskingum Co. Ohio.

Hijdznets. *n app-llation applied to the moun-
tainous tra?: in :re X. and N. W. part of Scot-
land. by uin'-TU :t is distinguished from,the Low-
lands in tine E. and S. E It is divided into W.
and X. Highlar. is. tile former comprehending the
shires of Argo !e and Bate, and part of Perth and
Dumbarton, with tie islands attached to them,
and the latter conta.ning the shires of Inverness,
Ross, Sutherland, the districts of Atholl, Ran-
noch, and isles of Sky, Lewis, and those annexed
to Inverness, and Ross. Its extent is 200 m. in
length, and 90 in mean breadth. The proportion
of arable land is small, and is found chiefly on the
borders of the lakes and rivers.









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Hightstown, p.v. Middlesex Co. N. J.

Higuey, a city on the E. part of the island of
St. Domingo, formerly of some importance, but
now greatly decayed.. It is situated on a river of
the same name, 90 m. E. by N. of St. Domingo.

Hijellee, the chief town of a district of the same
name in Bengal, seated on an island near the
western bank of the river Hoogly, near its mouth.
It has an extensive salt-manufactory. Lat. 21. 51.
N., and long. 88. 7.

Hilburghausen, a town of Upper Saxony, in the
principality of Coburg. It is subject to the duke
of Saxe-Hilburghausen, who has a palace here,
and seated on the Werra, 20 m. N. N. W. of Co-

Hildesheim, a city of Lower Saxony, capital ol
a principality of the same name. It was lately
an imperial city, and a bishop’s see. It is divided
into the old and new town, and seated on the
Irneste, 20 m. S. E. of Hanover.

Hilliardstsncn, p.t Nash Co. N. C.

Ilillham, p.t. Overton Co. Tenn.

Hillsborough, a county of New Hampshire, bor-
dering on Massachusetts. Pop. 37,762. Amherst
is the capital.

Hillsborough, p.t. Hillsborough Co. N. H. Pop
1.792. Also towns and villages in Somerset Co
N. J., Caroline Co. Md., Loudon Co. Va.,
Orange Co. X. C., Jasper Co. Geo., Franklin
Co. Tenn., Highland Co. Ohio., Montgomery Co.

Hillsborough, a town of Ireland, in the county
of Down, 20 m. S. AV. of Belfast.

Hillsdale, p.t. Columbia Co. N. Y. Pop. 2,546

Hillton, a village of Charles Co. Maryland.

Hilton, an island on the coast of S. Carolina
Opposite Beaufort District,20 m. long and 5 broad.

HiltGicn, p.t. Bucks Co. Pa.

Himmaleh, a vast chain of mountains, extend-
ing from the 73rd degree of E. long, to the borders
of China, and separating Hindoostan from Thibet
and Tartary.

That part which forms the northern boundary
of India, is a continuation of the same range with
that to the west of the Indus, known among the
Afghans under the name of Hindoo Coosh. To
the east of that river, it increases in height, and
assumes a character of additional grandeur, both
from that circumstance and from its great extent
in every direction. It forms, in fact, one of the
sublimest features in the structure of the old con-
tinent and of the globe. Here a long range of
summits, covered with perpetual snow, presents
itself to the Hindoo, who has in all ages raised
towards it an eye of religious veneration. All the
names by which it is distinguished are derived
from the Sanscrit term
Hem, signifying snow.
Hence have arisen the name
Imaus and Emodus
among the ancients, and Himmaleh, Himadri,
Himachal, and Himalaya, of the moderns. The
river Indus passes through a series of narrow de-
files in lat. 55. which scarcely offer any interrupt
tion to the mountain cnain. The direction of the
mountain is eastward, as far as the north-east
point of the valley of Cashmere : from this point,
its direction is to the south-east, extending along
the sources of all the rivers which run across the
Punjab to fall into the Indus, with the exception
of the Sutledge, which, like the Indus itself, rises
on the N. side of the range, and takes its passage
across its breadth. Pursuing the same direction
the Himmaleh mountains cross the heads of the


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