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HAT    368    HAV

Saxony, in the principality of Anhalt-Bernburg,
situate near the Hartz mountains. It has a mine-
office and a castle, and is 23 m. S. W. of Brenburg.
Pop. about 1,800.

Harvard, p.t. Worcester Co. Mass. Pop. 1,601.

Harvard University. See Cambridge.

Harwich, p.t. Barnstable Co. Mass.,on Barnsta-
ble Bay. Pop. 2,464.

Harwich, a sea-port and borough on the coast
of Essex, Eng. It has a capacious harbour, in
which a great number of the largest ships may
anchor, and a convenient dock for the building of
men of war. Much company resort hither for
the purpose of sea-bathing, and it is the principal
place of embarkation for Holland and Germany.
The entrance into the harbour is defended by a
battery and Languard Fort. The town is seated
on a tongue of land, opposite the united mouths
of the Stour and Orwell, which are navigable 12
m. above the town, 42 m. E. by N. of Chelmsford,
and 17 E. N. E. of London. Long. 1.13. E., lat.
5!. 56. N. Pop. about 4,010.

Hurwintvn, p.t. Litchfield Co. Conn. Pop.

Haslemere, a borough in Surry, Eng. 12 m. S.
W. of Guildford, and 42 of London. It sends two
members to parliament. Pop. in 1821, about 880.

Hoslingden, a town in Lancashire, Eng. with
considerable manufactures of linen, woolen, and
cotton. It is 16 m. N. by W. of Manchester, and
204 N. N. W. of London.

Ilnsselt, a fortified town of Holland, in Ove-
ryssel, seated on the Vecht, 6 m. N. of Zwoll.

Hasselt, is also the name of a town of the Neth-
erlands, in the province of Liege, 15 m. W. N.
W. of Meestricht. Pop. about 6,000.

Hasser, or Asoerghur, a town and fortress of
Hindoostan, province of Candeish, 20 m. N. of

Hassfurt, a town of Franconia, in the principal-
ity of Wurtzburg, on the N. E. bank of the river
Maine, 8 m. E. of Schweinfurt. Pop. about


Hasslach, a town of Suabia, in the Brisgau, on
the river Kintzig, 14 m. S. S. E. of Gengenbach,
20 N. E. of Friburg.

Hastenbeck, a town of Lower Saxony, in the
duchy of Brunswick, near which the French gain-
ed a victory over the duke of Cumberland, in 1757.
It is 5 m. S. E. of Hamelin.

Hastings, a borough on the eastern extremity
of Sussex, Eng. It is one of the Cinque Ports,
and had once a castle, now in ruins. The harbour,
formerly of much consequence, is now only an
indifferent road for small vessels. The town is
commanded by a strong fort, has two churches,
and is a fashionable watering place, which is now
the chief source of its prosperity. In 1066, a
bloody battle was fought here, between Harold II.
of England, and William, duke of Normandy, in
which the former lost his life and kingdom. Has-
tings sends two members to parliament, and is
seated between a high cliff towards the sea, and a
high hill towards the land side, 24 m. of Lewes,
and 64 S S. E. of London. Long. 0. 38. E., lat.
50. 52. N.

Hatboiough. p.v. Montgomery Co. Pa.

HatchersviUe. p.v. Chesterfield Co. Va.

Hatches, p.v. Onslow Co. N. C. Also a town-
ship in Montgomery Co. Pa.

Halchy, a tributary stream of the Mississippi,
which it joins in Tennessee.

Hatfield, p.t. Hampshire Co. Mass. on the W.
side of the Connecticut, nearly opposite Hadley,
to which place there is a ferry. It is 5 m. of
Northampton. Pop. 893.

Hatfield, a town in Hertfordshire, Eng. It for
merly belonged to the bishop of Ely, in whose
palace Elizabeth resided, and was thence conduct
ed, on the death of Mary, to ascend the throne.
She procured the alienation of this manor; and
James I. exchanged it with Sir Robert Cecil, af
terwards earl of Salisbury, for Theobald; and on
the site of the episcopal palace, that nobleman?
built the magnificent seat called Hatfield-house.
It is seated on the river Lea, 20 m. N. by W. ol

Hathaz, a town of Hungary, in the county of
Szaboltz, 11 m. N. of Debretzin. The number of
inhabitants are about 4,000, and chiefly Calvinists.

Hatherley, or Hatherleigh, a corporate town in
Devonshire, Eng. with a woolen manufacture.
It is seated on the river Oke, 28 m. N. W. of Exeter
and 200 W. by S. of London.

Hatras, a fort and tower of Hindoostan, province
of Agra, 18 m. S. S. VV. of Coel, and 35 N. E. of

Hattem, a town of Holland, in Gelderland, seated
on the Yssel, 4 m. S. W. of Zwoll. Pop. about

Hatteras, a cape on the coast of North Carolina,
in the lat. 35. 7. N., and long. 75. 30. It is beset
with dangerous shoals.

Hattigm, a town of Westphalia, in the county
of Mark, seated on the Roer, 22 m. E. N. E. of
Dusseldorf. Pop. about 2,000.

Hatvan, a town and fort of Upper Hungary
seated on a mountain, 28 m. E. N. E. of Buda.

Hatzfeld, a town and castle of Germany, in
Upper Hesse, A-pital of a county of its name
seated on the Eder, 17 m. N. N. W. of Marburo-
and 60 N. E. of Coblentz.

Havana, a city and sea-port on the N. W. part
of Cuba, two m. in circumference, and the capital
of the island. The houses are elegant, built of
stone, and there are 11 churches richly ornament
ed, 2 hospitals, a dock-yard, lazaretto, and other
public buildings. The harbour is capable of con
taining upwards of 1,060 vessels, and the entrance
which is so narrow that only one ship can ente;
at a time, is defended by two strong forts, called
the Moro and the Puntal; there are also many
other forts and platforms, well furnished with ar-
tillery. A citadel of great strength is erected
near the centre of the town, which contains the
captain general’s palace, and where the treasure
is deposited. Here all the ships that come from
the Spanish settlements rendezvous on their return
to Spain. This city was taken by the English iu
1762, but restored to the Spaniards in 1763. It is
seated on the W. side of the harbour, and water-
ed by two branches of the river. This town ex-
ceeds, in point of commerce, every other town in
Spanish America. Pop. about 70,000. Lat. of
fort Moro, 28. 9., long. 82. 15.

Havant, a town in the S. E. extremity of Hamp-
shire, Eng. 7 m. N. E. of Portsmouth, and 66 S.
W. of London. Pop. in 1821, 2,099.

Havelberg, a town in Brandenberg, in the mark
ofPregnitz, seated on the Havel, near its conflux
with the Elbe. Many.vessels for the navigation
of the Elbe are built here, and great quantities of
wood sent hence to Hamburg. It is 37 m. N. N.
W. of Brandenburg. Pop. about 2,000.

Haverford, a township of Delaware Co. Pa.

Haverfordwest, a borough of Wales, in Pem
brokeshire, seated on the side of a high hill. It
is a county of itself, governed by a mayor, con

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